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Posted By: divediva

Water Temp - 02/04/03 02:41 AM

OK all you water lovers out there. I'm heading for Belize/Ambergris Caye in two weeks. Want to do a lot of SCUBA diving, so I"m wondering what's the water temp. I'm trying to figure out what type of exposure suit I need: Skin, polertec, something heavier.
I tend to get cold, especially after doing multiple dives. Any help?????????????
Posted By: Axeman

Re: Water Temp - 02/04/03 04:37 AM

Not positive about this early, but, if ya get cold easy a 3mil full suit will be comfortable. I wore a shorty in April and was only cold on the Blue Hole dive..157'. Several other divers wore a hood too...a british couple I believe, they swore by the hood. I plan on bringing my 3mil, just to be toasty. Make sure you hit the outter Atolls..they rock..if ya can do an overnight you won't regret it!
Posted By: seashell

Re: Water Temp - 02/04/03 06:23 AM

divediva, I'm arriving in approx 2 weeks as well and plan to do a lot of diving. Gaz and I have just been discussing the water temps. Normally they'd be around 81F, give or take a degree. But there have been continuous Northers for the past 2-3 months and the water temp dropped considerably.

The good news (for you and I, at any rate) is that the water temp is rising again at this time. It's now around 77F, according to Gaz. That's still a bit chilly to me in my full 3mm. I'll need a hood for that and probably wouldn't mind a 5 mil on my core.

Even when the water temp is 81F, I wear a 3 mm and can get chilled after a few days of dedicated diving, but that's me. Everyone is different, what are you used to? What's the norm for you? Do you usually do many dives over many days and at what water temp? What protection do you usually wear under those circumstances?

The point I'm trying to make here, is that while I need a full 3 mm in 81F water, some people like Axeman are fine in a shorty.
Posted By: divediva

Re: Water Temp - 02/04/03 09:53 PM

Thanks for the info, it's all very helpful.

I think I'll be on the safe side and since I have room in my bag, I'll end up taking a shorty and my 5 mil.

I rather be too warm (can always leave the zipper open) then be too cold. Cuz when I'm cold, I'm just miserable.....just ask my husband......

Thanks again.
Posted By: Ms. Coconuts

Re: Water Temp - 02/05/03 05:37 AM

I just wanted to add that i was diving in SP late November and was never cold in the water (full 3mil), but on the boat after/between dives, especially when we were moving, i got very cold. I had a towel, but wished i had something else to keep warm on the ride back in.
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