marie sharpes hot sauce

Posted By: tipsy toucan

marie sharpes hot sauce - 02/11/03 09:27 AM

how do i get hold of someone to ship two boxes to oz,especially the lovely green one!!!!!!
Posted By: Marie

Re: marie sharpes hot sauce - 03/08/03 09:29 PM

Probly not easy to do. But, I have seen it in the states. Find your biggest gourmet store in the area and beg and plead. In Akron,Ohio I think I have seen it at the West Point Market. You might check them out.
Posted By: bywarren

Re: marie sharpes hot sauce - 03/08/03 11:28 PM

Keep your eyes open for Melindas in the States. It was the original Marie Sharps imported and sold in many stores in the States. I even found it in a store in Pierre, South Dakota this fall. It is now made in Costa Rica as Marie had a falling out with the partners importing it and ended the relationship and began producing it again in Belize with the new name, Marie Sharps. But the people producing Melindas use the original receipe and I find it to be quite good.
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: marie sharpes hot sauce - 03/09/03 06:06 AM

We can get it here at the local Tom Thumb!!! Not the green though. C
Posted By: GringoWarrior

Re: marie sharpes hot sauce - 03/11/03 02:05 AM
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: marie sharpes hot sauce - 03/11/03 02:39 AM

Whole Foods Markets stocks Marie Sharps under the name "Sontava!". Its the "Hot" variety of Marie Sharps. Wish they would carry the big ol' bottles though, and its not cheap, they get $3.69 for the small bottle! Rick/Cheri, i'm going to check out a Tom Thumb as soon as I can find one. There aren't any in Austin, may have to drive up to Fort Worth area.
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: marie sharpes hot sauce - 03/11/03 08:10 AM

thanks Gringo Warrior for the site.
I found both red and green there. A little pricey, $16.50 for 2 5oz bottles - that's including shipping, but that's ok, I finally get to try it! Just type in keyword "Marie Sharps".
Alot of other tasty sounding items there as well.

I have seen Melindas, but never tried it, but I will now. I love hot sauce! :p
Posted By: NYgal

Re: marie sharpes hot sauce - 03/11/03 03:32 PM

When you get to Belize, it's $1.00 US in many of the stores, per bottle.

I didn't look in the stores on AC.
If you like it, buy it there and bring it home. We do and it's allowed. smile
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: marie sharpes hot sauce - 03/12/03 01:29 AM

thanks for the tip, NYGal. I'll pack my backpack full! smile
Posted By: CND

Re: marie sharpes hot sauce - 03/12/03 02:00 AM

Brodies in BC 23.00 Bzdls a Case
Posted By: bonjoe

Re: marie sharpes hot sauce - 03/12/03 02:10 AM

If you do decide to buy a few bottles, make sure you put them in zip lock bags when packing to come home. This way if a bottle does break in transit (which happened to me), it will not get all over your belongings in you suitcase.
Posted By: Mosquitorose

Re: marie sharpes hot sauce - 03/12/03 04:36 AM

Hahahah, nothing like hot clothes....I remember many moons ago ....I was on my honeymoon and I ate some habanero peppers and gave hubby one of those kisses ( u kno) well the man was in pain all day with the burning....oh well, love hurts doesn't it? hahahhah...actually the icon is the about that time...he still look kinda fool fool. lol shocked
Posted By: evening

Re: marie sharpes hot sauce - 03/13/03 04:06 AM

Oz = Australia
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