Good Thoughts....

Posted By: NYgal

Good Thoughts.... - 03/20/03 12:50 AM

Having only a few more hours till the probability of war, maybe we can take a minute or two to pass along a thought.

On special holidays, at my house, we try to each say something that has happned to us during the previous year and show pride in what we have accomplished.

These last few hours has many of us in a feeling of turmoil. My heart is getting so warm that I need to share.

I wish to 'thank you all' for being on here, speaking your thoughts and allowing others to agree or disagree with what has highlighted you on your vacations, personal intrests or special needs. I care.
Let's hope for peace soon.

Who would like to be next?
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Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/20/03 12:58 AM

it cant be good for you if you want it that much
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Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/20/03 01:01 AM

I have noticed a greater level of tolerance and sheer generosity that we have shown to each other since 9/11. Folks get involved now, to a greater degree, when those around them need help. I have noticed a change in my own tolerance level, and I am happy about that - I am sure those around me are as well. I think we are going to be ok. This is another one of those times when we will rally together, and come out stronger - as a nation, as neighbors, as individuals. That might be idealistic thinking, but sometimes, it just works out that way. May those who protect us stay safe and out of harms way.
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Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/20/03 01:06 AM

thats cause what goes around comes around
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Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/20/03 01:13 AM

Best Wishes to everyone on the board in this hour of turmoil.

Whatever happens now it is out of our hands and in God's.

Let's each take time to say a prayer for the troops in harms way, that they may come home soon and in good health.

Let's also say a prayer for the innocent civilians who will be subjected to the "Hell of War", in Iraq and anywhere in the world that the conflict reaches.

Let's take time to reflect on our world, the way it was and the way it will be. Hold your family and loved ones close, and pray to God that this is over very, very quickly.

The Shark
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Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/20/03 01:29 AM

irony....they are thinking the same thing
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/20/03 01:50 AM

Toad, sometimes I think you are very very....
and other times I think you are not too....
I really don't want to know which. :rolleyes:
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Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/20/03 02:07 AM

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Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/20/03 02:18 AM

Nope, that word never crossed my mind.
Posted By: toad

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/20/03 02:25 AM

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Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/20/03 03:08 AM

Pray for PEACE...SOON....for we are only killing each other.........Disunity or the "seperation we feel towards each other as human beings" is only a Illusion....we are ONE.....I'm grinning-ya'll think I'm crazy, huh??? (Sorry Rick-got opinionated
Posted By: SunNFun

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/20/03 04:29 PM

Cheri you are so correct in your last statement. We are all one. But we all fell for the divide and conquer strategy of those consumed with exerting their will over others a long time ago. Its not too late to wake up to the truth of who and what we are. Thank you Cheri, you've made my day.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/20/03 08:11 PM

Cheri, I too am a fanatic about we are all one. Nothing could be more true. I also feel strongly about "Mind is the builder". Thoughts have power, much like prayer. (active thoughts) There is so much that can be done. So many thoughts and prayers are directed at this horrible situation. It will bring about change and swift outcomes. I have faith.
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Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/21/03 02:48 AM

I believe most of us on this board "collectively prayed" during Hurricane Keith.....I believe miracles happened during this storm as well as tragedies. But AC overcame it for the most part, very quickly and with pride and courage!! I'm taking a fantastic online course from Neale Donald Walsch...the "Communion With God"....if you're interested email me!! SunFun-I guess we will actually meet in Texas at the parteeeee??? Angel Blessings!!! Let's collectively pray for this to end...pray that more will surrender or whatever you choose to. Let's pray that all of us move forward during/after this. C
Posted By: Soonergirl

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/21/03 03:47 AM

When you are praying, will you please pray for my niece also? Beautiful, 26 years old and over there as an Air Force Pilot. Thanks!
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/21/03 03:59 AM

What is her name??? C
Posted By: Soonergirl

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/21/03 03:37 PM

Cheri, Her name is Breanna, Thanks for asking
Posted By: toad

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/21/03 05:03 PM

got any pics...i work for playboy...i'm thinking a nice layout on the wing or something...maybe near or on a purple warhead...GIRLS OF THE ARABIAN FLIGHTS
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/21/03 05:19 PM

Gee Toad, if you are that interested in the US servicewomen who have been shipped over to "arabia" I'll buy you a one way ticket to join 'em. Would love to.
Posted By: toad

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/21/03 05:21 PM

i will get back to you on the dates...
Posted By: dogmatic prevaricator

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/21/03 07:54 PM

Is there a connection between rhetorical questions that make people go Hmmm and Campbell's Soup that's Hmmm, Hmmm, Good?
Posted By: Soonergirl

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/22/03 03:59 AM

Hey Toad, How did you know? She was featured on the cover of Seventeen Magazine a few years ago -
Posted By: sarahsmile

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/22/03 11:49 PM

Aaahhemmm! Back to the peaceful, nice and happy thoughts...
Well, I have learned to develop a patience for even the ignorant ones!

Here we are now several days into another war...
Last night on tv, the local camera showed a father with a picture of his only son. The man had just recieved news of the death of that son while overseas. He had a message to Bush!

I saw locals who had been rallying against the war...they were family members of victims of 9/11.

I have also spoken to Iraqi-American students who have families who remain over seas. To listen to them puts a lump in my throat. Most seem torn. That seems to be a general impression I guess. It is hard for them to watch their towns going up in smoke...and for once I can completely and wholey feel what they are going through. It makes my body tremble as it did on 9/11.

The same goes for my neighbors, honorable women and men, soldiers, who are out there even if they want to or not!

A warmth, an energy, a strength that flows through me and gives me the support I need to face each day...I send that feeling in a message to all my bretheren and sistren of the world.With each negative action there is a positive action somewhere nearby! Let us find it soon.
Posted By: toad

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/23/03 01:14 AM

those are mighty harsh words, sarahsmile, calling someone ignorant.
Posted By: rastapasta

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/23/03 05:33 AM

This is a time for big up prayers.. we moved to Belize right after Desert Storm so my boys would have the choice to hopefully never serve in a time of war but you can lead a horse to paradise and then they go back to America and get flipsy... yes right now my heart is heavy and full of prayers .... my oldest son Shanti joined the US Army after 9/11 when he was up in America before we lost everything in Hurricane Iris in Placencia last year and has been in Afghanistan since November and was just extended to stay there till mid June leaving my 2 grandbabies and wife here with me ... we have quite a few young Belizeans serving over there now... so light candles and pray for no chemicals and that they will reach home safe... thanks for the prayers
By the way he subscribed to the San Pedro Sun and receives it all the way in Afghanistan... PRAY FOR PEACE Maralyn
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/23/03 06:12 AM

Everyday, this war makes me sick to my stomach. I try and stay away from TV etc....Fixing to listen to Josh Groban.....we have friends and family over there!!! One we met on AC our first trip, from the UK....pray for him also-2 kids at home!!! (Dicky)......and yes...pray FOR PEACE!! confused C......we will take a trip to CC for some Conch Fritters!!! See you soon!!
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/23/03 07:10 AM

Peace to all serving and to those waiting for their loved ones to return.

Warm hearts.
May we all bind together.
We are one.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/24/03 07:22 PM

I'm having mixed feelings on this war thing. I hate any kind of war. It all seemed so senseless to me up until I saw the footage of the poor Iraqis running up to our soldiers and hugging and kissing them. Their comments were translated to say, "Thank you so much for saving us from that butcher!" Then I saw one of our soldiers tear down a picture of Saddam on the wall. Part of his face was still hanging and an Iraqi gleefully ran up to the poster, removed his shoe and beat his face with it. He was ecstatic. The look on his face to FINALLY be able to do that free from fear was touching. An Iraqi woman was on CNN at one point as well, who said that all of her family and friends in Iraq were backing the Americans and were waiting for it to be safe to show their support. They are still in fear. They're being used as human sheilds! It was after these events that I saw that our soldiers were doing something to be proud of. Something loving. Something for the betterment of humanity. Their sacrifice is far greater than I can even conceive of....... I ask for their proctection and blessings all around. Yes, we are all one. Debbie
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Re: Good Thoughts.... - 03/24/03 08:04 PM


Our prayers are with your son and you in this time of turmoil.

Thank You & Yours for your contribution. We pray for the safe return of your son and all of our fighting troops.

Be Proud, Be Very Proud of your son.

The Shark
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