everyone...from NC with love!!

Posted By: christa b

everyone...from NC with love!! - 03/24/03 03:38 AM

I wanted to take a moment and say...


I am leaving with my hubster headed for Belize on April 11. I have used this board in order to plan every part of my trip. I wanted to thank you all for your help and kindness. You have all been so sweet in answering my and other tourists questions.

This trip is going to be wonderful in large part beause of you guys.

I don't have much to offer in return except the offer that if any of you ever need info on North Carolina (my home), ask away!
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: everyone...from NC with love!! - 03/24/03 03:45 AM

Just a small point and that is I would say thanks after the trip-we might all be telling big porky pies (rhyming slang),and you might hate the vacation
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: everyone...from NC with love!! - 03/24/03 03:47 AM

sweet. do you live close to the ocean? Can I crash at your place??? wink This board is great, isn't it - everybody has help me as well. Plus made me laugh quite a few times.

Enjoy your special vacation, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! smile
Posted By: Chloe

Re: everyone...from NC with love!! - 03/24/03 04:00 AM

Thank you. We do our best to inform and to be upbeat about the Belize we love. Hopefully more insight on a personal level and experience than the travel brochures provide.

Our first trip to Ambergris was many years before this wonderful message board. All we had to go on was the information the travel agency provided in their many brochures. Which was great, but we missed so many of the wonderful places and flavors of San Pedro. We were locked into our resort, and did not get much time to explore San Pedro.

Many trips since, I have picked up so many wonderful ideas, and places from this message board, and our return trips have been the BEST.
We have found the freedom to experience the best people in the world and the services they provide to their visitors on Ambergris.
"You Can Belize It."
Posted By: Mike and Daphne Ryan

Re: everyone...from NC with love!! - 03/24/03 09:59 PM

Crista -

Well, NC is a very beautiful place, too. Daphne and I stayed there (anchored in Sawyer's Creek off the Pasquotank) for a few months. We didn't give you any advice, but if we ever sail up that way again, maybe we'll call in this marker anyway.

Have a great time. Eat at Capricorn and the Jerk Pit. Go to Lamanai.

Good luck.

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