Posted By: o jackie

Media - 03/25/03 03:04 PM

Has anyone else noticed the stupid questions the media asks these people on the front lines?

Like yesterday, one of them was interviewing a Marine and asked him, what are you doing here? or when they were asking POWs, what treatment they received while there were being held. The best answer was from the man that was in Vietnam for 5 years, Mc.. something or other, when he said, I would rather not say,the families have enough to worry about, then in turn another was going on and on about what then did to him.

I for one do not believe that they should be right up in combat, I believe that it just makes the families of those who know there husbands, wives and children are there, more nervous. I know they are limiting there coverage on some things, but I think enough is enough already.

This is just my opinion.

Posted By: NYgal

Re: Media - 03/25/03 04:00 PM

I have set here, way too many days and watched in horror, the MEDIA.

The MEDIA has been, for many years, my biggest pet peeve. What do they do to help us? Why are they there? Typically, for those that want the gore and horrible visions sent into their homes. Traumatic views should be totally left to the imagination.

The increasing violence and poverty is bad enough in our own homeland, let alone having to address the poor people in other countries. They too are being left behind, without parents. children, etc.

Violence is all around us, people should not have more fear instilled in them, they should look for some of the good. What good is the media doing to our minds?

This board has had some harsh views recently.

I, personally, hope there is soon peace and less violence, but then I too dream. We have created our own monsters, we watch it happen and then also comment/complain. That adds to violence.

Nothing negative about you Jackie, I too just had a few words about the media. They suck. As will all that have negativity that creates the monsters in the televison land and feeding our homes with illustrations of such.

I want to go back to the days when we only had a few doors locked and good neighbors that didn't have or carry guns, everywhere they went. Who helped us go beyond that, we, ourselves, the MEDIA.
Posted By: o jackie

Re: Media - 03/25/03 04:12 PM

Did I sound like I was pro-media? or are you just saying in general, I should have not brought up the topic? Because of the negativity already on the board.

Posted By: NYgal

Re: Media - 03/25/03 04:29 PM

I was only trying to indicate that you had nothing to do with what I had to say. I didn't want you to take it wrong at all. wink
Posted By: o jackie

Re: Media - 03/25/03 04:31 PM

Oh, okay!!! wink I think we both agree though, media sucks!!!
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Media - 03/25/03 04:41 PM

You got it !!!
Posted By: Marie

Re: Media - 03/25/03 04:46 PM

For those who are interested, there is a great group called Women for Women International. Media, on the good side, brought that to my door. I sponsor a woman in Afghanistan. It's just $300 a year (plus a $25 first time charge). Probably just a futile hope, but my belief is that if some Americans interact in a helpful way, the sons of these women are less likely to contemplate mayhem upon us. They have groups for people all over the world, including Central America, by the way. Those of us who travel are so fortunate. We forget what it must be like to fear for our lives or just not be able to feed the family.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Media - 03/25/03 06:16 PM

o jackie and NY gal: If you don't approve why are you watching? No control of your TV? Or do you just want to control what others see?
Posted By: Marie

Re: Media - 03/25/03 06:35 PM

Well, glad it wasn't me this time. Sorry for you folks who just got skewered.

Bettabelizeit, I wanna buy you a Belikin next year, too. Although, I prefer white wine, but I'm adaptable. Your pick. What is the issue? I'm sure life isn't treating you so badly that you have to snarl at half the people on this site. Jeesch! Or maybe this is just your entertainment commitee, and we would be all smart to shut the heck up.

And, I will be the first to take my own advice! God Bless you! I'm outa this discussion! Ta! Ta!
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Media - 03/25/03 06:40 PM

snicker snicker....
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