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help - 03/28/03 03:54 PM

Help, I need someone to tell me something positive. I`m having a hard time with shit.
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Re: help - 03/28/03 04:15 PM

Skully Boy,

You know that I've had my share of loss this year as well. You were a source of support to me and I appreciate that. Despite these losses, I still have much to be thankful for and here's something positive for you to read. Ten years ago today, my youngest child Haley was born. She came into this world with a massive bleed in her right brain. We didn't expect her to live. She was blind, having seizures and the medical professionals told us that she would be profoundly retarded. It was the most difficult period in my life and I found myself asking "why"? What I have learned since then is that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I've learned that all of these unexpected turns in our lives shape us into what we will become. The road hasn't been easy, but no one else could walk it for me. Just a few minutes ago, my beautiful Haley walked into my room beaming from ear to ear. She's walking, talking, reading, learning and she loves life. On this, her 10th birthday, she reminds me that we don't always know what is in store for us, but over time, the picture becomes more clear. I'm so thankful that she was born my child because she's changed me for the better.

God Bless Skully Boy. I'll pray for your peace of mind.

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Re: help - 03/28/03 04:29 PM

Hi skully I was thinking about you last night for some reason. here let me share some words and thoughts with you since you asked.

The mist in the air may dampen your spirits.
The fog will rise up and challenge the sun.
The day will go on and drop by drop the dew will disappear.
Amazingly the light will take its place and the warmth of the sun will drape the earth with beautiful, glistening rays.
The shadow of darkness will be knocked out of the sky as a glow of happiness and strength conquers the day.
And with that energy we are able to move on and open our hearts to the world around us.

Peace, Love and Happiness!

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Re: help - 03/28/03 04:46 PM

In Sleep We Meet
It is when I do not sleep that I listen
It is when I close my eyes that words beckon
There is a mandatory gathering that is planned
for in sleep
Every physical body
Every living being
No church or house of "god"
Could ever compare
To the peacefulness found there
The message delivered is not always clear
But what we come away with is ever so dear
It is the chance to wake
And experience the physical the world
Or to stay fast asleep and soar like a bird
The greatest healing of the soul is done
By meeting with spirits
No longer in this world
It is the transition we make
That leaves us blind and feeling unsafe
But we are more than just a physical body
It is guaranteed to us
That we will need sleep
So as to stay in touch
With that which we have forgotten.
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Re: help - 03/28/03 05:01 PM

Ok last one ...

Playing Doctor

Two children were in a doctor's waiting room. The little girl was softly sobbing.
"Why are you crying?" asked the little boy.

"I'm here for a blood test, and they're going to cut my finger," said the girl.

When he heard this, the little boy started to cry.

"Why are you crying?" asked the girl.

The boy looked at her worriedly and said, "I'm here for a urine test."

Cow Reflexes

What do you call a cow with a twitch?
Beef Jerky!

The Coach and the Football Team

Q: Why did the coach give his football team lighters?
A: Because they kept losing their matches!
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Re: help - 03/28/03 05:11 PM

Skully, I hope you have connections, possibly through your wife's medical providers, to a caretakers' support group. The social counselors at hospitals have information about how to contact them.

Since I cared for both my parents through their final illnesses, I can relate to how hard it is to live in such a situation daily and have little to lift your spirits. A professionally guided group is so great to help you recover some of your own sense of humor when things are really in a slump.
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Re: help - 03/28/03 05:12 PM

Don't know if this will help or not??? "What you give-you become,. Be strength, courage and love in which others might find refuge and and strength. Be that to everyone's life you touch!! What you want for yourself-give to another!! And remember-this too, shall pass!!!! :p :p C
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Re: help - 03/28/03 05:28 PM

Skullyboy.......what kind of positive are you seeking? I can make light hearted comments. It can be suggested over and over you seek outside help, but to do it is another difficult process.

If you are looking at us and requesting something in particular, we can give. Until we know what you wish, we can only guide through uplifting and powerful words of comfort.

Where ya going with this Skullyboy ? We are here.
Lifes ups and downs are a handout of what we are able to cope with, or not.

It's a 'why me' or 'why her' question, isn't it?

I found a place when sitting in the car, alone and just letting out a yell. It was my only way to vent and not let someone hear me or want to know what was wrong. It's all wrong, darn it.

I'm still here, every day. Just ask.
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Re: help - 03/28/03 06:31 PM

Skully we are here, just engage us.

There are at least 6 of us on this board, that sat night after night with our cyberfriend "B" in a chatroom, off shoot of this message board,
while she was caring for her husband with a terminal illness.

Some nights she would say:
Tell some jokes.
Let me tell you what happened today.
I am so tired, I will just watch the chat.
Give me some advice.
What am I to do.
Let me tell you how much I love this man.

We all stayed for the duration, with compassion.

PS. MQQSE was with us, too.
Posted By: NYgal

Re: help - 03/28/03 07:03 PM

Chloe, may I add, that is when I found the ultimate sincerity in the 'group' and WE have a continuing cyber relationship with each other, still to this very day !

We are all alone in our problematic situations, yet have a shoulder on which to vent. We take care of one another and don't demand each other to be Perfect.

There is no crime in friendships. WE broke all the rules of dislike and entwined to be one, when needed.

P.S. Mqqse never fails to ask, 'how are you today'.
Makes me laugh and then goes about his cyber business.
We also worry when we don't hear from one another. It's pure like !!

Skullyboy, we are here. smile
Hugs to Joni. smile
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Re: help - 03/28/03 10:38 PM

Skullyboy. I wish I knew just what to say to make it better. For my kids, they always wanted me to kiss it and make it better. It worked for them, so I send you a tender kiss...... a pat on the back and my outstretched hand. I pray that you find peace within your heart and with in your self. We're here for you.... Go now and watch a sunrise or sunset and remember, we are all one.... Debbie
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Re: help - 03/28/03 10:58 PM

Skullyboy: Here is a resource that might lead to some comforting contacts:

You might also want to check out:

My thoughts are with you.
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Re: help - 03/29/03 12:56 AM

here is a positive thing, Skully - you are not alone with this. You have made great friends on this board who care for you.

I was looking for the latest joke I received, realized how vulgar it was, decided not to post it here for you, but did laugh for your benefit! :p
Posted By: NYgal

Re: help - 03/29/03 01:40 AM

Now, that was something positive. smile

Good laughing dbdoberman !

See what happens when one asks for help? ( but how about the $hit part) Sorry, couldn't resist that one. wink
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Re: help - 03/29/03 01:45 AM

well, there's always Doxidan to help with that problem NYG laugh
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Re: help - 03/29/03 04:51 AM

Skully you and Joni lean over to me, so I can hug you today. (((((HUGS)))))
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I title this piece of wisdom "from the mouths of babes" (hope it helps you today). My, sister's 2 1/2 year old was running naked through the house after his bath because he didn't want his mom to put on his pj's. Well she's running around trying to catch him only to have him slither out of her grasp (he's frustrated now as he does NOT want to put on pj's). They continue this cat and mouse game when he suddenly stops in his tracks, reaches upward with his hands and shouts "JEEESUS, COME DOWN, I NEED YOUR HELP". Well after my sister and I laughed and laughed at what he said, I thought about it for the longest time, thinking how many times I wanted/needed to shout that exact same thing for some down period in my life. Like I said, I hope it works for you.
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Re: help - 03/30/03 01:47 AM

Thanks all. Just had a couple of rough days. I`m usually a very positive person. I guess I was having a hard time finding anything positive. But thanks for the lift.
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Re: help - 03/30/03 01:59 AM

You are most welcome. Any time. laugh
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