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investment - 04/04/03 05:19 PM

Many of you know me as "Dr. Sal" as I am a frequent visitor and contributor to the web page, a long-term "Belizeophile" (23 years!), and Marty can vouch for my veracity. For any of you that may be interested, and please know that this is NOT a scam, after 25 years experience in the oil exploration business I've started my own company here in Kansas that puts together prospects for drilling for oil (which currently is going for $30 a barrel). Rather than go "public" with issuing stocks (who wants to do that!), instead we (my company, Mid-America Resources LLC, a company formed and licensed in Kansas) seek one-time or preferably, long-term, serious investors (partners)in deals for oil drilling. If you're interested, drop me a line at [email protected] and I'll explain how the "invest-in-oil wells-business" works. This is NOT a scam, and I am NOT a "fly-by-night" huckster: just ask Marty. My interest is in finding oil to make money, and our investment deals are designed so that investors pay a proportionate share of drilling and completion costs, and in turn, they receive that proportionate share of revenue if the wells hit.

Dr. Sal
(Dr. Sal Mazzullo)
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Re: investment - 04/04/03 06:12 PM

yes, i have worked with the doc for many years, and he has been a great friend to the island for many years. plus he's a kansan like me.

of course i'm also an okie, an oregonian, a cuban, and my heart is belizean.

but dr sal has studied on the island, bringing classes from wichita state down for 20+ years now doc? many many years. good friends with lotsa local folks. he also makes incredible maps of the island and of Belize.

he contributed this section on Marco Gonzales

if i had the dough i'd be pitchin' in.
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Re: investment - 04/04/03 11:40 PM

Oil prices look good now, but if Bush and friends get want they want in Iraq we could see oil prices plummet again. Drilling in the US can't compete with Iraqs high grade oil and much of it shuts down around $10? a barrel because it is no longer profitable. I imagine prospecting and pumping is going like gangbusters in the US now, but what does the future hold?

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Re: investment - 04/07/03 12:24 PM

No one ever know what the price of any commodity is going to do, but the price of oil has remained high for 2.5 years now, and Iraq, even when fully functional, provides only 7% of the world's oil supply (and we don't buy any of it). Investment in oil and gas prospects certainly is not for everyone, but I thought I'd give interested folks a chance to look into it.

Marty, thanks for your nice comments. Yes, I've been bringing students to Belize for about 22 years, and all in all, have brought down maybe 600 folks, many of whom return repeatedly to my adopted country, Belize.
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