Silly Questions....

Posted By: Axeman

Silly Questions.... - 04/06/03 02:32 PM

1. Should I carry my dive computer and camera with me onto the plane? (Will they allow it?)
2. How's the weather lately? Water Temps?
3. When can I buy flowers on AC?
4. Is it time to get on the plane yet?
5. Whats the size restriction for carry on's? Flying American Airlines.
6. Has anyone had anything stolen from bags flying through either DFW or Miami airports? I'm worried about all my dive gear.

13 days and a wakeup.............................

Found this..thanks Jackie
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Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/06/03 03:49 PM

1.) YES, you should carry it, Yes, they allow it.
2.) Dunno, gotta be better than cold and snow, like today again.
3.) Whenever you want to buy me flowers!!!
4.) NO, not yet
5.) Check there website,
6.) No, nothing ever stolen. Dont worry.

Posted By: Marie

Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/06/03 09:03 PM

Alrighty, let me see if my memory works and if I remember all your questions:

(1) I'm blind as a bat, and learned on my first trip to have all essentials, like my prescription dive mask right on my paw. Think of it this way, if you don't want to live without it, carry it on with you. All my important stuff is in my carry-on.

(2) Good question re the weather..I left on 3/4, my guess, probably good, but ask others. Or just check the weather thingy on AOL.

(3) Do you want to buy flowers to have in your room, or seeds to send home? Oddly enough, all these nine years, I've never seen a seed for sale on AC. Nor, a flower shop. If anyone does, please enlighten me! I don't know where you are staying. My pet, Paradise Resort Hotel puts flowers in my room every day. They clip it from the grounds. You could check with your hotel. PRH had, one day when I was in the office, a huge bouquet to take to a honeymoon couple, and I gues most hotels would do the same. And if the place has flowers on the grounds, they won't mind, I should think, if you snip a few to hand to your loved one. I take hibiscus for my front porch every day, over what the hotel does for me. Needless to say, it is appropriate to ask first. And, if it is special day, all the hotels will do something nice, if you ask. At PRH, they just do it. On Valentine's day, we found a huge heart on our bed made of bouganvilla brachts. On my birthday, we came home to find balloons and flowers everywhere. All Belizeans are generous folks. Of course, we have a history with PRH, so you may have to ask first, for the flowers at your place, but most Belizens gladly will take good care of guests. And, if you go awhile, they will attend to being nice to you.

(4) Now, and I wish I was going, too!!!!!!!!

(5) What can fit under your seat is the restriction, and that is not too big. Only two bags total, so pack light or you may have to cough up an extra $40US per bag, if the agent is paying attention.

(6) Never had a problem with thievery, but I am a former airline employee, and am the queen of packing light. I get all my dive stuff in the small regular bag, that I used to be able to carry on. You know, the one with the cart. I squish in my three pairs of shorts and three tees. Gym shoes to go in, and a pair of sandals. So, it is not as obvious as a dive bag. Propably a smart idea to avoid big, fancy dive bags, although, back in the day when I used one, I never had a problen. Just a pain to tote. Probably, I haul more cosmetics than cloths...I am a tad vain. This year, since we went over my birthday, I did take a pretty dress. I wash out stuff every night and hang it up to dry. Works for me!!!!!!!!

Have a great trip. I am a low maintenancce traveler, and perhaps you like more, so keep checking this site. You might find more info more valuable to you.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/06/03 09:04 PM

More troublesome these days is TSA opening your bag for inspection behind the scenes. So don't lock your bags, put zip ties on instead. That way, they will just cut the zip tie and replace it afterwards. If they have been in your bag for inspection there will be a little note inside when you open it at the hotel. If you want to know about it when you first pick up your bags, use multicolored zip ties because TSA uses the standard white ones.

Don't put a camera in your checked bags, the Xray that they use to screen the bags is too powerful. Make sure that your cameras and film are in your carry on. Maybe even remove them and put them in the trays to see if they can be passed through without xray.
Posted By: Axeman

Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/07/03 01:59 AM

Thanks folks....
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/07/03 02:19 AM

Ax, is this your first trip to SP? I thought you had many trips prior. Just curious.
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/07/03 02:24 AM

Axe -leave Immising at home and bring lots more money than the amount you first thought of and then you can buy us all drinks-as we are all very poor and destitue is 14 days with no wake up
Posted By: Axeman

Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/15/03 10:53 AM

2nd trip...Just concerned about airport security forbiding electronic gear after 9/11.
I've got a ton of gear I wanna bring, plus I'm carting Rapier's stuff too.
See you there...
I'll be found either on the deck at Holiday or Coconuts bar....when not underwater.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/15/03 11:40 AM

None of my business of couse, but why are you taking Rapier's stuff? You might get into a bit of bind when they ask if you have packed all your own luggage yourself and never let it out of your sight. I don't see why you couldn't carry on your computer. As for your camera, how big is it? Can you fit it into your carry on bag? Then you should be able to.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/15/03 12:59 PM

SS - That's one of those stupid questions they are phasing out. Only was asked that by the French & Italians - not the US & Belezians my last trip. It is a really stupid question when you think about it, since 09/11.
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/15/03 02:53 PM

I'd only carry on my valuables and if you have any necessities like prescription drugs. Plus carry on your camera stuff as the film will get ruined with the new behind the scenese. X-rays. My boyfriend and our other diver friends checked most of their gear last year with no problems. Just make sure an individual bag does not way more than 70 pounds or they will charge you an extra $75 or so as my friend Wendy learned the hard way one year. Better to spread the weight amongst a couple of bags. Dive knives and such cannot be carried on. I don;t think electronics are an issue as lord knows I lug my laptop everywhere on business trips as do many others. You can usually find a list of the prohibited carry on items on any airline's web-age these days.

You can't lock your checked luggage anymore as they may need to search it and break the lock anyway. If you don't care you can still lock it though in the hopes thats not one of the bags picked for search.

Andrea in Atlanta
18 and a wake-up to go!
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Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/15/03 03:08 PM

Actually, there is now a florist on the Island. Don't remember the name, it's on the way to the cut, way before La Popular.
Good prices, fair selection, you can buy the arrangements (the ones done in the conch shells are gorgeous), or loose flowers and make-it-yourself.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/15/03 06:20 PM

klc, when did they start phasing that question out? I got asked on both legs of my last trip down in Feb/Mar. However, they do not ask in Belize, I don't think.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/16/03 12:00 AM

SS - it was announced by the gov't last fall that it was no longer a required question. Local option now.
Posted By: Axeman

Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/16/03 12:11 AM

I'm giving Rapier my extra pair of fins...and a mask..He's my bro...I'd carry him if need be...
True friends are rare in this day and age..when ya find know the rest.
It's a digital film...gonna carry all that I can.
Thanks all...Leaving Sunday!!!
Thanks Vicky...gonna come by and see you when I get there.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/16/03 12:23 AM

klc, how odd. Why would that get changed?
Posted By: o jackie

Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/16/03 12:31 AM

I really do not think they asked me either. Now that I think about it.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/16/03 12:41 AM

simple, SS --- think about it
Posted By: Gela

Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/16/03 06:55 AM

I called American Airlines this evening to review my ever changing itinerary and they referred me to this site for all my questions about the new security:

TSA travel tips

Wish I could just teleport myself to Belize laugh
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Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/16/03 02:51 PM

Well the questions were kind of pointless.

As far as the "did you pack everything yourself or did someone give you something to take with you"? Sometimes I took my boyfriend's stuff with me if he was flying in from a work trip and we were meeting in Key West or somewhere, and vice versa. So no I didn't pack his stuff.. but I wasn't gonna say that.

And for the "Have your bags been with you at all times?" When travelling for work, a lot of times my bags were checked with the bellhop at the hotel or in the trunk of my car, so nope they weren't with me at all times but I wasn't going to say that either. (It would have looked a little odd me hauling all my bags around to various work meetings!)

I have to wonder if folks ever did say that they didn't pack their own bags, had something given to them by a stranger or had not been with their bags all day.... probably no one so the questions were essentially pointless! If everyone answered honestly they'd be pulling aside and searching 80% of the bags. Better to actually scan the bags behind the scenes.

Just my thought as to why they dropped them...

Andrea in Atlanta
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Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/17/03 12:14 AM

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Re: Silly Questions.... - 04/17/03 05:04 AM

Maire -

you seem sso organized- are you really Martha Stewart in disguise?
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