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NYgal - 04/13/03 03:25 AM

Was just reading your "this stupid cast" thread and was wondering what part of NY you are in?
We are 5 minutes from the NY border and havn't heard a thing about your storm on the news here confused Maybe it's all the war stuff mad
We lived through the ice storm of 98 and can sympathize with you. frown
Keep the faith and may the force be with you!!! smile
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Re: NYgal - 04/13/03 01:42 PM

We are near Rochester, Lake Ontario area. There have been 7+ states helping in this sad situation.
Rochester claimed it wasn't as bad as the 1991 storm, but Rochester is 30 miles west. I don't don't believe we got a lot of newsworthy TV time, but I can tell you, I don't think it has ever been this horrible in my lifetime. We have been in a state of emergency since last Thursday. Maybe they lifted it today.

Some are still without electricity due to damage done to their houses and reconnection has caused arching and fires. SAD situation. Many counselers needed, to keep sanity, for some still in shelters.

I agree, the war made the headlines.

Thanks for asking, it's always nice to know others think about more than just the trivial things in life. smile

I receivd one phone call from a friend that mentioned, our lack of power was a preview to living in Belize. Warm weather abuse, I can do that ! wink
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Re: NYgal - 04/13/03 02:27 PM

I hadn't heard about it either, NYGal, until Chloe updated us about your absence. Glad you made it through, and are back onboard! LOVE THAT HAIR! laugh
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Re: NYgal - 04/13/03 03:09 PM

I guess domestioc ice storsm are not as newsworthy as international "fire storms" - saddddddddd commentary.

But enough - glad you are coming back to civilization NYG and if there is anything any of us can do, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE let us know!
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Re: NYgal - 04/13/03 05:30 PM

Do you know what the fireman said when the church burned down? confused
We are only about 3 hours away, in Cornwall Ont. and didn't hear a word about it.
And they say we have a free press. :rolleyes:
Glad to hear you are getting out from under, our thoughts are with you. wink
Maybe we can find out how many other boarders are in this area and have a AC party this summer? cool
If you like, Marty can give you our Email address.
All the best; smile
Dan'l & the Boop
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Re: NYgal - 04/13/03 08:29 PM

We have a summer cottage West and North of you guys, up 1-1/2 hours from Belleville ON. Just talked to a neighbor who said we have 2' of ice yet to melt but a 60 degree day up and going. We love that place in Summer but wouldn't want to have to stay there in Winter. Our Summer season starts mid-July!! Then when the geese start packing their tiny little suitcases to fly back down here, we'll be tagging along with them for the South Texas/Southern Belize style of winter.
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Re: NYgal - 04/13/03 08:33 PM

Actually, I have to agree. I live in New York City and i also have no clue.....
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Re: NYgal - 04/14/03 12:57 AM

We have a pair of Canada Geese that come here each Spring, we fed them tonight. It's SPRING when they come and more fun when they bring their little ones.
We look forward to the fifth of May, that's generally their first showing of their little gaggle. laugh
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Re: NYgal - 04/14/03 01:04 AM

pictures pictures :p
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Re: NYgal - 04/14/03 01:29 AM

My wallet is full wink

Not really, but they sure are a site. Little darling things then they start to grow and the gaggle look like little ostriches as they run towards ya. Cuties smile
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Re: NYgal - 04/14/03 01:47 AM

I watched 3 or 4 flocks this week headed the WRONG WAY !!! - guess this hint of summer we had today is over confused
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Re: NYgal - 04/14/03 01:51 AM

They're just circling, looking for someone unsuspecting to drop on, or is that drop in on ? smile

The pair we have are getting OLD...10+ years. One year no babies, must be the fox or turtles got them. frown
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Re: NYgal - 04/14/03 01:52 AM

large mouth bass too, if ya got them are a danger
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Re: NYgal - 04/14/03 01:55 AM

We have a pond. I don't think there are any bass in there. Lots of lotus though and turtles.

It's a long walk, for them, from the pond to the house. Mr. Fox lurks. mad
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Re: NYgal - 04/14/03 02:00 AM

Dan'l, thinking on that party. Not a difinate, but a good thought. Hm.... smile
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Re: NYgal - 04/14/03 02:13 AM

Our cottage is on a small spring-fed lake and the major bird occupants are loons. They are supposedly aggressive toward other bird types, so they have the whole place to themselves. It's a nesting pair (they mate for life) and they usually have two chicks but last summer we had six adult and/or sub-adults, a very large group for such territorial birds. Love it when they do their happy-flappy dance on top of the water.

Loons and toucans, my favorites, and the wild parrots that wake us in in the mornings in Belize.
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Re: NYgal - 04/14/03 02:48 AM

Hey NYgal;
I got the lights off the trees, but I couldn't reach your neighbours!!! Just about froze my tushe off, the sun was wonderful but that breeze was as cold as a witches t_tt. It's still going to be a couple of weeks before shirt sleeve weather.
Are you in the Finger lakes? We have gone there a couple of times for the wine tasting.
Yum yum, but I have to say not as good (in my humble opinion) as the wine from the Niagara region. Or could it be because I grew up there. shocked
We have an international celebration of song and dance here July 16-19 that might be a reason for anybody in the area to come and stay a spell. More info at fttp://
We can put up three couples and have a hookup for a trailer or motorhome.
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Re: NYgal - 04/14/03 01:55 PM

Will you put up Christmas lights for the camp occasion? Just Joking. smile

Yes, we are in the Fingerlakes Region, but somewhat North, closer to Lake Ontario. I'm not much of a drinker, but one can still be the life of the party, ( boy I used to be wink ) just ask my friends. wink
I will do more research on that site you sent, and give it some more thought. laugh

Our Geese are very territorial too. One year they came here with 6 goslings, the next day they had 11. I think they stole someone's or one of their offspring wasn't caring for them right. eek
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Re: NYgal - 04/14/03 02:52 PM

We'll do better than than lights if we can get a few borders up here for a party wink sand maybe?
We don't drink that much either wink we just sample the bouquet wink wink
We have a couple of geese that stay in a little creek behind our house for a while each spring, but I guess it is too shallow as they only stay for a couple of weeks.
I'm gonna have to check your other threads to find out about your bout in the wheel chair. frown
I seem to remember something about it from a while back.
Smile; smile
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