Posted By: dbdoberman

Spring - 04/13/03 02:50 PM

I feel my spirits lifting, the weather is improving. I think Spring is finally here!
Bird song awakens me, today sunshine greets me, and I see that the daffodils, tulips, forsythia, and tulip tree are all in bloom. I cannot be in AC, but days like this make me glad to be alive.
Happy Sunday morn to you all.
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Spring - 04/13/03 02:58 PM

I'll second that. Maybe I can get out that darned door today. It's a two person job. Are 4 wheelers foot controlled? I can be the hauler of the branches after they are dragged, No? I just wanna be helpful. frown

Maybe I can make a wheelchair omlet.
It's sure different looking at my kitchen and only being 3 1/2 ft. tall. Reachin up is an odd feeling.

Off to the omlet......think SPRING laugh
Keep the fresh air coming, it's so great to see the positive side of life happening again. wink
Posted By: klcman

Re: Spring - 04/13/03 03:02 PM

ditto here too - coffee on the deck, overlooking the harbor,clear skies, crocus bursting forth from their winter rest, birds singing, a hint of things to come.... ahhhhhhhhhhh
Posted By: o jackie

Re: Spring - 04/13/03 03:21 PM

I quad ditto that!!! It is going to be lovely Monday and Tuesday, that would what others consider, Saturday and Sunday. wink
Posted By: klcman

Re: Spring - 04/13/03 03:30 PM

with weathe rlike this - every day is Sunday smile
Posted By: Mosquitorose

Re: Spring - 04/13/03 05:06 PM

While down here in beautiful florida the weather has been wonderful for days lol....hahahhahaha
Posted By: Danl & the Boop

Re: Spring - 04/13/03 05:47 PM

Yea Rose;
But you Floridians dont get the advantage of being able to get soooooo frustrated waiting and anticipating this beautiful, glorious weather. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. mad
Kinda like waiting for a wondeful meal.
NYgirl; how much longer you be in the lookin up mode? confused Wish we were closer so we could help. frown
I think I'll go out now and take the Christmas lights off the trees in the front yard.
Check in later.
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Spring - 04/13/03 07:14 PM

We are in a much better place now but others are still feeling the loss. Food was spoiled, insurance companies are going nutz and well, you know the way things go when all "Hell" breaks loose during a disaster.

Could you please ask my neighbor to take his lights down too? Year round is too much. eek
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Spring - 04/13/03 07:44 PM

Sunny south Texas, I was just out looking at the trees in bloom, orchid two varies, Jacaranda purple blooms, and the Banyan tree has much new's a hard life here. wink
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Spring - 04/15/03 03:56 PM

Chloe, since you're just a short drive south of me, I'm assuming your weather is the same as here. It's been SO NICE!!! Sure picks up your spirits. I drove down ocean drive coming home from work, and some good friends of my husband and I were on their boat in the marina. I stopped in, had a couple brews and watched the sun go down with them. Heavenly!!! The sun on the bay was just gorgeous. The plants on my back patio that were pretty sad looking a few weeks ago, are now blooming!! They said, "Don't give up on us yet!!" Ahhhh.... The miracle of spring....
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Spring - 04/15/03 04:03 PM

Its gorgeous out here now too, 80 degrees again today and the flowers and trees have been blooming for a bout a month now. Only problem is the yellow coat of pollen that everything is covered in, I have to use my windshield wipers at least twice a day to get the new coating of the yellow stuff off my windshield. Its that Claritin time of the year down here in sunny Georgia!

Andrea in Atlanta
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