calling and/or e-mailing home

Posted By: texasbug

calling and/or e-mailing home - 04/22/03 05:56 PM

What is the bet way to contact home from AC?? Is there any way to e-mail your family from the island or what is the cost of phone calls to Texas??
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: calling and/or e-mailing home - 04/22/03 06:07 PM

E-mail: several internet cafes on the island; at least 2 in town and 1 south of town; only a few bucks for internet time

Phone: Sam's Club AT&T phone card (listed at 3.47 cents/minute on the card) can be used to call back to the States for 34.7 cents per minute; from a San Pedro phone, dial 115 for Belize operator, ask for AT&T Direct and then follow the numbers on your calling card; do NOT press "1" before the 800 number or the US number you are calling once you are in the AT&T Direct system
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: calling and/or e-mailing home - 04/22/03 06:07 PM

Hey BUG< you can do either but I suggest email. There are a couple places..... Try Coconuts, Cranky ole fart Pedro, dont take any flack off him, just wack him upside the head.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: calling and/or e-mailing home - 04/22/03 06:51 PM

Caribe Island offers Internet for guests right at the Front Office. It's $3.00 for 15 minutes.
Posted By: texasbug

Re: calling and/or e-mailing home - 04/22/03 07:09 PM

Thnaks! Just trying to figure out a way to talk with my kids without costing a fortune while I am in paradise and they are in school and staying with grandma!!!
Posted By: Marie

Re: calling and/or e-mailing home - 04/24/03 01:28 AM

We've found buying the local phone card works. You can get it for many different amounts, and it seems much cheaper than my usual card, not that I've taken the time to figure out the exact amount per minute. Maybe someone else can tell you that. That way, you can talk from your room. There are also, I think, internet cafes. I'm fond of Pedro's. He makes a fine rum punch! Not that anyone can then read my messages.
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