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just got back - 04/26/03 06:23 AM

Well I just got home from yet another adventure in Belize! This was a very different trip from the 4 previous ones. I was just standing eating and talking to my mum when she asked why my feet were so blue. I looked down to notice my feet were blue and swelling. I moved them around to see if it was my positioning but realized that I really have a case of edema and its even hard to walk! SOooo I'm off to bed to see if I have any changes by morning. Hmmmmmmm??????!!!!?????Strange!
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Re: just got back - 04/26/03 12:11 PM

Sarah, Sarah, welcome home, awwwww, sorry to hear about your edema. Get alot of rest, keep them feetsies elevated, and you just take care of yourself. I wanna hear about your latest trip, when you are better. smile
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Re: just got back - 04/28/03 02:00 AM

ok well the feets is better but I am concerned that my heart is malfunctioning and causing the edema....have not been feeling my best since I hit 27 while I was down there. (oh well...laughing it off :p ) SO this trip was really different from all of the other ones...I guess people see me so much that they figure I am in search of a husband....I had one woman call me her daughter-in-law and tell me she wanted to see me next with an Indian baby! WOW! eek Not going to happen for a while! I am now officially appointed to the trade buisness...if only I could figure how to do that legally with customs! oooppps! Yes I might be going commercial! uuuuh what else.....I ran into a bush healer that I had worked with in January and he was so excited to see me but then he was so dissapointed to hear I was leaving the next day. I had invited him to share his knowlege about treating AIDs symptoms and he wanted to know if he could still be of any help! I met with a man that heads an NGO and discused making a catalog of the Mayan crafts that the women are learning to properly market through special training for reproduction of the same items. If anyone is interested in seeing a catalog let me of yet it has not been created but I have some pictures to start it. ok well that is all for now! pictures may come later if i locate any good ones of the trip for posting.
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Re: just got back - 04/28/03 02:11 AM

Oh yeah a really cool thing happened...while I was in Cayo using the internet (and it was not working properly) that opened discussions with the man who started it. I told him my plan of starting a resource center in Big Falls where I could have a place to stay and fill it with books and literature and current world news updates and an internet. It would be where I could tutor the kids also. He even mentioned he might have some computers to donate. So that was cool!
Oh yes I also checked out the new Lodge at Big Falls. It was nice. The man let me use some binoculars to walk around the propery even though I wasnt staying there. I then ate breakfast there. It was nice. He gave me a tour. Again I say it was nice! A great get away but I cant help feeling territorial over the village and how it seems out of place! It does not really benefit the people of Big Falls at all. In fact it may take away buisness from the Coleman's Cafe or the Aleman's Guest house...although it probably wont! I even noticed another lodge there that I had never seen before...they put up a new sign.
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Re: just got back - 04/28/03 02:18 AM

SS -

You better take care of yourself, gal smile !

Belize needs people like you AND WE ALL live vicarioulsly through you when you are there and we are not...and we care about you too! Keep us posted on the NGO project and your residential one too, sounds intriguing & has possibilities.
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Re: just got back - 04/28/03 03:20 AM

klcman did u say u need another tshirt...emailme ur address i will send another [email protected]
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Re: just got back - 04/28/03 12:11 PM

Sarah, thanks for the update on your trip and upcoming endeavors. I want to see a catalog! klc is right, we do live vicariously through you, and admire your commitment to Belize.

May your health improve, we want to hear the continuing saga of Sarah! smile
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Re: just got back - 04/28/03 05:37 PM

Best get to the Doc Sarah and get checked out girl! Totally enjoy your reports, always.

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Re: just got back - 04/29/03 12:17 AM

Thanks for the wishes an glad I can share my stories! I still feel bad today and had to leave school (my nursing instructor told me I had a heart murmer...I heard the swishing too) to see the doc however I dont have one so I went to the walk in place where I get my malaria pills. THat doc is friends with the chief justice of Belize! Well he was worried about a pulmonary embolism so I had a partial work up but he kept insisting I said I had chest pain.....duh ...I did not say that, but even at the xray place they asked again where was the pain exactly. I was getting annoyed that no one was paying attention to the fact that there was no pain! It was so obvious that my pulse was bounding, my little paper gown was dancing to my heart rythm as I lay on the table but that was of no concern to anyone! So I go back next week to have an echo done by a real doc....a cardiologist! I think it must just be anxiety and dread of being back in the states! Hahahahahaha! Oh well what can ya do? I admitt I have lost total interest in school and at this point am not sure where I am going! If I knew that that young man in Belize could pay off my debt, I just might agree to be that daughter in law after bank or bill collector here will take corn as a trade off thats for sure!
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Re: just got back - 04/29/03 01:41 AM

Sorry to hear about this Sarah, but try not to worry until you hear from the "real" doc. Don't you be going off and becoming a daughter in-law just yet! Stay strong, keep us updated. smile
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Re: just got back - 04/29/03 09:53 PM

Sa rah,
Same exact thing happened to me when I returned from Belize. I had to hobble to the doctor's office is fuzzy slippers. I got some meds and put my feet up, and it went away in a couple days. They checked my heart too, but all was well. Doc says it was just the high salt environment. Salt in the sand, salt everytime you swim, salt in the large amounts of seafood eaten and the heat. Then to agravate the situation, I was drinking, and was slightly dehydrated..... I relate. How are you feeling now??? Debbie
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Re: just got back - 04/30/03 12:46 AM

nobody round here takes corn either. we're just backwards!

I love reading your posts sarah, and spent a bit of time today looking at your pictures, i'm fixing to add some of them to the photogallery....

you gotta write a diary of your trip sometime, or make an adventure book out of it!

you go good girl!
and heal up!

during one trip a few years ago, I spent three weeks in the jungle, never wore shoes once (i'm a minimum clothes kind of guy).

the last day or so, and when i got back, my feet got sore, and i had 8-12 quarter sized deep puss pockets in the bottom of each foot. i walked on the sides of my feet for a couple weeks. couldn't drain them easily either, as my feet are so think, and the reservoirs of puss were kinda deep, that when you poked through the skin with a needle, as you pulled out the needle the skin self sealed and nothing would drain.

Running through the airport to catch a flight while running on the sides of my feet was an interesting sight.

I remember fondly holing up in the airplane bathroom, pulling my feet up to my mouth, and ripping big holes in the feet with my teeth to drain them. had to have BIG holes to get the stuff to actually drain. they were so swollen, and the pressure was great, that i felt immediate relief after chewing 10 holes in the bottom of each foot.

god knows what it was in my feet.

thats almost as good as a botfly story!
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Re: just got back - 04/30/03 01:22 AM

LMAO see what you all have got me doing ...I am more interested in reading this board than preparing for my hospital day tomorrow! Labor and delivery! Like my nursing teacher says..."Its all legal porn...t-ts and a_s!"
As it was today I was not prepared...well I was in my head but not on paper so I am sure that was a fail! But ya know tonight at dinner my feet swelled up again! I noticed it happened right after eating this mac n cheeze my mum made for me to eat upon arriving home on friday. I was eating it tonight as well. She accidentally used wheat flour instead of white and although it tastes mighty good...I am wondering if I have a wheat allergy! A kid I baby sit for has a life threatening allergy to wheat so I am given special instructions and a med kit at each visit.

About that salt trip a collegue had the same thing happen due to salt...mine is different though I think...although it did cross my mind. I wish the darn doc would have just taken a complete blood count! whats wrong with him?????? Whats wrong with me! AAAAAAhhh my legs are so tight.

Ewww the botfly story...fresh and everlasting pictures in my head! LOL Yeah Marty that must of been a site! Hope you healed up from that????? It didnt spread to your mouth did it...yuck!
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Re: just got back - 04/30/03 01:22 AM

damn Marty - hope ya had some strong mouthwash!!!!!
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Re: just got back - 04/30/03 02:40 AM

hmmm. can't seem to recall a flavor to that puss.
now i'm really getting gross.

no lasting damage, slowed me up on the football field for a few weeks...

wheat allergy sounds bad sarah. course being a born kansan, i'm a wheat junkie! i just had this bread at a Russian restaurant that tastes exactly like fresh wheat grains. mmmmmmmm.

at least ice those feet a lil, and keep em elevated, which means reading but NO STUDYING!!!!!

:> hope they clear up soon for ya...
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Re: just got back - 05/01/03 03:16 PM

Marty. After that story the definition of desperation takes on a whole new meaning and goes to a whole new level!!!! LOL Hope you soaked those feet in peroxide upon landing!!!! The jungle is so septic, I'm not surprised.... Worried now. My husband earned a fellowship with Earthwatch, and will be going to Costa Rica for two weeks to do some research in the jungle there. Pray he doesn't come home wanting me to play doctor to something like that!!! EEEeeeeeewwwwwwww
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Re: just got back - 05/01/03 06:13 PM

make sure he wears shoes.
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Re: just got back - 05/03/03 03:32 AM

Hey Debbie...I think it was a salt thing after all!
Except I think I didnt eat much while I was there period and when I got home everything I ate was salty! I went to the ER I looked at my labs....wouldnt ya know it Na+ and Cl- were elevated!!!! Everything else checks out...just waiting to see what readings I get from a 24 hr heart monitor...have to
get one first!
Also I would love to hear more about your husband's Earthwatch thing.
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