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Posted By: Mel S

Capt. Jeff......... - 05/13/03 10:31 PM

Aye, aye, captain ! Well, how as the trip down in San Pedro ? Did you catch any yellow-snappers in this trip ? best-wishes, Mel S,....I know your stalking through the website you old bloody Salt.
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Re: Capt. Jeff......... - 05/14/03 04:14 PM

mel my fishing brother ,wind wind and yes more wind 30 knots plus .we went on the back side in the lagoon .small to medium size ,red ,silk yellow tail .mangrove ,schoolmasters .caught a mess of fish ,throw backs a lot .also some jacks ,cuda,lots of action ,80 to a 100 a am trip 7 to 12,we only filet a few thru back most of catch .not like the reef past ho chan cut .out side where the critters live .big fish .action of differant kind know what I mean the ones you hook and they run 100 yards off in a flash ,and you say oh son hold on .then they snap the line spit the hook or what have never know ,whats going,to bite ,love it ,be back in june hope the sun shines and no no no wind .have a good my buddy yours the capt,....
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Re: Capt. Jeff......... - 05/14/03 04:55 PM

Welcome back to the States CaptJeff ! Though sometimes one would rather stay on the isle or even on the mainland of Belize. Sounds like a good fishing report, you missed your calling Jeff, you should have been a fishing-colmunist. With all those damned winds down there, were you using natural-bait, or big-'ole jigs tipped with curly plastic tails ? It is always interesting to see what people use down there. Our experimental lures these days have been yo-zuris here in the ozarks. the large mouth bass smash these things like smoked steaks off the grill! Did you try these yet in Belize ? we are really hyped up to go back in three weeks. Hopefully, I will be able to meet someone from this website. i have only seen people on a screen only. Thanks for the, mel s.
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Re: Capt. Jeff......... - 05/14/03 07:55 PM

mel we fished with live bait ,just the local sardines ,split shot ,we needed heavy shot as the wind was wild ,also there was a problem till we found the sardines,we cast the net .inshore by cayo,esponto I know I missepelled that .but we had a good time every day the sun was out.the beer was cold the food was great,my capt,we use capt.bicho is a real nice guy .and is one of the best in san pedro .light tackel spinnig 15 lb test ,sweet it does not any better .....
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