SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/09/03 03:24 PM

Wow, a great time was had by all I can safely say.
Ernie was the man of the hour without a doubt. With him was his charming wife rita and his two lovely daughters and their beaus. Ernie made it all happen. Along with providing us a way to meet, he will be donating on our behalf a nice sum of cash to the lions club of san pedro. Thank you ernie.
Hope was the queen of the day working her sorcery she managed to be crowned queen and win a pile of loot in door prizes. No one was more deserving and we congratulate her. She was high bidder on a unique piece of jewelry hand crafted by a san pedro artist to really boost our lions club donation fund. Hopeís hubby dan is a great guy. Now we all know why you gotta luv her!
Big thanks go to dick and nancy our wonderful hosts at papas on the lake. What a great place. Their hospitality made all feel welcome. Thanks so much for your gifts of tee shirts and sweat shirts.
San pedro queens dee and Pamela graced us. What great ladies. I could have talked san pedro to them all day long. Makes you envious. Dee did the leg work up and down the island again gathering great gift certificates from businesses to share with us. Big thanx to dee and all of the generous contributors.
Rick and cherie provided great shirts and caps. They look great. If anyone didnít get to purchase them the day of the party, I think rick still has some. Or if you would like to have one to be ready for next year, contact rick.
Debbie and mark from corpus were there along with son jared. Good people and canít wait to get together again soon. You should be seeing them any day getting off tropic air to use a butt load of gift certificates for some great prizes.
Others in attendance were susie from fort worth aka govikes, cliff and nancy, Kristine and friend (sorry friend Ė they were in ibires group in march), chuck right? aka kbg, becky aka windjammer wait till you see what she can do on the pix Ė ouch.
There were more people that I am leaving out. I need to look at the pix. To all of you that I havenít mentioned donít take it personal. It is early Monday am and I am on low cafeine. Besides, I think I had a lot of rum this weekend.
David and I really enjoyed ourselves immensely and we canít wait until next year. This is not to be missed. To all prize winners, please make a point to email or personally thank the sponsor. Their generosity was much appreciated.
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/09/03 03:29 PM

Excellent review Gay! Can't wait to see the group photos on your camera. You and David really added a lot to the party, it was so good to meet y'all.
Posted By: govikes

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/09/03 03:40 PM

Yeah and you forgot to mention that we even had people sliding off the boat in their undies. I'm not telling. Ernie, I hope you realize how much we all appreciated the work you did to get us all together! Cuz we all had a great time!!!
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/09/03 04:24 PM

I personally thank each one of you for your contribution to make this 1st. SPSC Partee a huge hit. Each of you made a difference! The Official Digital Photographers' camera "Undigitized" but we had enough in the group to make up the difference and pics will be showing up very soon. Each attendee will add his her own review of the "DO", so I will leave that to them. Again, Thanks to all especially the SPONCERS which made it so much fun. Lady D will make the donation to the SP Lions Club on our behalf.


Ernie smile smile smile
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/09/03 04:36 PM

Yes, the party was a huge success! What a great group of San Pedro lovers-Thanks to immissing, lady d, rick & cheri, papa's dick & nancy, and EVERYONE else in attendance, it was a pleasure seeing all of you. One of the highlights was the coronation of the newest SP Queen, our very own fabulous HOPE (denverdan)!

Photos of the partee will be posted here by next weekend at the latest. cool cool cool
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/09/03 08:17 PM

Please post anything else, pictures, comments to "SPSC PARTY REVIEW"


Posted By: denverdan

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/09/03 10:31 PM

We be home....
let me tell you...
this was

The San Pedro Social Club of Texas ROCKED! laugh

Folks... they don't call Ernie “SUPER SPUD STUD” for nothin, he is totally SUPER!

I was flabbergasted and and speechless, yep speechless (thats my story and I"m stickin to it) all day and evening. The boat was toooo fun and the afternoon/evening party and location at Papas was fantastic! OHGAWD, the food... YUMMMMM!

I got some stories too... hehehe
Oh hey... there are lots of folks missin from that picture Marty posted... where was everyone?

Lady Dee... what a lady indeed, as well as a SPSP Queen! Thank you for all the work you did in San Pedro and in Texas and everything! OH MY GOSH... you are a real Partee Planner ! We shall be knockin on your door on the Island before ya know it!!! wink

Nancy and Dick... thank you so much for all!!! P.S. to Nancy... you stay away from my crown. ;-)

Govikes and Windjammer... you two stay away from my hubby! ;-)

Gay and David... thanks for doing the name tags, pixs and all! Sure wish I had more time to spend with you Gay or is that “a”? Although from the time we did chat, I know we would become fast friends. Good luck with your home! (maybe you should be a sayin to me ta... stay away from your husband. ;-)

Debbie and Mark... LOVE YOU! Jared is a real good kid too, ya did good. Corpus... real soon!

Pamela... another SPSP Queen and GREAT lady! Thanks for not “takin it back” this time.... lol
Hope ya had a smooth trip home and can't wait to see you again!

KBG is a sneaky one... he looks NOTHIN like his picture on the board! AND... he sits, listens, watches, and laughs at everybody. hehehe Way to go mon! Hope you had a good trip home as well.

Rick and Cheri' did it AGAIN... this time with the t-shirts! They really ARE great! Hey Cheri... what happened to my hair cut? OH... and Rick really does have a birdie on his shoulder, now I know where the idea came from. They are a hoot!

Miss Anthropy... ooohhhhh, Miss Anthropy.... I woulda NEVER guessed you in a million years !!! I just LOVE you and your WHOLE family sooooo much!!! (I don't want to blow this for ya so I'll just say “HI” to da moma through you OK!? AND everybody else!

And I... as Gay, “went off da wagon” during the Partee, so not only did I miss names, I think I missed some faces as well. :-( OH MY.... I wonder if them gals in the back were Chloe and NYgal??? hummmm

We be a coming ta San Pedro real soon ta meet ya's!!!

AGAIN a great big THANK YOU Ernie!!!
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/09/03 11:01 PM

LOVE right back to ya SP QUEEN HOPE! You have a fan club of wanna be's yoself. You are delightful.
Posted By: Windjammer

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/10/03 06:29 AM

Gay & Hope, you pretty much said it all. It was GREAT! Enjoyed meeting everyone. Ernie definitely deserves much credit & although he offered the job to someone else for next year I don't think we could do it without him. Of course we also need Dee & our wonderful hosts Papa Dick & Nancy. Miss Anthropy I promise not to blow your cover either. Never would have guessed.

OK Hope & Gay I promise to keep my hands off your husbands. Damn! Don't blame you though, I would be concerned too if they belonged to me.

Rick & Cheri did a fabulous job with the shirts & caps. If you didn't get one shame on you they are great. Order one tomorrow!

Govikes I can't seem to remember who that was that went sliding off the boat in their undies. I do remember there were several people, but only one of them was a female. wink

And to think I actually got to attend the coronation of a QUEEN! It was really special & I'm jealous.

Debbie, Mark, Denverdan I'm soooo jealous of all your wonderful prizes you get to redeem but you do deserve them. Enjoy & thank you to all the wonderful sponsors. Even though I did't win any San Pedro prizes I will support the sponsors & I did get a Papa's t-shirt. Yes!

Had to leave Lake Conroe early on Sunday to attend a reception at work for my 20 year anniversary where I was presented with a large cashiers check that will allow me another trip back to the favorite vacation destination of all of us San Pedro. Yeah!

See ya next year if not sooner in San Pedro town. :rolleyes:
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/10/03 10:37 PM

Yes, an absolute wonderful time had by all!!! GAY-email me!!!! Started off with Hope, Dan, Debbie and their son Jared on Friday night when we arrived!! Went to Papa's after checking in.....found Hope-no problem!!!! ALMOST blew our wad the first night!!! ..but made it with no problem night #2!!! LOTS of GREAT people, great fun, great pics of BZ to share, lots of prizes etc....stil tired from it all!! THANK you ERNIE and Dick for planning all this...and Lady D, and everyone who was there!!! Gay and David-GREAT to see you again!!!! Can't wait to be neighbors!!! Ms. Anthropy....I know we didn't get to "talk", but you can email us anytime...or call!!! I'll go ahead and do the email thing!!!! I can tell you're a great person!! HOPE-congrats on your "Queening!"....I, personally, am trying to stay away from "potatoes"....LOL...Love all of you, and May GOD Bless you forever!!! (Even Pedro!! No-he was not there!!!) Thank you!!! Yes, some folks swam in their undies...but what the hell!!! WHAT FUN!!!!!!!! See ya next year or on AC!!!! C&R
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/10/03 10:38 PM

OOPS!!!! Debbie's husband-MARK!!!!! Sorry dude...ya went "in" too early friday night!!! wink
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/11/03 12:16 AM

Hey, All you Partee Animals... Just a quick survey..Next Year would you like the venue to change or stay the same? Would you like the same date or a different date? Do you think a membership "Dues" is in order, to cover basic cost? What org. should our fund raising go to, one or more? If more, who? If one, who? When and how should we select the LUCKY person to take over the planning and make it work for next year?

If you would like to email me, please do so. I do belive all these items should be addressed on this board for all to see.

Many Thanks,

Posted By: Ernie B

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/11/03 12:38 AM

Posted By: Chloe

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/11/03 12:42 AM

Good reports on the great SPSC Partee. Seems all had a really good time.

When you get all rested up, maybe you can give us more details.....everyone is waiting.

Hope is so honored to be a Queen.
Posted By: KBG

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/11/03 01:58 AM

Ms. Denverdan (Hope) very observant expecially with alchol flowing. Had a great time seeeeeeeing many of the regulars and greatly enjoyed the SP Social Club. Hope to meeeeeet many of you again on the Island. Belekin it until next time. KBG ps. me on the island with grandson in photo. laugh wink :rolleyes:
Posted By: KBG

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/11/03 02:50 AM

Maybeeeee, we can all get together at Rick/Cherie's new place for next years parteeeeeee, of course all paying participants. Plan another party sooooon. KBG confused confused confused
Posted By: pnowell

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/11/03 04:02 AM

Sounds like everyone had a great time...wish we could have made it-which brings me to the date thing, how about a different weekend since indy is always the first weekend in june.
How about giving to Saga? wink
Posted By: denverdan

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/11/03 04:04 AM

Chloe... ya don't know how honered I really am! Dang... again, I'm speachless. wink

I'm ALWAYS obsevant KGB... unless... well... nevermind. hehe You were a hoot! laugh That was so much fun indeed!

Ernie I think the Lake location and Papas was just GREAT! The boat was really fab! I loved seein that driver half nekkid too! eek

I do believe if ya start takin dues or cash early it would help a bunch of folks to start plannin early. I can't wait till next month and get my bills. :rolleyes: lol

The org that gets the money... well, I think Queen Lady Dee knows best! Anyone livin on the Island has the inside info for just about all. We have no preference and will donate as we do believe anyone will!

P.S. The "pin/pendant" we bid on and won will be up for auction again next year for the San Pedro Social Club of Teaxs. It's the least we can do for a GREAT time and cause!

P.P.S. I think you rule as the organizer and I vote you stay on!!! laugh
Posted By: Windjammer

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/11/03 04:12 AM

I second everything Hope/Denverdan said especially the part Ernie where no one can take your place. You did great!

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/11/03 02:44 PM

Hi everyone, smile
Ok, here are my ideas to continue this tradition for san pedro lovers everywhere.
Firstly I think ernie can attest that it is a lot of work for one person. WE NEED A COMMITTEE. eek I will volunteer to head this committee to get it going. If anyone feels that they are better at organizing social affairs they can impeach me with no hard feelings. :p
Affordable dues may be a good thing. There are always little extras that make the party a little nicer. Example Ė the banner.
Obviously I like having the party in texas!!! I do believe it is kind of centralized. I would like to go back to papas if dick and nancy will have us.
As far as choosing a fund, well maybe it should be decided by membership vote.
What do you think? cool
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/11/03 03:00 PM

GAY, all good solid ideas. In order to really make this thing fly, I suggest chapters in cities like Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, etc,etc. It would feel more like a local thing than saying "That Texas Club". The people in thoes cities would have their local group making air fare (group rates) cheaper and a hand in whats going on. The SPSC was never intended to replace going to SP, but rather a supplement for get togethers between trips to SP. Dates are flexable as well as charities to receive donations. Man, only a couple days and much good ideas for next years PARTEE! It does take time and planning. I second Gays nomination to head the committee. I will help in any way possible. Thanks every body!

Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/11/03 03:41 PM

Gay you can enlist me for the Texas committee, just let me know what you have in mind and I'm there.

Cheri I am glad you want to email, I'd love to chat with ya about things San Pedro/Belize.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/11/03 09:06 PM

Posted By: denverdan

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/12/03 12:56 AM

O.K., I guess we gotta let THE Super Spud Stud off da hook next year. ATHOUGH... hummm then you won't be so busy ya can't PARTEE HARTEE Ernie. laugh
Gay and Miss A., please feel free to e-mail us, I swear we can fit a bunch in our luggage and yes we do got stores even here in Denver. wink OH... and Anne Child is a bit of an artist if ya need that kinda thing done too.
Let me know the dates... I gots to reserve my special room before anyone else grabs it up! wink

We sure did have a blast of a good time! laugh
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/12/03 01:51 AM

Miss me at [email protected] know it's a long address...but it's the one I email from the most!! Had a GREAT TIME!!! And we can have a "PARTYEEE" (changed the spelling)ANYTIME on AC!!! But I believe it should stay at Papa's!!! Too great!! And a "committee" is a fantastic idea!! Ernie should be able to "relax" next time!! Hope-you are 2 cute!!! Hoping everyone is relaxed and rested!! My 40th is tomorrow and I'm still waiting for my 2nd "wind"!!! wink C
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/12/03 01:53 AM

PAM!!!! Call me about getting prepared to take it over in a few months and have some questions!!?? Still have our ###??? C
Posted By: toad

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/12/03 02:00 AM

are you people swingers?
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/12/03 02:09 AM

YO! We be swingin' louieville sluggers - ever hear of "TOAD BASEBALL"?
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/12/03 02:19 AM

Windjammer- can i upload the photos of your excellently executed boat slide performance? It just would not be a lake party without memorializing our fabulous party boat portion of the Parteee. I await your approval cool
Posted By: Pamela

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/12/03 02:24 AM

Hey Cheri,
I might still have your number, but have no idea what box it might be in. Email at addy I gave Rick.
Posted By: Windjammer

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/12/03 03:00 AM

Miss A. would that be the one I scored a 6 or 10 on? Just kidding - of course why not! Obviously I'm not shy, we were all having a great time. Cheri, happy, happy, 40th tomorrow! You go girl, you saw all us ole folks still know how to have fun. 40 ain't bad at all, neither is 50.
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/12/03 03:04 AM

Windjammer Girl, you scored a 10 on the high slide! 40 AIN'T OLD, i should know. Thanks to you the Parteee had MORE pizazz!
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/12/03 02:40 PM

Pam....if i wait for Rick to "find" your addy, well it could be a while!! [email protected]
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/12/03 03:28 PM

Hey Cheri - that email addy you posted (msn) came back to me. Check your hotmail account, i sent it there.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/13/03 01:09 AM

Where's tha pic's, there must be hundreds of them out there? Oh, tomorrow is Friday, not today? :p
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/13/03 02:41 PM

The pics are coming I promise! We have three rolls at Eckerds getting digitized on a CD. Dante will try to get them uploaded to shutter-fly over the weekend. We've got at least 60 shots if they all turned out.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/13/03 11:00 PM

Chloe is sitting here in her new SHIRT, from the SPSC.
Very nice shirt, love the logo and the sleeve details are great, Texas on the Left, and San Pedro Belize on the right.

Thanks girlfriend for remembering me, and the mail is fast these days.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: SPSC PARTY REVIEW - 06/15/03 04:37 PM

Hi All!
Sorry it's taken so long for me to get on here. Just want to thank Dick and Nancy and Ernie and his lovely wife for the partee of the century!!! I had a ball!! Although Hope and Dan were the only two I had ever met "physically", I was so comfortable and at ease with all the other fellow boarders. It was a great party and I really don't know how to thank everyone for making it happen. I love all my door prizes and can't wait to redeem them!! And NO, it was not rigged that all my tickets won a prize!!! :p :p :p
Rick and Cheri, so good to meet you and have an opportunity to spend some time with you. Gay and David, we plan on seeing you real soon. Get in touch with us. Hope, congrats on your new tiara. (She was going to wear it home on the plane but Dan made her take it off so they could get through security!!! LOL LOL) Well, here's to a partee well done. Hope to see each and every one of you again soon. How can I help with next year's party? Gay?
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