To Chris....

Posted By: KathyMLT

To Chris.... - 06/26/03 03:44 PM

Hey Chris,
Just curious.....are you all ready for 'kick a brit day" ? smile Before someone slams me for this it's just a playful little name for the 4th of July that I heard from someone else and nothing degratory meant by it......
I was trying hard to come down and join in the festivities but airfare is a killer for a 4 day jaunt. Have a great time and have one of those great burgers for me.
Posted By: Chris

Re: To Chris.... - 06/26/03 09:38 PM

I'll let you and your yellow skinned "someone else" have "Kick a Brit" day on 2 conditions: (1) You have to catch me first. (2) I get "Kick a SPAM" days for the other 364 days of the year. Ask banananuts what "SPAM" means if you don't already know! laugh
Posted By: toad

Re: To Chris.... - 06/26/03 09:43 PM

i think another name should be used for junk mail...cause i happen to like spam sandwiches...yummie...fried up with a little tomato, mayo, and cheese....i'm starting to water..
Posted By: KathyMLT

Re: To Chris.... - 06/26/03 10:04 PM

Chris, Sounds fair to me although I'm not sure he will agree ; )
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