RCI timeshares

Posted By: Barbara K

RCI timeshares - 07/08/03 07:24 PM

Does anyone know if there are any RCI timshare places on AC currently?
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: RCI timeshares - 07/08/03 07:45 PM

I believe that Royal Palm Villas is RCI.
Check your RCI index - they will tell you what's available in Belize.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: RCI timeshares - 07/08/03 08:35 PM

I am not an RCI member. It's for a friend and she says nothing is listed in Belize. I had thought Royal Palms, Banyan Bay & Seven Seas were all RCI. Anyone know for sure?
Posted By: papaflo

Re: RCI timeshares - 07/08/03 09:02 PM

I know seven seas is, cause we have one there. its not your usual timeshare resort==no restaurant, no bar--but they do have a nice pool and its far enough from downtown so that you do get at least a little exercise==maybe a 10 minute walk. we love the place and will be going back there this thanksgiving. papaflo
Posted By: klcman

Re: RCI timeshares - 07/09/03 01:43 AM

Barb - you have it right - all 3 are RCI.

( laugh found another very notorious one on North AC also listed, not on RCI site, but a reseller - try to book that one! wink )
Posted By: JT

Re: RCI timeshares - 07/09/03 05:29 AM

We just stayed at Banyan Bay and I'm 99% sure that I saw RCI info, etc. there. On Royal Palms, I didn't see inside any of the units but from the outside, it was looking pretty run down. I'm sure others will disagree with that observation but that's my opinion.
Posted By: papaflo

Re: RCI timeshares - 07/09/03 01:48 PM

just checked the rci book and the only listings I found were for seven seas and banyan bay. these are on page 323 under bermuda, bahamas, and the caribbean--go figure
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: RCI timeshares - 07/09/03 05:25 PM

Thanks all. I saw Royal Palms & Banyan Bay on the RCI website --- and another one in PG!
Cuxlin Ha Village (#6022)
Papishaw Road Punta Gorda
Phone: 501/6142518
Anyone ever hear of that one? Or stay there? Looks interesting.
Posted By: klcman

Re: RCI timeshares - 07/09/03 06:48 PM

one of the re-sellers also says "Belize Vacation Club" is also an RCI resort.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: RCI timeshares - 07/09/03 07:23 PM

That would be the Yacht Club. Thanks.
Posted By: indygal

Re: RCI timeshares - 07/09/03 07:43 PM

It is very hard to trade into Belize with RCI. We have tried several times with no success and were told that it sometimes takes two years. I don't have a clue what I am doing in two years!
As far a Royal Palms goes there are a several units that are time share, the rest are privately owned condos. I love staying at Royal Palm, but you are right it is not as spiffy as the nicer RCI resorts.
Posted By: Lady D

Re: RCI timeshares - 07/10/03 11:14 PM

Banyan Bay had a sign recently that showed the RIC logo, you may want to e-mail them. cool
Posted By: Lady D

Re: RCI timeshares - 07/10/03 11:16 PM

Just realized someone had already responded to that and that I also cannot spell! Don't think I'd be interested in P.G. laugh
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