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Posted By: Turnbun1971

Blocking Posts - 08/09/03 01:07 AM

On a parenting message board I belong to, I have the ability to block any post by certain users so as not to have to read the garbage they post. Is there any way we can get this type of service on this site? I can't bring myself to not respond when something really aggitates me (like to a certain multi-personality poster we all know and love). However, if I can block an offensive person's posts, I don't have to read them and I think my blood pressure may go down significantly. Many times, I read a thread without looking at the poster first, and then blam-o! I see an offensive post.

I know, I know, I need to use will power, but it's so hard!
Posted By: Marty

Re: Blocking Posts - 08/09/03 01:22 AM

the admin can block posts, but i know of no way in this software to have users block selected posts. maybe an updated version, this version is just a couple months old though. i'll keep an eye out for it.

thanks again for the impetus.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Blocking Posts - 08/09/03 01:25 AM

just wandered thru the settings, and didn't see anything like this.

good idea though. definently will keep an eye out for that option.
Posted By: Turnbun1971

Re: Blocking Posts - 08/09/03 01:26 AM

Sorry, Marty. I'm not usually a trouble-causer. That function on the other message board is oh-so-helpful when the trolls come out to play. It helps keep the board focused on the discussions at hand. If you want a link to that board just so you can see how it works, let me know.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Blocking Posts - 08/09/03 01:27 AM

It is sometimes referred to as creating a "killfile".
Posted By: Marty

Re: Blocking Posts - 08/09/03 02:14 AM

you ain't no troublemaker!
by golly its a fabulous idea, never heard of it!

will watch for it though. i ain't changing the software for the board, but i bet they add that real soon now and i will implement it. i'll cht with the folks where they make the board software about it. that ain't trouble, thats product improvement!

Posted By: Marty

Re: Blocking Posts - 08/09/03 02:17 AM

we gotta fix your icon, send me a pic...
Posted By: Turnbun1971

Re: Blocking Posts - 08/09/03 02:25 AM

It's weird. My avatar works half the time. I'll send you a pic so it can work all the time!
Posted By: JmHanna

Re: Blocking Posts - 08/09/03 03:17 AM

Hey Marty, I was just getting ready to pick a fight with that guy and you nixed him. Me an Pedro had a plan.
Oh well. There will be another one down the road.--missed you at the Pier--heard you ran in and out in the thong again.
Next time
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