Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila

Posted By: River Shark

Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/01/03 08:12 PM

How was your trip to Utila?
We are thinking of Roatan or Utila, and Utila is looking better all the time since we are not in to the night life thing.
Let us know how your trip went and where you stayed.
If you want to e-mail me direct it is:
[email protected]
Posted By: Turnbun1971

Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/04/03 04:36 AM

Hey! I am not Coconuts, but I have been to Utila. My husband and I really enjoyed it. It's TINY (much smaller than AC), but ther's a great patch of beach on one end of the island (the end opposite the airstrip). The snorkeling is AMAZING (dare I say better than AC), the food was decent (the seafood esp.), and it's DIRT cheap. If you're into rustic, simple vacations, I say go. But this is one place you DON'T want to drink the water (trust me).

Funny story about Utila. We were looking for the "Utila Snorkel Center." We followed the signs and found it was an expat living in what amounted to a tree house who rented snorkels and fins out of his living room. He had a pet parrot who went everywhere with him. He said he used to take people out on his boat, but some cats from Belize City came over and stole it.
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Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/04/03 02:33 PM

Thanks Turnbun,

We are thinking about Roatan or Utila next year and have been checking things out. Ms C was going to Utila a few weeks back and thought we might get a report of some sort if she has made it back.

And before I start a whirlwind of debate, we had a good time on AC in May, although the wind made diving impossible. But as I have said many times there are too many places to go in this world to ever go back anywhere, at least not until I've been to the South Pacific and dived Bikin Atoll or Truk Lagoon. Besides I'm looking for that "One Particular Harbour".

It looks like its a little harder to get to Utila than Roatan or am I mistaken. From some of the reports I've seen to get to Utila was sometimes tough to say the least (the old "you can't get there from here" thing). One woman spoke of a 6-hour trek (after landking in Honduras) and flying from San Pedro Sula thru another city, Over Utila to Roatan than finally back to Utila.

Roatan looks prety quiet and quaint in its own. We're chekcing out Fantasy Island on the south side (where it looks like most of the dive sites are).
Anybody got any info on this place?
From what we have heard (or read) Coco View has an on going problem with a number of guest getting sick and have not been able to put their finger on the problem - soooooooooooo, I think we'll steer clear or it.

The Shark
Posted By: Turnbun1971

Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/04/03 02:45 PM

It was super easy to get to Utila - we hopped a direct flight from San Pedro Sula.

If diving is what you're primary activity will be, I'd say go to Utila. It's about half the price of Roatan (at least it was when we looked into it).
Posted By: Ms. Coconuts

Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/06/03 05:52 AM

Hey Rivershark! Yep, I made it back from Utila. It was a great vacation although quite different from San Pedro. For me, the getting there was not fun- San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, Roatan, Utila. (It really helps if you can speak and understand Spanish for this part of the trip.) The diving was beautiful with lots of different environments- wrecks, walls, canyons... It is also very inexpensive. I actually returned home with money!!! Beer was less than $1 and a good (dinner) meal was about $5. If you decide to go, you're welcome to ask me questions. (It's very hard to find information on the web.) I have a trip report on the rodale's message board- view trip reports, bay islands, MsCoconuts- if you want the details of the trip. Can you guess where i got the name for my new kitty?
Posted By: Chris

Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/06/03 06:04 AM

When I went to Utila last year the getting there was OK....took the first class Hedman Alas bus from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba and then the (big and comfortable) boat from La Ceiba to Utila. Of course, I overnighted in La Ceiba...these things are best not rushed.

Funniest thing: Security in Honduras under the new (2 years now) government is very tight..they're working hard to increase security for tourists and residents. Body searches at bus stations were the norm last year. But! On the first class air conditioned bus from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba, the "in flight" movie was a "B" film about a plane hijacking. There were lots of tragically dead bodies in that movie. On the return journey the movie was about a TRAIN hijacking. More carnage, I'm afraid. I travelled during weekdays. Maybe the movies at weekends are not so sensitively chosen. Perhaps on Saturdays they have a movie about a bus (first class air conditioned) hijacking that goes horribly wrong when the bus rolls off a cliff into the sea and explodes in a ball of fire on top of a boatload of budget minded divers.

Ms. Coconuts, you did very well, I couldn't find a truly decent meal in Utila when I was there. Has Internet access dropped any from the 11.00US an hour it was last year at the cafes?
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/06/03 02:17 PM

We have really enjoyed AC the past two years but are also heading to the Bay Islands next year at the start of May for something different. Though I am sure we will return to AC again at some point.

We are going to stay on Roatan though since only part of our group are divers and we all like a decent nightlife. Luna Beach Resort is the place we plan on staying, its near the West End but has its own private beach, pool, restaurant, A/C and such. Of course now Temptation Island was filmed on Roatan, I bet the Bay Islands get a lot more business in the future, kind of like what happened with AC. The new TI airs on August 28th.

Andrea in Atlanta
Posted By: River Shark

Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/06/03 03:03 PM

Your trip report on the Rodales website is classic. It sounds like you had quite the quest in getting there. Did you get the address of the little old lady so you could stay in touch - she sounds like a real GAS!

We are looking at Laguna Beach Resort on Utila (not to be confused with Luna Beach Resort on Roatan). Looks like a pretty good chance of seeing whale sharks, espcially in May.

Either there or Fantasy Island on Roatan. FI looks like it has everything we need and is fairly safe (health wise).

First week of May there will be a full moon - the perfect time for night dives.

See you in the Bay Islands.

The Shark
Posted By: Ms. Coconuts

Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/06/03 04:29 PM

That's the worse thing about it. When i finally realized they were boarding my flight, i just jumped up, ran to the gate and didn't even say good-bye to my new Honduran friend! I hope her daughter is OK, but who knows... We got a good view of Roatan as we flew over. I'm not sure where your place is Andrea, but the beaches looked beautiful. And the reef within easy swimming distance from shore. I'm sure you guys will love it and they have a direct flight from Houston or Miami into Roatan!

Chris, i heard people complain about the internet rates, but i always stay far away from any computers (Unless it's my dive computer) during my vacations so i'm not sure of the exact cost. There is not a shortage of internet cafes- at least three and my diveshop had a access as well.

River, I've heard a lot of good things about Laguna Beach Resort. It's not in town so it will have a good secluded feeling and has it's own dive shop. I saw the boat once. It looked nice. On the small side. There were perhaps four divers.

Barring a major catastrophy, i'll be there in May as well. Got to find me one of those whale sharks!
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/06/03 09:58 PM

Ms. C, have no desire to go to Utila at this point but I do want to read your trip report. I love the way you look at things. I am having a hard time finding the Rodales site, however, can you give me a link?
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Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/06/03 10:08 PM

Not Ms C, but try this:

It's worth the time to read it (about 1/2-hour), rated at 10 on a scale of 1-5.

The Shark
Posted By: Ms. Coconuts

Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/06/03 10:39 PM

Did you find it B?
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/06/03 10:42 PM

Got it, great report. A great eye for detail and a fantastic memory. Ms. C, I am still a fan of yours.
Posted By: Ms. Coconuts

Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/06/03 11:06 PM

Thanks Bobber. Of course you don't want to go there when you could go to AC! Oh and congratulations on your daughter getting married. If i ever get married, which the way things are going doesn't seem likely, it would have to happen on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean!
Posted By: Turnbun1971

Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/06/03 11:33 PM

Ms. C! Just wanted to send a shout-out to a fellow Austinite.
Posted By: Ms. Coconuts

Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/07/03 03:58 AM

Hi Turnbun and Miss Anthropy! I just love Austin. Where else can you get chased by 7 foot paper mache bulls with smoke coming out of their nostrils? Where? Is it true that will not allow women to run in the real Pampalona? Now that would make a good trip report. Either that or a good headline: Woman disguised as a man impaled by large black bull
Posted By: Turnbun1971

Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/07/03 07:11 PM

Small world! I guess it would make sense to see lots of Austinites here since Austin's such a cool place and AC is such a cool place.
I heard about that running of the bulls event in Austin. How funny. In Austin, they not only let women run with the bulls, but they can probably do it topless!!
Since I have a 10-month-old I don't get out much to those sorts of events. I'm stuck in my west Austin boring life now (not that I'm complaining! - I love my baby.).
Posted By: Turnbun1971

Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/08/03 02:03 AM

Miss A, We are probably neighbors! We live in Lake Hills - Austin Lake Estates.
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: Hey Ms Coconuts How was Utila - 08/08/03 02:09 AM

We be in Tarrytown. I know your 'hood, nice.
We've been in Austin since '85, and boy how its changed!
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