Thanksgiving Pub Crawl--Part 2?

Posted By: KimBehindDoorNbr3

Thanksgiving Pub Crawl--Part 2? - 08/04/03 07:23 PM

(First, a note of sincere apology from the Big, Fat Losah posting this email to all the 2003 Turkey Day crawlers...)


I suck.
I aspire to suck less moving forward.

I recognize that I haven't returned emails since pretty much the beginning of time. I'm hoping that a nice cold Belikin's later this year with a dirty limerick chaser will be enough to begin repairs on that account. If not, maybe two Belikins, a limerick and a shared bottle of One Barrel will do the trick. At any rate, I truly am sorry, and hope to be available (barring strike duty--a whole 'nother story) for the remainder of the year. PLEASE, please forgive me!

On the upside, I went American Airlines Platinum by MARCH. (Of course, now that I can fly first class, about all AA's offering on the amenities front are Happy Meals and bad wine by the overflowing thimbleful).


I wanna do a nice long stay in BZ end o' Nov/top of Dec. Will do AC over Thanksgiving if the crawlers and lotsa new friends will be there...otherwise, will likely do AC more like 11/28-12/4 and will look to terrorize a new group of as of yet uninitiated.

Whose going where when!?! I owe alot of folks a beer!!!!!


PS: Would you believe... 'cuz of the sheer number of parrot head friends desiring beach side nuptuals, I'm now officially ordained!!! (Yepper, it's quite the spectacle to behold!) As such, and for future reference, please revently refer to me as "Oh Wondrous Goddess of the Holey Tank Top." ;-)

Miss you all!!!
Posted By: RobertE

Re: Thanksgiving Pub Crawl--Part 2? - 08/04/03 09:22 PM

Hey Kimbo!! What's Shaking? No love lost but if you really feel guilty and a shot and a Belikin count as your pentance for you atrocities/sins, I'm game.

Talk to Loie about the ordained thing. She's officiated two or three ceremonies. Yack at ya soon.

Robert and Loie
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: Thanksgiving Pub Crawl--Part 2? - 08/05/03 01:29 AM

Hey Kim - last I saw of you and Robert was your plane taking off into the friendly skies right ahead of mine. A sad moment!

Wish I could be there for the repeat crawl, but going to Costa Rica this Thanksgiving. Negril was fantastic and also want to return there. Oh, so many places, so little time!! Have a great time and keep up the tradition (although don't know about anyone doing a better encore than the original pub crawl!).
Posted By: KimBehindDoorNbr3

Re: Thanksgiving Pub Crawl--Part 2? - 08/05/03 07:54 PM

Robert/Loie-Hey, does that me you're "in"!?! Golly, I was hoping that more folks (like all the boarders I haven't met in the past 8 months) would be jumping on the BZ on Turkey Day Band Wagon.

Loie-Since we're both ordained (or some such), maybe we need to start our own religion, the "Church of the 2 Sunned Buns". Heck, naming the church may be a great pub crawl game in and of itself. smile

Laurie-gawd, if you get bored, I'd love to hear about Negril...and I swear that NEXT year I'll get to Costa Rica, too!

M&M-once we get there, I need a full one-year (and a few extra stray months) summary. Please tell me a should be envious...

Gail-golly, kiddo, if you're out there, I'm SOOOO sorry I've been "unfindable"!!! I'd really like to start picking your brain about your long-term plan...and what you're thinking of for up North.

All-And what kind of trouble has BECKY BOUND(BBfB) been making.

Fun, fun, fun !!!!

Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: Thanksgiving Pub Crawl--Part 2? - 08/05/03 09:03 PM

Can't go anywhere for a while, but you guys have a blast on Turkey Day.
Posted By: GailM

Re: Thanksgiving Pub Crawl--Part 2? - 08/05/03 10:46 PM

Kim, Kim, Kim!!! Great to hear from you and to read the posts from many of the other T-day pub crawlers-what a great bunch. Our "mark" is still above the bar at BCs. I had it in my mind to be back down around that time, but depends on whether I need to make a trip in the next month and especially if I will head back in October to drink, oops, did I say drink? I meant to say fish the Belikin tournament on Columbus Day weekend. Nothing in stone yet, but will keep ya posted.
Becky, Brandy is still looking healthy, saw her about three weeks ago.
Posted By: patrick-e

Re: Thanksgiving Pub Crawl--Part 2? - 08/06/03 11:30 AM

Kim, Della and I will be there for the Turkey day celebrations, do ya think that the island can stand a repeat of last year?
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Thanksgiving Pub Crawl--Part 2? - 08/06/03 02:24 PM

Won't be in AC for Turkey Day though I am sure that would be a blast! Monte and I might be heading to Panama City (not FL) and Bocas Del Toro Islands with Wayne and Felicia and a couple of others. Maybe we'll catch ya in Key West for MOTM.

Andrea in Atlanta
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: Thanksgiving Pub Crawl--Part 2? - 08/06/03 03:18 PM

Hey Andrea: I am going to try to get down to Bocas too while in Costa Rica. It looks awesome. Have you checked out
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Thanksgiving Pub Crawl--Part 2? - 08/11/03 09:16 PM

Nope, hadn't seen that web link Laurie. I had mostly looked at Some friends of ours have bought property on that island. They usually stay at the Cocomo hotel when the head down that way to see how their property is doing, and stay at the Holiday Inn in Panama City as a layover. The little resort called the Buccanneer also looks pretty decent.

Still hoping I can make it down there, just put a contract on a house so that will suck up a lot of my usual travel funds.. !

Andrea in Atlanta
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