Almost AC Bound

Posted By: bama

Almost AC Bound - 08/12/03 01:19 AM

Greetings from Birmingham. If GOD is willing we will arrive in AC Aug. 20 for a week. It will be our first trip to Belize. We have been many places in the Caribbean. I have no idea why we have never been to Belize. Guess it is just time. I would like to thank the board for all the excellent information you provide as well as Lan on Belizefirst. It has also been painfully entertaining at times especially recently. What a jerk! I have a couple of questions. We are in the sun alot and use SPF15. Do we need to bring higher SPF lotion? What would you recommend we bring for bug repellant? How late do the restaurants stay open? Will reservations be necessary this time of year? We plan to do at least one all day snorkel trip? If anyone that is going to be down at the same time that would like to share a boat we would be up for that. Thanks again.
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Re: Almost AC Bound - 08/12/03 01:43 AM

We are arriving on Aug. 26. It's our second trip. We are probably going to take a day-long snorkel trip to Caye Caulker while we are there. Not sure which day, though. We're playing it by ear.
I would definitely bring a higher SPF than 15. You are much closer to the equator in Belize, and being on the water also intensifies the sun (it reflects off the water, so you get rays coming from above and below). Bring a bug spray containing DEET for sure. We never made reservations, but we never went anyplace fancy. I would think you may need to call ahead if you're going to Capricorn, but my guess is you don't need a reservation any place else. I'm not sure how late the restaurants stay open, but I remember having many-a-dinner around 8:00pm.
Enjoy you're trip! You'll have a great time!
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Re: Almost AC Bound - 08/12/03 03:26 AM

Just returned home yesterday after spending a week in AC. It was my first time to Belize and I'm already looking into planning another trip back...I fell in love with the place!! I live in Charleston, SC near the beach, so I also spend alot of time in the sun and have a pretty dark tan. I took several lotions with SPF ranging from 10 to 50, but only used the SPF 10 lotion. Although the sun was very hot, and at times I felt like my skin was melting, I never burned. Most restaurants seem to be open into the evening...several nights we didn't even go out to eat until 9 o'clock. We never had to make reservations at any restaurant in downtown San Pedro; which is very casual and laid-back. Our last night in AC we decided to go to the north end of the island, where we made reservations at Capricorns (a little finer dining). Upon reservations, they will arrange for a water taxi to pick you up for dinner and take you back to your hotel afterwards. Very good food and a wonderful location! Although I can't be there to share the snorkel trip...I can recommend the company "SEAduced by Belize". We had a wonderful time with these guys and after our first snorkel day trip with them we called and scheduled several more. I hope your experience is as enjoyable and memorable as mine was!!
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Re: Almost AC Bound - 08/12/03 10:44 PM

I always bring 15 for my frybabies and I don't use anything. (of course my leather skin will never forgive me)
Have a great trip!
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