Posted By: Ernie B

Lovey&Thurston - 09/16/03 11:34 PM

HEY, you two ! How's old nimble fingers ? I hear he will be in surgery with M tomorrow. Hope all turns out well (from Rita to "M"). Drop a line.

Posted By: lovey and thurston

Re: Lovey&Thurston - 09/17/03 01:26 PM

Hi Ernie, Just getting ready to send him off to B.C. this morning. Josie and I will go over about 5:00 and stay until Fri. to bring our girl home. I'll take your hugs and xxx over for her. Will keep you posted on what is going on. Lovey
Posted By: Pamela

Re: Lovey&Thurston - 09/17/03 02:05 PM

Hey Lovey,
Tell Mr. Nimble Fingers to count all 'dem digits whilst they are doing the sponge count..
Sending positive vibes your way, for all the nursing staff as well. Kudos Queenies.....
Posted By: lovey and thurston

Re: Lovey&Thurston - 09/17/03 03:28 PM

Pamela, You won't believe her biggie right now is how to get a smoke!! The nursing staff will try to spirit her out the door so she doesn't "fire up" around the oxygen! R.B. will send out a report tonight.
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