something smells fishy

Posted By: toad

something smells fishy - 09/20/03 12:27 AM

no, wait...i am getting ahead of myself...i should have said worms....that's right friggin' in viruses....something f'ing ate my computer and they need to be drawn and quartered..

i am sure most of you compter geeks are going "clean it up and start over, whoopee..

geeks can deal...non-geeks can't....

Posted By: Chloe

Re: something smells fishy - 09/20/03 12:59 AM

Yep Toad I agree.

Awful to deal with.
Posted By: NYgal

Re: something smells fishy - 09/20/03 01:45 AM

Darn, lots of hard work and the aggrivation of not knowing who the idiot was that sent it, is the hardest part !!!

I refuse to mail to anyone that hasn't got a good firewall/antivirus, updated/or doesn't know what it is if I ask them.

Worms are for fishing....and, you name it, just not for MY computers.

Sorry to hear you had one, toad. Are you all better now? smile
Posted By: toad

Re: something smells fishy - 09/20/03 05:50 AM

well who the f knows...i'll be fine, but my computer needs love too...
Posted By: kerry

Re: something smells fishy - 09/20/03 06:25 AM

toad...this idea was passed on to me, and it works to keep these "worms" from getting to anyone's address book....go to "add a buddy" in your address book....for "contact name" type in
"!000" for the contact name...for e-mail address for this "contact" type in "wormalert" ...being that it doesn't start with a letter or number, but an exclamation will automatically become your first listing in your address book....when someone tries to gain access to your address book from another computer, it will stop them from going any further than your first entry....the screen name does not exist, nor does the e-mail....give it a shot....sorry to hear about your computer....kerry
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