Lady "D" & Lovey

Posted By: Ernie B

Lady "D" & Lovey - 10/29/03 01:31 AM

Were the hell are you. Are my emails not getting through?
Posted By: lovey and thurston

Re: Lady "D" & Lovey - 10/29/03 03:07 AM

Hey Spud Stud, We're here, usual email problems, but got your email about the partee. Sounds great. Maybe all the Queens can make it this time. Looking forward to your coming down,haven't heard from Lady D either. Pam is in the States. love, Lovey
Posted By: Pamela

Re: Lady "D" & Lovey - 10/29/03 02:58 PM

Hey SSS.....Howze yer mama 'n 'em????
(Learning how to speak southern...) laugh
Posted By: lovey and thurston

Re: Lady "D" & Lovey - 10/29/03 03:26 PM

Pamela dear, All Queens speak southern! Are you coming for New Years. Think there will be a coronation ceremony. The girls are bitching because their tiaras are too small, so now I have to find something a bit more flashy. Love, Lovey
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Lady "D" & Lovey - 10/30/03 01:38 AM

Hi Lovey & Pamela ! Good to finally know you are there. Heard from Lady "D" also, so guess all is well. Pamela, please send your new email addy. Have some stuff for ya.

SSS-Ernie smile smile smile

PS. Pamela, you don't need to speak Southern, you need to learn "Coonass"
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