Posted By: toad

poison(s)?... - 12/11/03 04:09 AM

scotch on the rocks, red red wine...
Posted By: chismera

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/11/03 04:52 AM

Rum 'n' coke, with a little squeeze of lime
Posted By: klcman

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/11/03 04:59 AM

and just in time for the holidays - coconut rum & egg nog, sprinkled liberally with nutmeg
Posted By: chismera

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/11/03 05:17 AM

So far no eggnog in San Pedro. Whatever shall we do?
Posted By: klcman

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/11/03 06:01 AM

pray? beg?
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/11/03 06:07 PM

coconut rum with pineapple and cranberry. however, our house drink this year is an ice cold sour apple martini, shaken, not stirred.
Posted By: dogmatic prevaricator

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/11/03 06:48 PM

pulverized blister-beetles
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/11/03 08:30 PM

One barrel & agua
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/11/03 10:00 PM

There was eggnog on the Island last month. I bought some for Butch.
Posted By: chismera

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/11/03 10:17 PM

Where? Or did you buy it all?
Posted By: jvid

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/11/03 11:24 PM

I have a secret recipe for egg-nog, you can make it right on the island!
Posted By: chismera

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/12/03 01:02 AM

Using turtle eggs?
Posted By: mobunny

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/12/03 01:34 AM

Greygoose vodka on the rocks with lime - :-)
Posted By: Badco

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/12/03 03:01 AM

Crown Royal & water.......ahh :p
Posted By: klcman

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/12/03 03:53 AM

or, when the eggnog, nutmeg & coconu rum are gone - there's always Dalmore, neat
Posted By: Chloe

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/12/03 04:15 AM

Ozarka on the rocks
Posted By: mikell

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/12/03 03:47 PM

...a GrandAm...

equal parts Grand Marnier and Amaretto...on the rocks!

can you find that on AC?
Posted By: skullyboy

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/12/03 04:53 PM

It's got'ta be a Margarita. Still searching for Margarittaville. The Mangy Moose in Jackson Hole makes a mean one. But it's to damn cold to be Magarittaville for me. San pedro is preatty darn close, But have not found the perfect margarita there. Any advice? Happy Holidays All.
Posted By: Zagnut

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/12/03 06:10 PM

Canadian Mist and Squirt!!...good stuff!

The best margarita I ever had was at El Capi Navegante in Cozumel. I could live on those things.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/12/03 10:23 PM

For the holidays? Spiced rum and coke with a twist.....
but I have to agree with Jane. Some of these new martinis that are out are awesome. I like the lemon drop. laugh
Posted By: ckocian

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/13/03 12:10 AM

Bailey's rocas.
Posted By: KathyA

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/13/03 12:57 AM

How about a Poinsettia Cocktail
1/4 cup vodka
1/4 cup Champagne
1/2 cup cranberry juice
Crushed ice
2 strips orange zest, each about 1/4-inch wide and 2 inches long

Combine the vodka, Champagne and juice in a large-stemmed red wine glass. Add crushed ice and stir until the mixture is well chilled. Twist the orange strips over the glass, drop them in, and serve.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/13/03 01:30 AM

Jim Beam with a splash of water (at the moment)

Aldo (at Sharks Bar now) used to make a great margarita many moons ago when he was at VH. Fresh squeezed limes....mmmm. Probably still does but Sharks is usually too busy these days.
Posted By: toad

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/13/03 05:15 AM

do you mix all that crap up every time you want a drink? must enjoy bartenders...
Posted By: chismera

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/13/03 05:22 AM

Shut up and pop a stout!
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/13/03 08:24 AM

Anyone have the recipe for a Belizean Christmas favorite, Rum PoPo? I would make it because I like the name.
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/13/03 11:34 AM

Rum PoPo, Rum PoPo, Rum PoPo, Po Rum Pa, Po Pa Rum, PoPo Po Rom Rom. laugh
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/13/03 03:22 PM

You're so musical Bill, I'm just trying to figure out if I should sing that to the tune of Jingle Bells or Little Drummer Boy.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/13/03 03:36 PM

Little Drummer Boy.
Posted By: ckocian

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/13/03 04:48 PM

From Placencia Breeze:

Rumpope is a Christmas favorite here in Belize. It can be bought at most grocery stores although some people prefer to make their own. If you would like to become one of those people try the following recipe - it will be sure to add Christmas cheer to your holiday!
Ingredients -
4 to 5 cans Condensed Milk
1 Dozen eggs
15 Drops Angustura Bitters
4 Cans Evaporated Milk
1 Liter Dark Rum
1 Whole Nutmeg

1. Put dozen eggs in a large bowl and blend well.
2. Add 1 Cup of dark rum to eggs - rum will slightly cook eggs and get rid of egg rankness.
3. In another bowl add 4 to 5 cans of condensed milk & evaporated milk together blend together well.
4. Add eggs and rum mixture to milk mixture, then add nutmeg & Angustura Bitters, plus remainder of rumů (more rum can be added depending on ones desired strength).
5. Bottle off and put in refrigerator and can be stored for at least 6 months
Posted By: NYgal

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/13/03 05:18 PM

I just gained weight reading this, wow. RICH, but I bet it tastes like heaven smile
Posted By: pnowell

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/15/03 03:54 AM

We were at a Belizean Christmas party last night and no Rumpopo... although many peolpe talked about drinking it from the time they were 6yrs old until now, most are over 35 yrs. old.
I told them next yr I would make the famous drink.
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: poison(s)?... - 12/15/03 07:50 AM

eek Me oh My! smile
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