gypsies, tramps and thieves

Posted By: reefer geefer

gypsies, tramps and thieves - 12/15/03 11:42 PM

life on the caye sounds like an old Sonny and Cher song. its been awhile but nice to see all the regular gypsies still tramping around the website. Sweet Jane, everyone's adopted girl next door sweetie, is 40?? yikes happy big bad b-day!!

too bad about the thieves. probably too costly to jail them, no money to fine them. how 'bout some kind of work program. does the island need some kind of human powered water pump??

Merry Christmas to all
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: gypsies, tramps and thieves - 12/16/03 11:31 PM

San Pedro needs some artificial reefs.
Posted By: chismera

Re: gypsies, tramps and thieves - 12/17/03 12:26 AM

Teefs make excellent garden fertilizer.
Posted By: skullyboy

Re: gypsies, tramps and thieves - 12/17/03 01:15 AM

Happy Birthday Jane. I hope the big 40 treats you nice. I know mine was a tough one. But I guess it's in what we tell ourselves. Hang in there girl.
Posted By: crockhunter

Re: gypsies, tramps and thieves - 12/17/03 02:47 PM

Just turned 56 today......... never had a bad birthday. Any day on the green side of the grass is a good one. Happy belated birthday Jane!
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: gypsies, tramps and thieves - 12/18/03 12:40 AM

been singing this song in my head for days now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gypsies, tramps and thieves.............Happy B-Day EVERYBODY!!!!
Posted By: reefer geefer

Re: gypsies, tramps and thieves - 12/18/03 02:48 AM

my problem is I've let too many B-days go by since my last visit to the isle of paradise. my next one is too closely related to the number of a malt beverage. scary!!
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