Sunshine in San Pedro

Posted By: Lady D

Sunshine in San Pedro - 12/23/03 11:09 PM

Yeah!! The sun came out yesterday and it's the warmest I've been since I got back home last Thursday from the deep freeze of the states. Yesterday and today have been just beautiful! The tourists are out playing in the water and all the locals are shopping for Christmas. I went to the states for about 3 weeks and thought I would freeze solid before I got back home...."there's no place like home" especially if home is San Pedro! Everyone get their buns that Gisi and Lovey? By the way, don't forget Thurston on your way back..we need a straight guy for our act. Even Immissing will be coming down in a few weeks so I am busy making "warning signs" for his arrival. laugh
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Sunshine in San Pedro - 12/24/03 01:16 AM

Man, ain't it wonderful to be loved ! laugh
Posted By: Short

Re: Sunshine in San Pedro - 12/24/03 07:23 AM

It truly was a beatuful and exciting day!!
Sorry I missed most of the action though.
Posted By: lovey and thurston

Re: Sunshine in San Pedro - 12/24/03 02:50 PM

Hey Lady D, We're on our way!! Keep the sunshine. Ah, yes, found a lovely , tasteful little dog collar with metal studs for my New Year's ensemble. Let's see you top that.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Sunshine in San Pedro - 12/24/03 04:54 PM

Is that collar for you or Thurston ? Please don't let Lady D put thoes signs up !!

Ernie eek
Posted By: Lady D

Re: Sunshine in San Pedro - 12/24/03 08:43 PM

Oh my Goddess!!! PLEASE don't tell me you have chains too! No wonder Thurston doesn't ant to go into town with you! Can't wait to see you guys, hurry home and I'm saving the sunshine! laugh
Posted By: Lady D

Re: Sunshine in San Pedro - 12/24/03 08:45 PM

Ernie, what are you talking about, Lovey is my helper ... but remember, we can be bought!
Posted By: Pamela

Re: Sunshine in San Pedro - 12/25/03 01:33 PM

Soon come, soon come, LadyD...
I.M....I can't BELIEVE you are gonna miss the festivities on New Year's Eve. It just won't be the same without our SuperSpudStud there!!
Lovey...I think I'll stick with my most trashy flashy earrings for now--not even going there on the studded dog collar....
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