Pedro. ?

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Pedro. ? - 02/07/04 04:22 PM

I noticed, Pedro, that you have had recent differences of opinion with people that you suggest might have an obesity problem. In case I run into that, or have run into that, could you please give me some advice. I notice that some people talk about things like barns on fire. I know there are sayings that have to do with "if the shoe fits" or is it if the pants don't, that might be of help to me in broading my vocabulary and making bigger points. Any advice you could give would be largely appreciated. Big thanks in advance. laugh

PS: now don't any of you think that this refers to anyone in particular. I could be walking the streets of San Pedro and bump into someone, some of the streets are narrow, and would not even know who they are. :p
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Re: Pedro. ? - 02/07/04 04:47 PM

Oh I can see this thread is going over to the darkside.... but I like it on the darkside... bumping into people, you never know what you're going to get.... uh, wait a minute, this response sounded a lot better in my head than what is coming out of my keyboard... laugh eek
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Re: Pedro. ? - 02/07/04 04:59 PM

ride the waves, baby
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Re: Pedro. ? - 02/07/04 06:35 PM

Thats OK Denny, don't let it weigh on your mind. laugh
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Re: Pedro. ? - 02/08/04 05:44 PM

Bywarren -I see that you have not been keeping up with the news -I have started a program to widen the streets and doorways.This I am sure will help you get past inflated egos of people who know what is best for all of us.
A year or so I wrote a post about "do gooders" comparing them to characters in Orwell's Animal Farm -if you disagree with the pigs you are basically ex-communicated from the rest of the pack-things obviously have not changed,as per people attacking your concerns and telling me of all people to butt out does not bode well for future postings.
How anyone in their right minds think that the cruise industry is good for Belize is "out to lunch" and "totally potty"-especially when a policeman is quoted as saying the city of Belize has been saved what "unadulterated crap".
The country of Belize gets a direct one usd per person landed (it probably costs more in wages and bureaucracy to collect these monies).I believe the charge should be a minimum of 10usd and the monies to go to the maintainance of these areas of national importance because whichever way we look at it these people are here to stay.
I have yet to hear of a small business that appreciates cruise shippers.
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Re: Pedro. ? - 02/08/04 06:52 PM

OK, maybe it is time to move on before this deteriorates or gets any darker. If any of you are interested and want to take the time to look at what transpired here, I think it is a good example of how topics on this board can move away from issues and become personal.
If you go back and read the start of this under “guide training for Goff’s Caye”, I think you will see how an “issue” got started being discussed. My interpretation is that the issue and the opposing views were being debated and then topic turned away from the issue. The first of this is when I referred to the statement “ANYTHING is better than nothing, even if its done backwards according to North American standards” as being irresponsible and shallow thinking and proceeded to give my reasoning. I feel that commenting on a persons words is entirely acceptable. My response was followed with “Wha wha wha, it’s easier to complain and criticize than to get involved in change. Oh, btw, that last comment was directed right at you By warren, in case I wasnt clear enough”. I would have thought the proper response would have been to further attempt to explain her position, i.e. give it more weight, whoops a slip of the tongue, as opposed describing me as complaining. I then gave some more of my reasoning on my thinking only to be told “Enlighten us Bywarren on how you are involved, other than complaining”. There were some light hearted comments and then a diatribe on how she retired younger than me and how old my socks were, although she came here and started a business and that does not meet my definition of retired, and a bio on her involvement along with a short history lesson on Caye Caulker. She also mentioned Steve Schulte as being president of BTIA and living in San Pedro. I did not understand the purpose of that comment unless she was trying to infer that I should talk with Steve which I found to be hilarious as Steve was taking a break from work at the time and, with me, doing some diving and fishing as the guest of another BTIA board member. We were discussing the cruise issue along with other issues effecting Belize. It seems to me that if we all had to meet her criteria of being “involved”, many on this board would not be allowed to have an opinion, unless maybe it was in agreement with hers.

I then decided since we were no longer on the issue of the cruise ships I would quit trying to have a serious discussion and try to have some fun with the Pedro.? topic as I had seen a similar direction that some other topics had taken. Now in the past I have passionatly expressed my views. Some have taken that to be “critical and mean spirited”. I feel it is just spirited debate. There have been references to things like “barns being on fire” etc. Maybe we should keep in mind that saying that starts out “sticks and stones”. Anyway, if any of you took the time to read this you must have as much idle time on your hands as I do.

PS: don’t any of you stop taking shots at me if you are so inclined. I can assure you it won’t “break my bones”. Just be ready for some possible return fire. smile
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Re: Pedro. ? - 02/13/04 04:49 AM

This is good... I love experiencing knowledge and opinions, tactics and ad-lib pontifications, even in the limbo of cyberspace.
I also like to contribute.
If this is turning into a public opinion poll, then Silky should be present for the debate. But I'm just as happy if she doesn't wanna. I believe she has turned from Mother Nature and she may not be aware of how much. (now I'm gonna get it.)
I've read of a Walmart on the border, internet in the cafe's, and Marty's up to date exclusives on cruise ship waste disposal practices and pro-enviromental views. Unfortunately it doesn't look good. I can only hope my Grandsons have the same opportunities as I have.(probably 2050 A.D)
ByWarren is on track as far I can deduce. The amount of damage tourism causes to Belize correlates directly to the amount of traffic through its undisturbed surroundings.
Kinda' ironic, kinda' sad.
Once Capitalism and Greed have taken hold, they're tough to shake.
Any economic growth through tourism is paid for by the natural resources and the culture of the Mayans, natives.
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Re: Pedro. ? - 02/13/04 12:27 PM

I think the point that Silk was trying to make at the beginning was that at least an attempt was being made, however feeble, to start doing something about the impact of cruisers on the environment. That maybe the government was starting to realize the fact that by saying yes to the cruise ship economy was saying no to the environment. Is it a sincere attempt, or just a smooth move? I don't know. The deals are already done, the greed factor won, and perhaps it is now that somebody is waking up to the fact of what it all means, the continued damage to the enviroment, with no real means in place to monitor the whole situation. It appears to be a very small step, not the major one that should be made, but perhaps it could lead to a bigger step -- again, if this is a sincere attempt. There really aren't too many caribbean tourist destinations left who have said "NO" to the cruise economy, so it is no surprise that Belize didn't either. The greed starts with the cruise ship industry, many based in the USA. If somebody really wanted to do something, one thing they could do is write to legislators in the US, and support those organizations who have, for years, tried to bring attention to the negative impact of cruise ships, the criminal actions that go unmonitored, the relatively small fines imposed when a ship is busted, etc. I agree that a larger fee should be collected per person, with all the money committed to programs to lessen the impact, instead of the pockets of a few. The industry has grown out of control due to increased demand. They are giving people what they want, afterall. That will always be the rub. The only way to really stop it all is to reach the people who choose cruises, to make them understand that by doing so, they are supporting an industry that is raping our environment. Do you really ever see that happening?
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Re: Pedro. ? - 02/13/04 05:50 PM

You two better watch out. Someone might label you as "complainers" and question if you are "involved" enough in Belize to do that. :p :p
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Re: Pedro. ? - 02/13/04 05:58 PM

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Re: Pedro. ? - 02/13/04 06:46 PM

I read the other thread and have to say I probably side with Bywarren on the issue.

However, Bywarren, you criticized her for bringing personal matters such as your age, age of your socks, etc. into the arguement(which I again agree with you that those matters have nothing to do with the issue and tend to look more like a personal attack than an arguement of the issue).

Then you start this thread claiming you are just trying to have fun with Pedro, but really, you are making a personal attack on her weight..which makes you no better than her.

I was right there with you until you stooped to making personal attacks on her after criticizing being personally attacked by her...I'm still right there with you on the cruise ship issue, though...not that my opinion matters...

BTW Dbdoberman, good point...well articulated...not that my opinion matters...
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Re: Pedro. ? - 02/13/04 08:26 PM

Your right Zagnut, it was a poor attempt at getting right down in the gutter to show how things get personal. I should have stayed with arguing the issues. But sometimes it is tempting to give it right back at them. I should have been bigger than that. smile
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Re: Pedro. ? - 02/13/04 08:48 PM

Bywarren, your reply just above this one, displays you are making amends, shows good character.

Could you take to a bigger higher level, by saying, Silk I am sorry to have hurt your feels?

Then continue the good work of words about the cruise ships, and all their trash.
Posted By: Zagnut

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/13/04 10:33 PM

Could you take to a bigger higher level, by saying, Silk I am sorry to have hurt your feels?
To be fair,that should probably go both ways.

..and then can we get a group hug goin'?...and if so, can I get in on it? I just love group hugs!...and I promise not to grope anyone this time... laugh
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/13/04 11:08 PM

Posted By: bywarren

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 12:19 AM

Well, let's not get too touchy feely here. I do not expect any apology. My feeble lowly attempt was only to demonstrate that if people dish it out they should also be ready to take it. Like I said, if anyone wants to take shots at me, go ahead. Just be ready for the return fire. It is not just a one way street. I believe if you check, you will see that in all cases when someone has gotten personal with me, it was started first by them. I think the problem some have is they think when one takes issue with their thoughts or words, they take it to be personal.
Posted By: Zagnut

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 01:11 AM


I wasn't really concerned with the apoligies. I just wanted to get in on the group hug...

OK..I'll admit it...I WAS going to try to grope some folks... wink
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 01:14 AM

WEll, yeah Zagnut, I think we all knew that ! BTW, are you coming to our San Pedro Social Party at Lakr Conroe ?
Posted By: Zagnut

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 02:03 AM

Sounds like it could be fun if'n me and the missus are able to make it down for it. When is it?

Seems like I read about one of them in the thread archives somewhere. I don't remember the particulars, but it sounded like a pretty cool deal.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 02:26 AM

Zagnuts, It's May 7-8 & 9th @ Papa's on the Lake. The proceeds go for a primary school lunch program in San Pedro, for the kids that can not afford a balanced lunch and must drink sugar water. Through this fund raiser, we can feed every kid a balanced lunch that otherwise would go hungry. Seem like a worthy cause ? We will lotto prizes such as round trip for two to Belize City, round trip from BC to SP, a week at a private residence, a week at Banana Beach, etc,etc. All funds go to the island period ! Any questions, email me at [email protected]

Posted By: Zagnut

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 02:39 AM

Whoops.. I didn't see you on the roll for this board and I thought you were off line so I started another thread on the topic, but I see here you've already answered some of my questions.

I thought it would be better to start a new thread since it's really off topic for this thread.
Thanks for the info. Sounds like fun. I will definitely look into it.
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Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 03:13 AM

Sounds like maybe some are having a hard time swallowing the fact that the beautiful country of Belize is no longer as much of a "kept secret" as it once was. Do you think it could be in part of all the advertising in every tourist magazine on the shelves in every wal mart and grocery store worldwide? How about all the publicity Belize gets on the television. I would leave the stability of any environment up to Jesus Christ the maker of all of this and realize that if YOUR eyes get to see such a pretty place, so do the eyes of any other human with an interest. Lets not be selfish.
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 04:23 AM

Well, I declare. I thought the entertaining concept of weight pertained towards Pedro.
Shame be with it all.

Afterall, Pedro was widening the streets for you both, wasn't he ?

It wasn't evident to me, silkpainter was whom you were speaking about, if the weight factor is the topic.

If so, that's darned rude. No matter who says it.
What a love hate bunch of "potty". :rolleyes:
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 04:24 AM

I have talked of Belize forever. Eight of my neighbors have taken the cruise ships, different times, to Belize, and only seeing Belize City and one quick part day to a caye or mainland, have come home with a poor view of Belize.

They say to me, what do you see in Belize????

IMHO, Belize is not benefiting from these day people, except for the little fees they pay for those quick tours. The day people, talk down Belize on their return.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 04:58 AM

Well, maybe thats a good thing...?
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 05:03 AM

I hear you Jesse.
Posted By: Scooter

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 06:13 AM

Speak quietly about the magic of Belize, keep those cruisers, boating on by.

I just hate sharing a good thing!!
Posted By: Mosquitorose

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 07:00 AM

I could say a lot here..but I won't day you will all know what I know though....if you've been there some 30 years or so, then I'm sure you know....who can catch a falling star? no one......
Posted By: Zagnut

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 08:46 AM

and realize that if YOUR eyes get to see such a pretty place, so do the eyes of any other human with an interest. Lets not be selfish.
I'm fine with that..just let them come by some other mode of transportation. Something that doesn't plop down 5,000 of them in one shot.
Posted By: bywarren

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 03:34 PM

Your right, NYgal. The post started in reference to other posts Pedro had made with a reference to weight. Now if, and I stress the if, there is a double intendo here, it would be thru second hand knowledge as the person in possible question and I have never met as was pointed out. Now as to direct rudeness, what about the comments on my age. You know we males have feeling too. :confused

PS: Phoenix East, it is not a question of others not enjoying Belize. Most of us here are happy to see others enjoy what we do. It is a question of preserving that enjoyment and managing the resources that give us that enjoyment in a responsible way. I don't think Jesus minds when we try and help a little.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 04:10 PM

Now you've done it !
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 04:17 PM

Happy Valentines Day....I don't know anyone on this board that hasn't taken pot shots, here and there. Pictures and actions speak a thousand words, all with different intentions and views.

It weighs heavy on my heart when those that truly do know each other, bite them in the hurtful parts.
This is the WWW, share personal stuff, it's not for me to review, but I tend to like to read this board.

Age is a matter of mind, if you don't mind, it doesn't matter laugh

MosquitoRose, I saved it for a rainy day smile

Still confused smile Who's yer Daddy? wink
Posted By: Gary

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/14/04 10:29 PM

Posted By: Chloe

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/15/04 01:47 AM

Gary Gary Gary, how the heck are you?
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/15/04 02:00 AM

Man, I was just thinking about you the other day. Turn off tht cam laugh
Posted By: Mosquitorose

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/15/04 05:32 AM

Hi Gary, good to see ya....
Posted By: Crow44

Re: Pedro. ? - 02/29/04 06:23 AM

It's good to see there are still some good people
left in this global environment.
I think you know who you are.
I feel now that my time could be spent more wisely than "complaining" wink on an internet forum, or reading about group hugs.
My next goal will to be posting a travelogue on what I did,if anything,to preserve a final bastion against the onslaught of humanity.(In between leaving leaving a scab in the mouths of many released fish cool , and depleting the region's beer stocks laugh )
Thanks for the views.
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Pedro. ? - 03/02/04 07:46 PM

Complainers????? Dial 9-wha-wha......don't judge a book by its'll never know the knowledge within...and it would be your loss. SOME people could gain a few places we won't mention here!!! (wink) opinion..HATE THEM no matter where they go!! C
Posted By: Zagnut

Re: Pedro. ? - 03/03/04 05:11 PM

Get over here need a hug!
Posted By: Crow44

Re: Pedro. ? - 03/16/04 05:11 AM

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