Happy Birthday Loie!!!!!

Posted By: Teenah

Happy Birthday Loie!!!!! - 02/24/04 04:30 PM

Happy Birthday YESTERDAY Lo! This makes you 29 now, right? laugh

So sorry I wasn't able to make it to a computer to wish you well yesterday, but you know what I'm doing these days. wink

I'm sure Chucky Bob did it up big for you and I'll make it up to you on my next trip to Denver!
Love you girl!!!! Happy Belated you DB!

Teenah Weenah
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Happy Birthday Loie!!!!! - 02/24/04 04:43 PM

Happy Birthday Loie.....and many more laugh
Posted By: MandM

Re: Happy Birthday Loie!!!!! - 02/24/04 04:53 PM

Happy Belated Loie !!

The kids left yesterday, so naturally we had to visit BC's before the left. After they got on the plane, we were so melancholy that we just had to go back for a Belikin or two. Which is our incredibly sorry excuse for missing your birthday ...

Hope you had a great one .. looking forward to seeing you guys in May!

M & M
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Happy Birthday Loie!!!!! - 02/24/04 05:02 PM

Happy Happy Birthday Loie, and best wishes.

I bet Teenah will celebrate in Denver with you, big time.
Posted By: Loie

Re: Happy Birthday Loie!!!!! - 02/24/04 06:14 PM

Awww, thanks guys!

T - love you! Thanks for remembering. I'll only admit to 29. Or I could use my mom's reasoning of saying you're 9 years older than you are so you always look great for your age. That would place me at 44. Don't I look FANTASTIC for 44? <wink> Don't work too hard. I hear Di is on her way to help. Good! You need the girl time.

M&M - sorry the kids had to go! I know you hate to see them leave. Did the Belikins help? smile Can't wait for May either. I'll be sending you an email on the whole affair very soon. I think the Massaro contingent changed their minds and are coming along too. Natalie for sure. Hold on to your hats! I'll start tanning next month so I can at least be the color of your behinds. (LOL) LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

All others, I appreciate the b-day wishes. Sure does make me feel loved.
Posted By: losbuenoslocos

Re: Happy Birthday Loie!!!!! - 02/24/04 06:35 PM

Happy Birthday Loie!! Hope to catch up to you and Robert again soon. Maybe back in Casper or better yet Belize!!!!!
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Happy Birthday Loie!!!!! - 02/25/04 01:44 AM

Hi Loie...
Our paths have not crossed yet, but Happy Birthday anyway! laugh
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Happy Birthday Loie!!!!! - 02/25/04 01:18 PM

Happy Belated Birthday to YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! smile

Re: Happy Birthday Loie!!!!! - 02/27/04 04:12 PM

haaaaappy beeeeelated to ya!
hope it was great. cool

tuesday the 24th, david celebrated as well.
we enjoyed big time. too many margaritas.
happy belated david (sorry i am sharing a thread)
Posted By: denverdan

Re: Happy Birthday Loie!!!!! - 02/28/04 09:17 PM

Hope Robert made it VERY special for you! laugh

Happy Birthday to David as well! He is such a cutie... wink
Posted By: Over_40_Pirate

Re: Happy Birthday Loie!!!!! - 03/01/04 10:59 PM

I should be forced t'walk the plank!
Happy Birthday and sorry for being so late...I've been absent (yes, absent-minded, too!)
Hey...BC and Mad Dog may be headed our way this yer liver up for it? laugh
Call me!
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