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Posted By: ga peach

Prescription Lenses - 04/01/04 03:05 PM

I am thinking about getting a snorkel mask with prescription lenses and was wondering if anyone on this board has tried them. A dive shop has quoted me $170 to put my prescription in my mask. I am near and far sited. Could anyone share any information regarding this? I searched the board but didn't find anything. Thanks, GP
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Re: Prescription Lenses - 04/01/04 03:15 PM

Ga -

do a search under "prescription" under the "about AC" board, there is lots of info.....
Posted By: ga peach

Re: Prescription Lenses - 04/01/04 03:41 PM

thanks, I was searching for "prescription lenses" and it came up with 0 matches.
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Re: Prescription Lenses - 04/01/04 05:14 PM

Go for it. I've been diving/snorkeling for 15+ years using my prescription mask - just got a new one last year. Great investment if you spend any time below the surface. I don't know how bad your eyes are but I can't see anything much without my glasses and the mask, although not as perfect as my glasses, works great. Right and left lenses are separate to ensure proper strength for each eye.
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Re: Prescription Lenses - 04/01/04 05:48 PM

What's up GA Peach? If you don't get your questions answered post back and I can fill you in on prescription masks. It might cost you a chili cheese dog from the Varsity or some GA BBQ though.
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Re: Prescription Lenses - 04/01/04 06:43 PM

By all means, get the prescription lenses! My wife tried them on our last snorkle trip and was amazed at how much more she could see. She even spotted an octopus! We stopped by a dive shop in Dallas last week and they quoted $25 per lense + mask for about $40. It will be worth every penny.
Posted By: ga peach

Re: Prescription Lenses - 04/01/04 07:36 PM

Robert, I was wondering what to have for lunch today...yum yum. Tell me everything you know about the lenses and I will buy you lunch.
Posted By: RobertE

Re: Prescription Lenses - 04/01/04 08:14 PM

Hi Ga Peach,

Wish I was back in GA right now with the azaelas and all the other flowers in bloom. Nothing like Spring in the South. I am an ex-Georgia native now living in Colorado. Stopped in Winder often on my way back and forth between Atlanta and Athens to see the Dawgs play. Hope you aren't a big Tech fan : )

Anyway, prescription masks are great. I had one until I had lasik a few years ago. There are two options. Buying a mask with drop in lenses is one option. What they do is match as close as possible your prescription to some pre-ground stock lenses. This is good and cost effective if your prescription isn't too bad. A popular mask brand that has this option is TUSA. TUSA makes a great mask and the mask will run $60-$80 then around $35-40 per prescription lense. There are other companies such as Aqua-Lung, Sherwood and Mares that will run about the same price. ( I work part-time in a dive shop so I kinda know the equipment and options)

The other option I had was custom ground lenses in a mask by a company called Seavison Dive shops can often order throught this company for you.

I had a bad astigmatism. The lenses are ground to your prescription/asigmatism/bifocals, etc. If you ever have lasik they can replace the lenses back with stock glass lenses and not have to buy a new mask. This option is a little more expensive say around $160-$180 but the lenses are custom and I was quite pleased. If you go this route don't be alarmed if you put the mask on and things appear blurry. This company also corrects the mask for the fact that objects appear 25% larger and 33% closer underwater.

Let me know if you still need more info and I'll collect on that chopped bbq pork sandwich and some sweet ice tea as it is now lunch time. wink

duh, just re-read your post and you said you were near and far sighted. The pre-ground lenses only come in minus diopters and I can't remember if that is for near or far sighted vision. You might have to go the custom route or you can always wear contacts with a mask. Lots of divers wear contacts.

PS. When are you going to be on Tobacco Caye? Saw you mention it in a previous post. We'll be there first week of May hoping to see the whale sharks.
Posted By: ga peach

Re: Prescription Lenses - 04/01/04 09:46 PM

Thanks Robert for all the info. Yes, everything is in bloom here right now and is beautiful, however, the pollen is hard to live with. I am absolutely a Bulldog fan...We had such a difficult decision about where to go and decided on St. John in May and staying at Maho Bay Tent Camps. However, we are planning to go to Tobacco Caye and the Belize mainland early next year, so by all means....tell me all about it when you return. I am also planning to get my diving certification by then as well. I am seriously thinking of the lasik surgery but if I don't I will definitely go with the prescription lenses. Thanks again, GP
Posted By: RobertE

Re: Prescription Lenses - 04/01/04 10:23 PM

Ga Peach-

Holy Hayfever Batman, forgot about the lovely pollen and pine tassels everywhere making everything that nice yellow color.

St. John is an excellent choice as well. I'll let you know about Tobacco Caye. Sounds like you like roughing it a little. You might want to check out Long Caye at Glover's Reef in Belize as well.

As far as getting certified to dive, I can give you all the scoop. Just don't go to Lake Lanier to do the open waters. Go to Panama City/Destin or Belize. Much nicer than a murky lake.

Talk to you later.

Posted By: klcman

Re: Prescription Lenses - 04/02/04 01:16 AM

you'll love Maho bay - it ain't AC, but it is whtat it is! laugh

a few years ago, my #1 assistant, who had not traveled much, was looking for someplace to go and I could not talk her into we started talking aobut Maho Bay. She did her research, and was ecstatic when she found out she could stay for basically ZERO, if she worked a bit. Filed her app - was accepted...shows me here acceptance papers, smiles, thanks me and then gives me her resignation. POOF - gone laugh

I know it's off topic, but just had to tell ya.........she loved it there.
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Re: Prescription Lenses - 04/02/04 03:02 AM

If you plan on having lasik, don't forget that you can't dive for minimum one month after it is done. Myself, I'd wait 2 months.
Posted By: Angelo

Re: Prescription Lenses - 04/02/04 05:03 AM

Maho Bay is very cool. I wasn't staying there, but I would shuttle a little lady friend I met while in St. John last year wink . It's way far from Cruz Bay for nightlife, but it's very peaceful.

The best coral and marine life for snorkeling at St. John is at Waterlemon Caye. It's a good 250 yd. swim from shore, but that's why it's so good. Not a lot of tourists will swim over the 30' cut to get there. Lots of turtles, cuda, more Parrotfish than you can shake a stick at, and gorgeous Staghorn and Elkhorn - some eight feet tall. The point that separates Solomon and Honeymoon beach also has beautiful coral and tons of fish, but Solomon is a nude beach.
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