Posted By: Islenutt

Bequia - 06/09/04 08:28 PM

Just wondering if any of you have been there?
Always adding potential islands to my list to visit...

Re: Bequia - 06/09/04 09:24 PM

No, but it looks interesting, although it appears to be far more developed than SP. Been to Grenada once and it was so so. This looks like it could have possibilities. I would imagine that airfare could be fearsome.
Posted By: Islenutt

Re: Bequia - 06/09/04 09:42 PM

Actually with American frequent flyer miles it is a great deal. Only 25,000 miles to Barbados and then a short flight to Bequia for about $280.
The time it takes to get there could be troublesome if you are on a tight schedule.
Posted By: Windjammer

Re: Bequia - 06/10/04 05:10 AM

I have been to Bequia but unfortunately can't tell ya much about it. It was 10 years ago while on a 13 day Windjammer barefoot cruise (which was fabulously fun). We were there for the day, I got off the ship after I woke up (afternoon) and other shipmates fed me drinks & shots of Everclear (pure grain alcohol). I stumbled back to the pier to await the launch back to the ship but instead dove off the pier fully clothed & decided I could swim back to the ship (NOT). They dragged me out of the water & back on the pier until the launch arrived after convincing me the launch would not see me & could run over me. Once safely in the launch where they knew where I was I still tried to jump out & swim. Took a few large crew members to keep me onboard to the ship which once onboard I passed out. :rolleyes: laugh
Posted By: seashell

Re: Bequia - 06/10/04 08:16 AM

Sounds like a great place, Windjammer! wink
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: Bequia - 06/10/04 02:17 PM

Hey Isle, I got your note.
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Bequia - 06/10/04 02:29 PM

and becky, now that ship has your picture all over it with a sign "Do Not EVER Allow this Woman onboard." eek
Posted By: coolcat

Re: Bequia - 06/10/04 05:12 PM

How about Fiji?Anyone ever been/tried to live/work there?I gather it's hard to stay longer than 30 days.
Same questions for Sey Chelles??
I've heard only the best things about Bequia and the Grenadines too.
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Bequia - 06/10/04 05:35 PM

Well heck, since everyone is about Hoboken, N.J.? Is there a nightlife? What should I bring and what should I not bring? Is there a beach? Can I go topless? oh, and how much will this all cost me? eek
Posted By: Islenutt

Re: Bequia - 06/10/04 05:39 PM

Lee - Glad you got the note. Just wanted to say hi. We actually came in twice as my friend had to come back and buy a print she saw. Great stuff!

The Windjammer cruises look like a blast. Maybe a combination cruise and land vacation to be able to see more of islands.

Seychelle is one of those places that you need a really long vaca to visit. It would take me two days just to get there. Somehow I think it would be well worth it. smile
Posted By: coolcat

Re: Bequia - 06/10/04 05:51 PM

Hoboken has changed for the better.I would have said bring a brick in your purse.That was years ago.
Toppless?Hmm...I guess in the strip clubs smile

Sey Chelles:Ditto.I think that would call for a loooong vacay!
Posted By: Windjammer

Re: Bequia - 06/11/04 03:10 AM

Well Denny actually they begged me to come back. LOL. Other than that one night I was usually the life of the party. Islenutt the Windjammer cruises are a blast. The ships are small, eat dinner barefoot, 5pm everyday is free rum punch happy hour. Since they are small ships they can get into ports & small islands the large cruise ships can't. If you want to steer the ship, raise the sails you can & if you want to do nothing you can. You sail mostly at night & every time the sails are raised they play a cd with various versions of Amazing Grace. Would love to do more myself but can't get anyone to go with me & the single supplement prices for cabins is a little pricy for me. Have considered one of their single cruises & just getting matched up in a cabin with whomever. They used to have a great message board also coconutelegraph & get togethers in Miami before some single cruises.

Living in Houston & also loving Belize it's so much easier to get on that 2 1/2hr. non stop flight than the flights from hell to the Windjammer that took from 7am CDT to 11pm EST through Atlanta & Miami with delays in Miami. Paid for the "stow away night" onboard & party before sailing the next day but got to the ship after 11. Still had free rum punch though so started the party. :rolleyes:
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