Posted By: Ernie B

bywarren - 09/03/04 02:02 AM

The unauth. bio of bywarren. COMMING SOON!
Posted By: Teenah

Re: bywarren - 09/03/04 02:34 AM

Bywarren: Likes to hunt pheasants.
Posted By: toad

Re: bywarren - 09/03/04 02:07 PM

he is debonaire...and has a smokin' hot wife...
Posted By: bywarren

Re: bywarren - 09/03/04 02:21 PM

So far correct, with the exception of the wife. Don't jump to conclusion about who you see me with. No wife in my life. The only reason to be married is to have ligitimate children and I have been there and done that. Lost the wife to cancer and don't need another at this stage in my life. Besides, love is grand - divorce is a hundred grand. wink
Posted By: captjeff

Re: bywarren - 09/03/04 02:51 PM

thats the best one yet ,love is grand divorace is a hundred grand ..will put it in my book as a classic.hope all is well my belizian mentor ..keep living your dream do it with so much class ,love ya guy ..
Posted By: toad

Re: bywarren - 09/03/04 06:01 PM

oops, you know what they say about assumptions....however, you are making the best of it...
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: bywarren - 09/03/04 06:16 PM

Awright, you guys are messing up my thread and giving "by" an even bigger head. He can hardly get his hat on now ! I think I can say that on this page, right Jesse ? smile
Posted By: bywarren

Re: bywarren - 09/03/04 07:13 PM

Yes toad, I am trying. And, I guess I should never say never so as not to preclude meeting anyone new. Now any woman would have to be out of her mind to marry me. Of course that does not eliminate very many. laugh Just kidding girls.
Posted By: govikes

Re: bywarren - 09/03/04 07:21 PM

oh by, I didn't know you LIKED girls. laugh
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