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UWcameras - 11/06/04 07:14 PM

At the risk of shoving aside all the political hype as well as starting another "camera war", has anyone ever seen these, or know anythoing about the quality?

Bringing my 16 yr old g'daughter with me and thought she might have fun....

Don't really want to buy a housing for my good digi.
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Re: UWcameras - 11/17/04 03:25 PM

Anyone know where to get disposable camera film put on a CD in AC, CC,or BC?
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Re: UWcameras - 11/17/04 04:10 PM

klcman it says 'this item no longer available' when I click on your link.

We brought a kodak disposable digital u/w camera and the pictures sucked big time. A friend did the same thing and her pictures were wonderful. Never figured out the difference but suspect our camera was stored at improper temperatures prior to purchase. ???????
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Re: UWcameras - 11/17/04 08:10 PM

how odd - it was there just a couple of days ago. Back to the drawing boards. confused

The disposables ones are fine in very certain specific environemtal conditions. Water clarity and your relative position to the light plays an extremely imporetant role in the outcome.

You did not buy a "digital' U/W camera though, I think you bought a "film" camera marketed with "digital processing" whereby instead of giving you your images back in print form, they give you a CD To my knowledge there are no digital throwaways. Would be too expensive. IMHO
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Re: UWcameras - 11/17/04 08:19 PM

klc, just you wait - it can be done & wm will import em! wink
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Re: UWcameras - 11/17/04 10:44 PM

We used the disposable UW cameras and the results were disappointing. Decent, but not good. Would not use them again.
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Re: UWcameras - 11/17/04 10:52 PM


Wal Mart. Or your local camera shop. Just about anyone who processes film will do that for you now.
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Re: UWcameras - 11/17/04 10:53 PM

klcman, check this out:
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Re: UWcameras - 11/18/04 12:00 AM

Thx CM but what's your point?

I just didn't feel like writing the UBB Code AND the URL did not breakup. I checked before I left the OP.

And why would anyone want more stuff added to their toolbar - oh wait? Maybe to do more spy chit wink Have you looked into the underlying code?
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Re: UWcameras - 11/22/04 07:26 AM

I know I'm a day or two late, but if you are still looking for a fairly cheap UW camera.... When I was living down there I used the Kodak 35mm disposable with a flash. I just bought them at the local shops in town. (and if you are careful you can open it up and reload the film so you can take 5-6 rolls without having to buy 5-6 disposable UW cameras). The pictures came out great if I had them developed at a professional film lab (here in Colorado it's Mike's Camera) or through a local dive shop, or if you are lucky...a one hour place that knows what they are doing as they will need to adjust the color. I had a few roles devolped there at Belicolor and they came out really nice.

Only can't take them very deep. About 20 feet and then if you go deeper you have to come back up to advance the film. Works great for snorkeling trips though. smile Hope that helps and the grand-daughter has fun.
Posted By: Everglades

Re: UWcameras - 11/22/04 03:14 PM

"We brought a kodak disposable digital u/w camera and the pictures sucked big time."

Malibu, Did you hand carry the camera through the xray machines or have it in your luggage?
Even though I shoot only ISO 100, I still request hand inspection of my film, if your disposable camera had ISO 400 in it, the xrays could have damaged the film.
Posted By: Nisswavic

Re: UWcameras - 11/23/04 03:13 AM

A cheaper housing for cameras and camcorders is Ewa marine. These are special poly bags made for 100's of specific camera sizes. I have used one for my digital for 5 years. They are good to 100ft and less than half of the cost of the hard plastic cases. If you don't have filters just load your pictures into Adobe Photo Shop 7, add the red back in, and get fantastic pictures.
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