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I take a great deal of pleasure in announcing the endorsement of the Ambergris Caye Chamber of Commerce. In a letter received today, from president Tom Vidrine, the Chamber supports our efforts and joins the SPSC in our desire to contribute and give something back to our beloved San Pedro and it's children, who are "The Future of Belize."

We look forward to working with Tom and all of the other members of the Ambergris Caye Chamber of Commerce.
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Re: CHAMBER ENDORSES SPSC - 02/11/05 09:10 PM

This is great news!
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Re: CHAMBER ENDORSES SPSC - 02/13/05 01:52 AM

cool smile
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Re: CHAMBER ENDORSES SPSC - 02/13/05 05:06 AM

Thanks for the support Tom cool
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Re: CHAMBER ENDORSES SPSC - 02/13/05 06:09 AM

A huge thank you from the SPSC. smile
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The Chamber's endorsement is a great benefit to SPSC's efforts! They are a good group and have done much for the island and its residents. This project needs this kind of local support - thanks Ambergris Caye Chamber of Commerce for extending your approval and support to the SPSC project.
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With out local support and that support, couldn't be any stronger than the A.C Chamber of Commerce, we would have an uphill battle on our hands. With the endorsement of the Chamber, we now have that much needed commitment. Now we can see the light of day!
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Re: CHAMBER ENDORSES SPSC - 02/14/05 05:30 PM

Thank you AC Chamber of Commerce - Tom.
Together, hand by hand, this project can be accomplished!!!

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Big thanks to ac chamber of commerce. A common goal is shared in that both organizations are for the betterment of san pedro. this goal is being accomplished in both the commercial and charitable ways.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our cause and has helped to get us one step closer to our goal.
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Wonderful news!
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Our island should be the ones thanking those of you that have fallen in love with the children of San Pedro, and taking the time and effort to try and add value to their lives.

What you do for our children is 100 times what you can ever do for us. Any parent knows that.

For those of you that have not had the chance, visit the SPSC website:

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Re: CHAMBER ENDORSES SPSC - 02/18/05 06:00 AM

This is the first time Iíve written on this board, but is very active in reading whatís going on. Iíve been on this Island for almost 20 years. I love it but have seen so much development and traffic is horrible. I donít even want to go to town anymore with all the vehicles everywhere. Let me stop here, because there is only one reason I took the time to write. I donít like to get involved or cause any kind of controversy. Iíve lived a quite and peaceful life here with my lovely husband and intend to keep it that way, but Tom Vidrine is a subject I would like to talk about. First I am so happy that most of you have said many good things about him. Itís about time! This man has done an impeccable job and in the most unselfish ways. His done things many of us only imagine or think but never made it into action. Iíve never met a person who is so passionate and love this Island so much that he spends a lot of his time doing things that help many of us, tourism, local people, and beautifying the Island that we can all benefit from.
His honest and seems to just wants to help the town and its people to live a good way, safer for children and welcome growth but in the right way of doing things and trying his best to get it done. We need to join this man in his endless efforts and support him and let him know what a good job his done for the community. His not getting rich from this or trying to, but unfortunately getting older as most of us are. Who else do you think would take a stand and beat his head on the wall over and over again trying to get things done? Who else would have the patience, time and love for this Island? Look around us, the Island is growing rapidly, what is the future for the children and businesses? We have to think of the future now before itís too late and our ďLa Isla BonitaĒ will no longer be paradise. Isnít that why we are here? Tom thank you for all your efforts, we need you and I hope and pray you will get the support and people joining you to make a difference. What you do for this Island and the people is a blessing for all of us. Youíre an angel! THANK YOU from me, my husband and hopefully more people out there that will somehow understand what you have been trying to do. People talk so much even negative things, but no matter what they say we know you, what youíve done, what youíve tried to do and how itís even going to get better because people like you will only get better and will receive blessings from above.
Keep up the good work!

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wow, next trip i will properly introduce myself rather than just check out the boats and tell david "no you can't have one yet"
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