Come on folks

Posted By: Denny Shane

Come on folks - 04/20/05 01:46 PM

Maybe I didn't stay away long enough. I honestly thought I could stay away for awhile, come back and find things a bit different. Nothing has changed.

It simply amazes me, and it shouldn't, that so many people get so empowered when you put them in back of a keyboard... almost anonymous as it were.

There are a few threads on here where I could have presented this post... I didn't want to seem as if I were taking sides... hence my own post... and you know what? I could care less if anyone replies or comments. I simply want to get it off my chest.

I am really [#%!] tired of coming on here and seeing, supposedly intelligent people taking cheap pot shots and hurling low-life insults at other people. Is this fun to you? Do you live your life "in the real world" like this as well? I doubt it, because in my world, you'd get your lights knocked out... quickly.

Is there something lacking in your life? I can answer that... yes, there is... it's commonly refered to as self-respect. I honestly don't know how Marty puts up with it. I don't have to spell it out... I think anyone reading this has enough intelligence to know exactly what I am talking about.

Many people come to this section of the board to get a different flavor as to island life. Many make the same mistake and think we are all residents of the island. Someone commented to me last night "is this the type of person(s) we risk meeting down there on AC?" then they added, "maybe we should re-think Jamaica..." How sad...

It's confusing for a lot of people that come on here... in one thread they're reading about raising money for the school kids and how we need their help... the next thread is chuck full of insults, flying back and forth.

Before someone thinks it cute to jump all over me and point out my graphic adjective up above... I'm sorry. People that know me, know that I don't normally use language like that... however, sometimes you just have to force peoples eyes open to read or hear the message.

So make all the wise cracks you want... my shoulders are very broad...

Hey! Have a nice day. eek
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Come on folks - 04/20/05 02:24 PM

You put that very well Denny, and the language comes from frustration with people.

The positive thing is that it is only a very few who participate in the insult hurling, pissing contest. The rest of us are just darn nice folks who like to share our love of Belize, and goof around sometimes.
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Come on folks - 04/20/05 02:26 PM

You're right db... I'm not talking about the goofing around people though. There's good natured fun and goofiness and then there is down right ignorance and rudeness. eek
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Come on folks - 04/20/05 02:28 PM

Denny, I think we all have seen an increase in that, and are tired of it. There is no excusing it, and it isn't funny. Alot of shock jock wannabes out there maybe?
Posted By: dogmatic prevaricator

Re: Come on folks - 04/20/05 02:51 PM

blog-o-daciously colorful

Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Come on folks - 04/20/05 02:59 PM

Shame I didn't think of that dog... eek
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Come on folks - 04/20/05 04:33 PM

denny,you have hit the nail on the head .time for people to get a life .stop all this back and forth junk who said this and that .be nice,live the dream when your there in sanpedro .come home to peace and a dream to return where you can .and if you have nothing nice to say .then say nothing..
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Come on folks - 04/20/05 04:42 PM

exactly capt... your last line said it all... nothing nice to say? then say nothing...
Posted By: cindyb

Re: Come on folks - 04/20/05 05:17 PM


This board should be, and mostly is, a fun, informative place to visit.

Most of us get enough stress and negativity in the "real world".

Thanks Denny!
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Come on folks - 04/20/05 05:39 PM

exactly, cindy... exactly eek
Posted By: Islenutt

Re: Come on folks - 04/20/05 09:21 PM

You have pointed out the exact reason why some of us "older" members have avoided the board for a long time.
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Come on folks - 04/21/05 12:15 AM

I know exactly what you mean Islenutt... eek
Posted By: papashine

Re: Come on folks - 04/21/05 12:52 AM

Posted By: denverdan

Re: Come on folks - 04/21/05 07:20 AM

I brought this up a year or so ago Denny (in less direct words then you) and that's why I'm pretty much gone from this board too.
Good people gone wild with "their power".
The sad thing is ("IF" we are speaking of the same people), one of these good people I'm speaking of has only been to AC once and another maybe 2 or 3 times. I honestly care for them both too, however... I've also been slammed by them in their own "special way" as well. IF your talking about AC people, I have no comment (except maybe about about Chris) HA.
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Come on folks - 04/21/05 12:41 PM

well Hope... hmmmm... I don't want to narrow it down. The person(s) I'm talking about know who they are... Then again on second thought... maybe not. eek
Posted By: Now Danny

Re: Come on folks - 04/21/05 01:27 PM

HI folks I'm having fun. cool
Posted By: Grace

Re: Come on folks - 04/21/05 02:04 PM

Marty used to keep an eye on the board for posts that got out of line....what happened?
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Come on folks - 04/22/05 12:21 AM

tired of babysitting, maybe?
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Come on folks - 04/22/05 02:09 AM

Marty has a real job to try to support this site. He doesn't have time to babysit the board so has asked me to help. It's a thankless job and attracts lots of attacks. I'm tired of it. Best to just shut it down.
Posted By: Skooter

Re: Come on folks - 04/22/05 02:41 AM

I really hope not. If it weren't for forums such as these, how could people even contemplate coming?? This board has helped me immensely in planning and knowing about my destination. There are no all-inclusive air+ packages in magazines (much to my delight) and therefore, most of my research was done with the search button above. I hope to fall in love with San Pedro as most of you have, but if this forum were to shut down, it would not allow for people to "see" Belize and Ambergris Caye through your eyes.
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Come on folks - 04/22/05 03:32 AM

I think this thread has gotten way to serious. I believe Denny was attempting to reach out and shake by the shorts, those few rude radishes on the board. A request to them to temper their rudeness.
Posted By: wannaBEthere

Re: Come on folks - 04/22/05 04:01 AM

Ya can't shut it down... eek

Having read this message board faithfully, before our trip last year, it felt like I was returning to a place once visited. I knew about all the little secret places to eat, where to catch a breathtaking sunrise and some wonderful ways to just waste time, long before I ever stepped a foot off that airplane.

As in "real life" when others say things purely for the intent of criticizing others, perhaps the best way to deal with it is to not respond at all - no fuel, no fire.

Hmmm ... to serious DB? Then pass me a marshmallow, ya like yours golden brown or a tad on the black side? laugh
Posted By: Or

Re: Come on folks - 04/22/05 04:07 AM

Skooter, San Pedro is a beautiful place, people and all!!!!!!!!! And like anywhere else in the WORLD we have our own bad apples........Just avoid them as you would anywhere else. Hope you enjoy your trip.
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Come on folks - 04/22/05 04:12 AM

nothing better than a blackened marshmellow....
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: Come on folks - 04/22/05 04:46 AM

Denny: Hope you don't stop posting here. With all respect, your Honor, me thinks lots of people have enjoyed your messages! The Model Penal Code is one that comes to mind.

Unfortunately, I can't go to the Texas party, but another atty from California (Leah ann?) and husband, I hear, are heading down your way. She has a mean rum punch recipe.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Come on folks - 04/22/05 05:33 AM

LaurieMar!!!!! Hey there girl
Checkin' in after being way too busy and geeting way too much windshield time- my take? I love it all - the great info (even when it's wrong)the fun give 'n take, the serious stuff from people who take themselves way too seriously, and most of all - the one true love of SP and AC. We're planning our next trip in Sept. Meanwhile, we'll see the gang in TX in May at the PARTEE!!
Oh and by the way - I picked up the perfect little floozy dress on ebay . . .
EEEE- when you comin home, boy, I don't know when . . .
Posted By: wannaBEthere

Re: Come on folks - 04/22/05 12:32 PM

Ewewwwieeee ... well that does it, no more toasting marshmallows before using the keyboard ... stickieeeee or what!

Sorry DB, yours looked so good I ate it
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Come on folks - 04/22/05 12:36 PM

ha ha Laurie Mar... you said "penal" eek

But seriously, I won't stop posting here... I enjoy the worldwide fame it has brought me thus far. lol
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Come on folks - 04/22/05 12:37 PM

wow ebay sells floozy dresses? I can't wait! eek
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Come on folks - 04/22/05 01:01 PM

well, thanks alot WBT, and here I was saving it to have for breakfast wink
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