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Posted By: Bearfoot Gibby

Loony Lurker - 05/19/05 03:48 PM

Howdy all. I just received this email from a AC board lurker questioning my post about enjoying the dining experience in San Pedro. How would you all have responded, just curious.
Bearfoot Gibby
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Dining out on Ambergris Caye is more of an event than a meal. Take the time to meet the owners, servers, bartenders, and cooks. Don't be in a hurry with your planned out itinerary, chill and enjoy the sights, sounds and settle into that Belizean Daze.

>Email From: "steve amos" <
> > Hi...was reading your post on the belize message when you go out to eat you take the time to meet the bartender,
STRANGE...why?Dont you have any friends to eat
with?....the only thing i care is that they serve me good,make my food good,and dont short shot my i have bad service and in belize its more often then good service...i just dont tip...who in the world take the time to train some restaurants help,that isnt my job....i could just see some one
taking the waiter to the side and telling them why they didnt tip them...most waiters any place would just lol at you...if you are any kind of waiter at all no tip would tell you that..How do i know this???I am a waiter that makes over 100.000 a year...and have been at it 22 years.And the only people that try and get to know me at work are fags trying to get in
My response

Please post your email to me on the Ambergris Caye board. Having tooted your own horn, you answered your own questions. Belize is not
in the US. It is a unique place with a diverse and
unique society. All of the servers in San Pedro combined probably do not make what you do in a year. They do take the time to meet the people and provide local flavor to the dining experience that is priceless. If you are in a hurry in Belize, you took a wrong turn somewhere.

Steve's response

--- > Steve,

My response- Here it is.
Posted By: papashine

Re: Loony Lurker - 05/19/05 04:04 PM

The world is chock full of very curious people,no true?
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Loony Lurker - 05/19/05 04:21 PM

This is the notorious Steve A___H___ that has pestered every Belize message board for years. Marty has banned him from this board so now he searches for email addys and writes stuff like the above. He deluges Marty with emails, sometimes threatening him with violence. DO NOT RESPOND TO HIM!!!
Posted By: Marty

Re: Loony Lurker - 05/19/05 06:15 PM

best to ignore everything he sends. just trash it. don't even read it.
Posted By: Bearfoot Gibby

Re: Loony Lurker - 05/19/05 08:45 PM

Thanks for the heads up.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Loony Lurker - 05/19/05 11:12 PM

next thing, he will tell you all about the resort he is opening up on North end laugh
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