Decoration Day

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Decoration Day - 05/27/05 02:15 PM

As a young gal we decorated all fallen Servicemen and women and remembered all of those still in action.

I dedicate my prayers to all of you who so bravely served and still serving.
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Amen ,Amen twice .god bless america..and to all that haved served there country ...shame how soon we forget !!
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A heartfelt THANK YOU to all that have served and still are.

I know I am am thankful to be living here. God Bless America.
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Re: Decoration Day - 05/28/05 01:06 PM

A heartfelt thanks to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that I would be able to enjoy the freedom I have, and to do what I am doing right now. God bless them all.
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Ditto all the above

(NYG - ur showing ur age using "Decoration Day" - say that to someone under 30 and they'll give you the "deer in the headlights" look wink )
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laugh ...I haven't seen them use any other term yet, on here anyway wink
I don't hide from age smile
No one can but they sure do try wink

This is a "Caye" learning experience for those of age.
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Re: Decoration Day - 05/28/05 08:29 PM

And here I, as a Canadian, thought that y'all had a holiday to decorate your houses laugh

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Re: Decoration Day - 05/28/05 08:36 PM

NOT... smile
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A few weeks ago, I boarded a flight to Dallas and noticed 7 or 8 service persons in desert camo in first class on the plane, with a few more in coach. Upon sealing up the plane, the captain came on and said something to the effect of "The flight crew would like to welcome our service persons just returning from Iraq. We celebrate your safe return and thank you for your service. If anyone in the cabin would like to give these individuals a round of applause, feel free to do so now." About half of the passengers applauded, but vigorously enough to make up for the other half. Even though it was just a 2 hour flight, all of the service personnel were fed meals from the first class. These young men and women made me proud. At the luggage claim in Dallas, I happened to be standing next to a couple of them and personally thanked them, with a tear in my eye. Bless them all for their sacrifices.
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Re: Decoration Day - 05/28/05 09:40 PM

I have just come from the dedication and renaming of an American Legion Post, now named for a fallen Marine. Chris Cobb was 19 when he went to Iraq last year. He was KIA on April 6, 2004. He was the only child of the widow of an agent orange Vietnam vet. Please, if there are any Memorial Day ceremonies in your town, support them. My son is now an inactive Marine, after serving 5 years thru 9-11 and the invasion of Iraq. I met Chris Cobb's Mom on a forum like this when he first went to boot camp. We have become friends, and she was quite the trooper today. Support our troops, and especially our veterans, and even more, our Gold Star Mothers, who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Thanks!
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Re: Decoration Day - 05/29/05 08:04 PM

God Bless America
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Semper FI !
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Re: Decoration Day - 05/31/05 05:09 AM

Thank you Chris Cobb......Our hearts and prayers are with your family. Thank you SO very much. Rhonda
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