23 days and counting!

Posted By: Gela

23 days and counting! - 07/21/05 04:34 PM

OK, I'm now in official count down mode. I'm at my launch pad testing the new suitcase out. Still some bugs to work out (and cat fur to wipe off).

Snorkel, mask, fins - check
bathing suits - check
sun screen
Peach Floosie dress - ???
"A Salty Piece of Land" by Jimmy Buffet - check
oops - I have a faulty fuel pump (no money in the wallet until next pay day)

Can you tell I'm bored - don't wanna be at work wanna be on AC

Yes, it's silly Thursday I'm afraid.

Thanks for putting up with me laugh

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Posted By: Danl & the Boop

Re: 23 days and counting! - 07/21/05 04:53 PM

laugh I think we can put up with 23 days of your silliness if you promise a trip report. laugh wink
Posted By: Gela

Re: 23 days and counting! - 07/21/05 05:09 PM

Danl & Boop - how are you two?? Good to hear from you!

Yes, I will post a report when I return. I only posted my photos from my May trip - things went sour when I returned home and I didn't have it in me to write. But now I do!

Posted By: Danl & the Boop

Re: 23 days and counting! - 07/21/05 05:35 PM

Wow, didn't know about your "sourness" but glad things are better now. smile The Boop has been off work for two months now with "DeQuervains" disease, an inflamed tendon in her right wrist (probably from typing and calculator) very painfull. Can't get an operation till Sept.14th. other than that we are well and happy and the weather has been San Pedro like for almost a month now, just missing the sand and seaweed (Not!) I'll bet it will be really hot when you get there next month, (still lucky you).
laugh laugh
Ever get on the old chat line??? confused confused
Posted By: Gela

Re: 23 days and counting! - 07/21/05 05:49 PM

Danl - I've lost my link to the chat line - think I'll have to start a new id. Miss checking in once in a while with all of you.

Sorry to hear of Boops injury. Not fun. It's hot here in CA - guess everywhere. Take care!
Posted By: Gela

Re: 23 days and counting! - 07/26/05 04:12 PM

OK now it's only 18 days and counting?

I look forward to:

BCs BBQ, Hammock House
Punta Boys @ Canucks
Night snorkel with Tulu?
Lady Sharon Sunset Cruise with Dennis Wolfe
A massage at Tropical Touch?
Dinner at Casa Picasso, Jambel Jerk Pit, etc.
Meeting up with AC Boarders/Expats/Paisano
Drinking Belikin, Coke Lite, One Barrel?
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