A few pics

Posted By: Gela

A few pics - 08/24/05 09:53 PM

Well, here are a few pictures from my week in Paradise.

They are mostly of an extraordinary party at Pedro's Inn. A great time was had by all.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: A few pics - 08/24/05 10:28 PM

nice pics! Thanks for sharing
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: A few pics - 08/24/05 10:40 PM

Great pics! Thanks for sharing!
Posted By: Gela

Re: A few pics - 08/24/05 10:50 PM

Thanks you two.

Barb, I sent you a note a little while ago - unrelated to Belize laugh
Posted By: Chloe

Re: A few pics - 08/24/05 10:54 PM

Gela great viewing, thanks.
We want to see your picture Gela.

Good to see Skinny and Charlie.
Posted By: Gela

Re: A few pics - 08/24/05 11:40 PM

No body took pictures of me. I'll get one of me and then use it as my avatar on the board - how's that.
Posted By: Fluffy

Re: A few pics - 08/24/05 11:44 PM

Great pictures, Gela! Thanks for sharing.
Posted By: klcman

Re: A few pics - 08/25/05 12:09 AM

Thanks G! I wannnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa go NOW
Posted By: Vic the Knife

Re: A few pics - 08/25/05 12:43 AM

QT: I don't remember reading anything about your last trip to B. Alcohol induced amnesia?
Posted By: seashell

Re: A few pics - 08/25/05 03:06 AM

Very nice, G. Thanks for sharing.
Posted By: kerry

Re: A few pics - 08/25/05 05:01 AM

great pix gela...have a question for you about one of the shots...a dog, that is named "coco"...
could you tell me who owns this dog??? the dog looks like it may be the dog i had to leave behind with carol and ray...but her name was sadie...please let me know what you know...thanx..kerry
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: A few pics - 08/25/05 05:25 AM pix's!!
Posted By: USNA73

Re: A few pics - 08/25/05 11:58 AM

Great pix. Good to see lots of familiar faces. Should we expect a report on the "extraordinary party"? cool
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: A few pics - 08/25/05 12:14 PM

Gela, they were great pics!! Saw some things I've never seen before like bywarren and pedro himself. eek
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: A few pics - 08/25/05 03:35 PM

Gela - some good pics - looks like everybody was getting their drink on at the party. Next adventure: Bocas del Toro Islands, Panama via Costa Rica. Wooo Hooooo!
Posted By: govikes

Re: A few pics - 08/25/05 03:42 PM

Hi Kerry, Coco is most definitely NOT the dog you left behind. Steve from Coconet internet cafe owns her and he got her as a puppy last year (she's only 14 mos old. She has lived her entire life at the internet cafe! Which is where all the outgoing charming dogs on the island come to socialize (even Charlie).
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: A few pics - 08/25/05 04:16 PM

Gela - Thanks for the pics! Looks like a good time was had by all, maybe some more than others! wink
Posted By: Gela

Re: A few pics - 08/25/05 04:16 PM

First, yes Coco is Steve's dog, or rather Steve is Coco's "Staff" laugh . LaurieMar and I met Coco last year when she was a cute little Puppy. Took me a while to recognize her this year.

The Party at Pedro's Inn was on Sunday, August 14. There were two purposes for the party. Either way, everyone ate and drank themselves well - Chicken, Ribs, potato salad, Indian food, etc. Lots of Beer, Rum and Wine.

When I can catch my breath I'll post some words also.

Yes Laurie - Bocas del Toro, Panama via Costa Rica. I'm starting to get excited about that too!


I'm thinking AC 2006 mid to late June (away from Pica Pica and during Lobsta season) laugh
Posted By: SASSIK

Re: A few pics - 08/25/05 05:05 PM

Gela - sorry we didn't get to have that drink. It was hard to get away since I had my mom with me. I heard Skinny had a little problem last week... was it at the party? Looks like a good time.

I loved the photo of the wedding. It was one of the best. I'll be sure and send it to B&V (bride and groom) back in Houston. Also the photos of Xanadu were gorgeous.

I'm still here until Monday. Trying not to think about going back.

Posted By: Gela

Re: A few pics - 08/25/05 05:23 PM

Sandi, I think we'll probably run into each other again on AC - what do you think? laugh

Skinny was the best and had everyone singing and dancing (played by himself). No problems that night for sure.

I felt like an interloper at the wedding but I had just arrived the hour before and it was a nice way to begin the week!
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