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Posted By: Seachange

celebrity trivia - 08/29/05 01:05 PM

Hello all,
I enjoyed a Jimmy Buffett concert in Philadelphia this past weekend. During the break, Jimmy showed a video about his experiences with Johnny Carson. I believe (disclaimer: Margaritaville tequila drinks were involved) Jimmy mentioned seeing Johnny after Johnny's retirement (1992) when both Jimmy and Johnny had their boats at a caye in Belize. Just curious, anyone know where in Belize that might have been?
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Re: celebrity trivia - 08/29/05 02:32 PM

I saw Buffet some time back and he related the same story.... I do not where it was, but Buffet has been to AC at least a few times.....
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: celebrity trivia - 08/29/05 04:16 PM

I not sure where he is talking about but he has been to AC a few times... Jimmy, dunno about Johnny. eek
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Re: celebrity trivia - 08/29/05 04:22 PM

LaurieMar and I saw Jimmy in San Jose back in April. He relayed the same story too, but don't know details. When he talked about Ambergris Caye - Laurie and I gave out a big shout (WOOO HOOO!) - we were headed there just 2 1/2 weeks later. Folks looked at us funny and we laughed. Oh, um, there were libations involved that evening too laugh

Re: celebrity trivia - 08/29/05 09:29 PM

If my failing memory serves me, Mr. Buffet's visits to AC generally coincide with the presence of another singer/song writer who happens to have a home south of San Pedro Town. They are friends who have known each other for many years.
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Re: celebrity trivia - 08/30/05 09:45 PM

Thanks for the info. Who is the other singer/songwriter?...not that it is any of my business, but I am intrigued by the whole story. I can imagine Jimmy in AC, but Johnny?...I picture him more in Palm Springs or such like.
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Re: celebrity trivia - 08/30/05 09:50 PM

I think it's Jerry Jeff Walker.
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Re: celebrity trivia - 08/30/05 10:00 PM

Purple Parrot - voted Jimmy's 3rd favorite bar in the Caribbean.

Re: celebrity trivia - 08/30/05 10:55 PM

Yeah, it's JJW. We ran into him 12 years ago on our first trip to SP. Had conch chowder lunch with him in Fidos.

Still run into him perhaps once or twice a year in SP, but never during "Camp Walker". Too damn crowded.

Go to his website and read the background and you'll understand the Buffet connection
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Re: celebrity trivia - 08/30/05 10:55 PM

I read that, I like that place as well... although the drinks are a bit more expensive, it's nice.
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Re: celebrity trivia - 08/31/05 09:59 PM

Thanks again for the info.
Per JB: "Jerry Jeff has bounced in and out of my life like the Mad Hatter on the way to the tea party."
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Re: celebrity trivia - 09/01/05 02:44 AM

I suspect that the "Friendship" that Choochoo refers to is a great one... Divorced and pennyless, early on Jimmy hung out in Key West with JJW for a year or so.... Picture easing Jerrys big old Packard car up A1A in Florida stopping at plenty of bars and eaterys, slurp a few oysters and ....lots of tourists eh?? Margaritaville anyone ??....A great kick off to a career eh??
I have all of Buffets stuff.. If you are a sailor you understand....He got it.
I caught Jerry at a benefit concert many years ago at Ramones...A local fisherman had fell over board and needed some real medical help....
It was a privilege to hear him in person (He even auctioned off his hat to raise $)
So even if Jimmy has my head, Jerry has the heart..They are 2 of the very best
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