Love Shack

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Love Shack - 09/07/05 03:34 AM

Capt Jeff,

I know you will read the board as soon as you get a chance so I am leaving this message here.

I checked out the love shack today. I fixed one of the ceiling fans and am waiting for parts for the other. They should arrive Friday. I decided to leave the hooks that have been screwed into the blades in place because the fan wobbled at high speed when I took them out.

There was a stain from some sort of lubricant on the tile grout in the living room but I was able to clean it up with some bleach and a brush.

Did the bed always squeak?
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Re: Love Shack - 09/07/05 04:12 AM

I think they got some of their ideas from those girls at Fido's. Did ya find any scarves or ropes hanging from the ceiling fans? wink

Re: Love Shack - 09/07/05 02:56 PM

SORRY shocked
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Re: Love Shack - 09/07/05 03:02 PM

Now Gay, you know you were smiling when you typed that 'sorry' so why didn't you use this face? laugh

Re: Love Shack - 09/07/05 03:59 PM

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Re: Love Shack - 09/09/05 10:23 PM

Saw those ceiling fans for myself - wheeeee - what a ride wink
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Love Shack - 09/10/05 06:14 PM

Steve thanks for the detailed david how could you ..well I never,was like that,well maybe once ..Looks like some ones in deep ship .you guys where bad ,very , very bad ...but then again it is good to be bad . looks like my royal palm love shack is ???well just ok ??? can not understand the fan thing?? the whips left under the bed I can understand .. but the empty peanut butter jar ??? and mayonnaise jars all over ,whats the deal with that ..?? kinky I think??? well almost to kinky much for I am so proper and behaved..well maybe..what where you guys thinking?????????????????????

Re: Love Shack - 09/12/05 02:17 PM

Well as you all know a trip to san pedro is great, but a trip to the love shack in san pedro is even better. We had a great time. What happens in the love shack, stays in the love shack. HA!
FISHING STORY: well it appears a fishing blister is now a york family tradition. I started the day hooking up with a barracuda as big as me, broke the line right at the boat. That is how we know how HUGE it was. I then proceeded to hook up many many more fish including pordgies (I think we call them piggy perch) grunts, snappers & even a pilot fish. I hooked up with a HUGE snapper right before lunch. A few feet from the boat I lost the tension in my line. 2 barracudas chomped my fish. I guess they wanted lunch too. I reeled in a HUGE snapper HEAD. David landed a few minnows, snappers, & cudas. He also hooked a frigate bird that took drag. Poor david he tried to stop the bird and burned a HUGE blister in his thumb. (however, I do believe that my legitiment fishing blister was larger.) he gingerly reeled in the bird, he & tulu untangled it, & it flew away in good health. He also caught a morey eel and a stingray from the pier which barbed the hell out of him. & that is why I remain pescadora magnifica.

Skeeters were about the same as here on the texas coast. No signs of fever yet.
We enjoyed all the usual stuff. Visited with old friends & met some new ones.
Food was good at coconuts, blue water grill, papi’s, park venders, ali babas, & definitely try shopping at the sausage factory.
Belikin & rum tasted good everywhere.
Took a ride to caye caulker. Had a great lunch at bamboo grill & visited with silkpainter. She has moved her store and now has a café in it. Check out her great artwork & jewelry.
I also learned that if you drink mass quantities of red wine, the mosquitoes will not bite you. My rum was all gone (believe it or not) so I restocked at the airport. Who is ready for a panty ripper party?
Posted By: Windjammer

Re: Love Shack - 09/12/05 04:42 PM

I'm ready for the panty ripper party! :p Parties at your house are always fun BUT I ain't cleaning the kitchen. laugh

Re: Love Shack - 09/12/05 05:18 PM

so am i!!! david said panties are optional.
maybe this weekend, if we don't go to astroworld.
btw - i feel the need for the start of the "sunday afternoon football widows society"
maybe we should all wear purple hats or something. i cannot take this all the way thru january 2006. there is monday night football, then monday night football comes on again on thursday night, high school ball on friday, college on saturday, nfl on sunday. IT'S A CONSPIRACY I TELL YOU

PS: i think denny should clean the kitchen
Posted By: knowell

Re: Love Shack - 09/12/05 05:58 PM

I will try not to run into the glass door. Let us know when the party is.

If you wear purple hats Susie will think you are Vikings fan. BTW Susie what happened yesterday?

Our lowly Cowgirls won but the Mighty Vikes lost!! What's up with that?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Love Shack - 09/12/05 05:58 PM

Gaaaaay - we miss you guys too - and the pool parties - and the ceiling fans - and the rum & oreos, but not the mosquitos.
I, too, am starting the football widowhood portion of the year - maybe we should plan a girls' weekend (and then make the guys come, cause it wouldn't be as fun w/out 'em wink ! )
Already planning our return trip for same time next year!

P.S. If you fly me out, I'll clean the kitchen!
Posted By: HavinFun

Re: Love Shack - 09/12/05 06:41 PM

Amen to a football widows society!!!!
Amen to a party!!!!
I'll bring the kool-aid and the charcoal!

knowell - Did the Cowboys win because they let the girls play?!? confused

Re: Love Shack - 09/12/05 08:17 PM

OK FOLKS, i will wear a purple hat but it cannot have horns coming out of it (david would think i was horny)
football widows from texas could meet football widows from california in maybe lets say - vegas
Posted By: knowell

Re: Love Shack - 09/12/05 08:25 PM

HavinFun, could be. It was an away game so the girls were no where to be seen on the sidelines. If so they had really good or bad disguises. Look forward to seeing them back in their regular outfits next monday night, as I am sure all the guys do. Not that we notice the cheerleaders or anything. We only watch for the football (ha).
Posted By: HavinFun

Re: Love Shack - 09/12/05 08:51 PM

Our lowly Cowgirls won but the Mighty Vikes lost!! What's up with that? [/QB]
Now I don't believe for one minute that you guys are watching the games for the cheerleaders :p laugh wink
Posted By: Vic the Knife

Re: Love Shack - 09/12/05 08:55 PM

David and Pescadora Magnifica: Hey, it was great seeing ya again. I had a good time the short time we were together. If I was still a drinking man, you'd be the kind of people I would have "gotten monstered" with. TO others: it was good putting faces to nicknames: govikes, Simon, KE (I think) and Steve D. Tulu is the best. We had a great time with him, snorkeling, eating and just enjoying his expertise. He's the best bargain on the island.
Posted By: pnowell

Re: Love Shack - 09/13/05 03:16 AM

Sooooo...when is the panty ripper PARTEE??!!!???
I will not clean the kitchen either-but, I have to bow my head and say I will watch football wink Sorry girls, the tight uniforms surrounding the they walk away eek
Govikes knows what I mean laugh
Posted By: Windjammer

Re: Love Shack - 09/13/05 04:41 AM

OK while "not the football widow", just "widow" Vegas sounds good girls, just tell me when & where in Vegas! Vic, glad you enjoyed "my Tulu", he is the BEST!! for years now. Wouldn't be a trip to San Pedro without him! Blue eyes-----just like the water! "There's more time than life!" No kidding! We celebrated out birthdays together last Feb. & hopefully again this Feb. smile

Re: Love Shack - 09/13/05 01:57 PM

OK pammy,
i don't know much about football, BUT i do know a tight end when i see one laugh
Posted By: pnowell

Re: Love Shack - 09/14/05 02:42 AM

Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: Love Shack - 09/14/05 05:29 AM

LMAO too. I have seen a tight end or two myself in my day!
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Love Shack - 09/16/05 04:56 PM

I am so jealous,of you ...and I own the place ..only kidding I am not jealous, my love shack at royal palm rules.. and can report now is now back to the original condition and restocked with all creature comforts as you drank all the beer and booze dry . ....glad you had fun .. you are good to living the dream days in sanpedro together ...
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