Happy Birthday Mary

Posted By: Craigswench

Happy Birthday Mary - 09/09/05 08:20 PM

Hi Mary!!!!
I hear tomorrow is your birthday. Hope it's a great one. Hugs to your sweetie.
I'm sure this one will stump you!!!!!!
Posted By: Sammy So-So

Re: Happy Birthday Mary - 09/28/05 09:05 AM

Opppsss!!! Craigswench, thanks for reminding me. Happy Belated Birthday, Sister!!!! Big Hugs & Kisses to you.

Posted By: Sammy So-So

Re: Happy Birthday Mary - 09/28/05 09:17 AM

Hmmmm, I just remembered the other M who just had a Birthday also, I think. Happy Belated Birthdays to M&M.

Posted By: RobertE

Re: Happy Birthday Mary - 09/28/05 06:54 PM

Mary - Happy Belated to you and Mr. M as well. Miss you guys. Hi there Sam. Hope all is well with everyone

Much love to you guys
Posted By: MandM

Re: Happy Birthday Mary - 10/01/05 01:02 AM

Thanks for the B-Day wishes. I don't get to check the board much any more!

Ok, Craigswench, I'm stumped. I've been trying for 3 days to figure it out and have no idea who you are. Do you have anymore clues? It's been driving me nuts. I keep thinking it will just pop in my head but I guess I'm getting too old !

Hi Robert...we miss you too. Are you ever going to come back down? Hugs & squishes to you both!
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