Posted By: Richard Chambers

Rita - 09/21/05 03:39 AM

Looks like it's Houstons' turn with this years weather problems! Got my stuff packed and heading North tomorrow. Takin a couple bottles of One Barrel to soften the pain. laugh
Posted By: KC

Re: Rita - 09/21/05 04:58 AM

I just hate this, and feel for y'all on the gulf coast. Also, sorry for anyone who has plans to fly through Houston to Belize, as I assume that won't be happening.

Everone take cover. Be safe.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Rita - 09/21/05 06:30 AM

"the eyes of Texas are upon RITA"

Posted By: Danl & the Boop

Re: Rita - 09/21/05 02:12 PM

shocked Chloe frown
Just how close is that going to be to you? confused
Our thought and prayers are with you;
Dan'l & the Boop laugh laugh
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Rita - 09/21/05 04:18 PM

Gay & David - we're thinkin' 'bout ya!

Re: Rita - 09/21/05 05:12 PM

we are now heading for refuge homes.

we took the boat out, rolled down the storm shutters, boarded the rest of the windows, put things of importance upstairs, removed all outside stuff (which is more than the inside!), painted a yellow stripe down the pier in hopes of retrieving some boards, whew! we did the best we could do.

pray for us & everyone else on the texas gulf coast.
Posted By: mobunny

Re: Rita - 09/21/05 05:44 PM

Gay and David, Stay safe and out of harms way. Keep us posted on how you are doing. Luv, bunny and irmacuda
Posted By: Danl & the Boop

Re: Rita - 09/21/05 05:45 PM

We're with you all in spirit, and will be watching and hoping for the best with all our hearts.
D & B.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Rita - 09/21/05 05:55 PM

Gay, happy that you reported in, and moving out.
Good idea. Bless you.

The cone seems to have risen up the coast from Brownsville now, but we never let our guard down.
I'd been hopping from one foot to the other, trying to decide whether to go or stay. I'm staying now.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Rita - 09/21/05 05:57 PM

Gay & David
It sounds to me like since you have to evacuate, Belize would be a good option. LOL wink
Posted By: Hon

Re: Rita - 09/21/05 06:41 PM

Good luck to all who must face the storm on any level.
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: Rita - 09/21/05 09:33 PM

Scuba - tempting for sure! Think we'll wait in line with the rest of the billion cars to get out of the city... drag for sure... but a trip to Austin isn't half bad. wink

Be safe - the rest of you who may get affected!!!
Posted By: klcman

Re: Rita - 09/21/05 11:56 PM

Stay safe everyone.....we're all pulling for ya! and we got plenty of room up here in the soon to be VERY colorful Northeast!
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Rita - 09/22/05 12:18 AM

Rita, the hurricane, not my wife, is now a cat 5 (just like my wife) We are 80 miles inland but I know we will be without power for who knows how long, so we are going to Austin in the A.M. Everything is stored and protected as well as can be. I just hope and pray we come back to something unlike New Orleans. I'm not concerned about flooding, however, the neighborhood is well established with lots of old trees and that could be a problem.

Dude; nodamniceerwater ! PARTEE !
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Rita - 09/22/05 01:29 AM

E - watch out for the crazies on the road, kick your heels up in Austin and stay away from the ice and water wink
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Rita - 09/22/05 02:04 AM

I have my everythings crossed........all of you please stay safe.

Keep in touch when you can smile
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Rita - 09/22/05 02:10 AM

Law ...... No problem re; the crazies... I'm insured by Smith&Wesson.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Rita - 09/22/05 04:30 AM

stay safe - and the way it sounds itsgonnabenoiceorwater
Posted By: Gwennan

Re: Rita - 09/22/05 04:41 AM

stay safe everybody! my thoughts and prayers are you!
Posted By: Gwennan

Re: Rita - 09/22/05 05:07 AM

Also, I'd advise everyone to fill up cars and anything else you have that runs on gas before Rita hits.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Rita - 09/22/05 12:22 PM

Well, we were leaving this morning but all the hiways leading out of Houston are log jamed. I-45 going to Dallas is at a stand still. One motorist reported he covered 30 miles in 9 hours, Hiway 290 to Austin at a stand still, in 4 hours traffic moved 1 mile. Travel time to Dallas (215 miles) 24 hours. We will ride this bitch out here in Spring Texas and when, not if, the power goes off as the storm passes, we will try to get out again as the traffic should be somewhat lighter. With 100+ degree weather things will not last long without A/C. Gotta gey my "Fantacy Football" line up in before things hit the fan ! First things first ! cool
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: Rita - 09/22/05 12:35 PM

Ah yes, traffic is a bit of a pill, to say the least, so driving anywhere is undesirable... all the flights are full... if we only had wings. wink

E- Thanks for the reminder about FF!! I need to check my line up too! wink
Posted By: Windjammer

Re: Rita - 09/22/05 01:50 PM

Will be riding out the storm at work in a Houston high rise between downtown & the medical center. Afraid it's not gonna be pretty. frown
Posted By: HavinFun

Re: Rita - 09/22/05 02:15 PM

Mr. HavinFun and I are riding the storm out at home. I'm glad Gay and David got out safely. I wonder if they are past Katy by now ?!?
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Rita - 09/22/05 03:09 PM

Even Belize weather is being affected by Rita, our winds have been clocking around from the west to the south and we had some impressive storms last night from Rita's feeder bands. We're about 6-700 miles from the eye so it's going to affect a huge portion of the US. Get away from the coast if you haven't already and don't try to be a diehard.

Our prayers are with those in the path.

Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Rita - 09/22/05 03:29 PM

Flew INTO Houston yesterday from Belize. Customs was waiving people through - very busy airport. No hotel rooms avail. last night for those with overnight layovers. The shops and restaurants in the airport were shutting down at 8PM. Caught a FULL flight to Sacramento. Amazing sight of glaring red tail lights streaming off for miles into the horizon.

Posted By: kris48

Re: Rita - 09/22/05 03:48 PM

Talk about a big storm! We've been getting some of the outer feeder bands here in Florida (just south of Tampa) for the past three days, with some winds and rain off and on. Sounds like you guys are getting the other edge of the storm in AC. My thoughts and prayers are also with those in the path of this huge storm.
Posted By: sassnfun

Re: Rita - 09/23/05 04:14 AM

Hi GUYS!! had to check in on our friends in Texas...SAFE Passage to you...

we are getting pounded with feeder bands.I must be close to Kris,I'm Northwest of Tampa...3rd day of it. They mentioned that it may stall so it could be a big rainmaker for your area.

This is one mean looking wench please stay safe!

freeze gallons of water if you can and leave in frig and freezer and it will hold your cold stuff for 3 days...freeze as many as you can so you have Ice E wink
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Rita - 09/23/05 03:06 PM

OMG the traffic gridlock, pray for all those people. I'm crazied just watching it on TV.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Rita - 09/23/05 03:24 PM

Just on CNN. Waters have crested a dam in New Orleans already, apparently much earlier than they expected.
Posted By: HavinFun

Re: Rita - 09/23/05 05:27 PM

We are getting the first breath of Rita in Spring this morning. The wind is gently blowing - not for long. Tubs are full of water, freezer full of ice, frig full of beer and wine - we're all set.
I hope all of my friends on the board in this area remain safe and calm. My prayers go out to everyone in Texas and LA. See you all on the other side of Rita!
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: Rita - 09/23/05 10:21 PM

SIN: welcome to Sacramento. We have been having beautiful weather and there are no hurricanes here!
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Rita - 09/23/05 10:51 PM

Belize Party in Redding on the 24th, tomorrow!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Rita - 09/24/05 10:10 PM

HEY HEY, you Boarders around Houston and others, how are you doing? You must be w/o power or you would be talking to us. Guess all the prayers and positive thinking, slowed ole Rita down.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Rita - 09/24/05 10:33 PM

From Nat'l Geo News:

To get a sense of just how turbulent the 2005 hurricane season has been, consider this: Forecasters may soon exhaust their list of pre- selected names.

Each year 21 common names are reserved for tropical storms. There are just four left for 2005: Stan, Tammy, Vince, and Wilma. After that, they go Greek—as in letters of the Greek alphabet: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and so on.
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: Rita - 09/26/05 03:46 PM

Belize party???? Too bad I missed it! I was way south of there (Orange County) and yes, LaurieMar, absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather in CA!!

Glad the hurricane wasn't as bad as expected but unfortunate for the ones it did affect.

Re: Rita - 09/27/05 02:29 PM

Hi folks,
The yorks are back safe and sound. We evacuated to spicewood to david’s parents house. Luckily it is a very large house. We had 22 people, 6 dogs, 3 cats, 1 parrot, & 1 doa hamster.
We got power back on Sunday. We had many branches & limbs down. The pool resembled a swamp. Our wonderful crazy neighbors that stayed plugged our freezer into their generator. We were told that Galveston bay was 8 ft low. Very different than what we expected.
We feel like the luckiest people alive right now. When we left, we told our house goodbye & cried. Now we have tears of joy.
Thanks to all of you that kept us with us along the way.
Gay & david
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Rita - 09/27/05 02:45 PM

Thank goodness for friends and family smile
Hard work ahead eek stay safe
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: Rita - 09/27/05 03:47 PM

Good to hear it wasn't as bad as expected and most people will be okay. I do feel sorry for the animals as well. That hamster, poor little guy!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Rita - 09/27/05 05:00 PM

Gay & David - been thinking 'bout ya and prayin for ya. We're still plannin on floatin' at your place sometime, so very glad to hear all is well -
Happy swamp cleaning! wink

Re: Rita - 09/27/05 05:44 PM

Leah ann,
can't wait for you & victor to head this way. everyone that has ever been to our house knows that it is very cozy & homey, not a showcase. we enjoy our house & live in it to the fullest. we have so many memories.

Re: Rita - 09/28/05 05:50 PM



had to share this, it made me laugh laugh
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