Posted By: Hon

Success!!! - 10/20/05 10:25 PM

I did it!!!

I just found out that I was checked out on all of my SCUBA confined water skills last night laugh laugh laugh WHOO HOO!!! I'm totally stoked that I'm able to get a referral to do my open water dives in San Pedro next January laugh laugh laugh

I can't believe how far I've come over the past 6 weeks...from totally frustrated, to calm 'doff and don' expert cool Thank you all for the encouragement that got me through this. Look out Peter, here I come!!!
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Success!!! - 10/21/05 01:43 AM

Congratulations... you have come a long way.
I am proud of you smile
Posted By: seashell

Re: Success!!! - 10/21/05 08:16 AM

Congratulations, Hon!! Can't wait to hear all about your undersea adventures.

When do you leave for SP? If it's a couple of months from now, ask your instructor if you can have a pool refresher just before you leave.
Posted By: scuba_sue

Re: Success!!! - 10/21/05 01:38 PM


My husband and I had about a 6 or 7-week break between completion of the course and our open water referral. One thing that helped me: we went snorkeling immediately after check in. We stayed at Ramon's, and after seeing the nurse shark and moray eel that seem to live under the dock there, I was SO excited to dive.

Also, Jim out instructor was wonderful. He said since it had been a while since course completion, our first dive would be sight seeing, relaxed and no skill assessment - just get ourselves acclimated.

You’re about to enter into a wonderful world of great sights, amazing experiences and great people. The people/divers in the cabin next to us applauded our certification when we came back in. Divers are a very friendly bunch!

Congratulations on your accomplishments this far, and best of luck with your open water cert. Be sure to keep us “posted.” :-)
Posted By: MALIBU

Re: Success!!! - 10/21/05 02:47 PM

Good for You and Congratulations Hon!!! You did great! smile

Now -- if you could just send some of those good vibes my way for training my new rescue dog George........ Poor old guy has never had to listen to people before and mom-with-no-patience is losing her mind!
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