Shore fishing??

Posted By: Mongoose

Shore fishing?? - 10/25/05 04:10 PM

Can anyone tell me where i might find fairly good locations to fish from shore, lagoon side or reef side. What species i may target? And is there night fishing, i would assume the reef species may enter shallows after dark. Any info. will be appreciated and used. Thanks. Dates will be in First part of Feb. around 2 through 14.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Shore fishing?? - 10/25/05 05:28 PM

Any dock that isn't marked "No Fishing" is good, the further out the better. If there's 10 people on one dock and none on the next there's a good reason, no fish. Just follow the locals.
Posted By: krehfish

Re: Shore fishing?? - 10/25/05 05:33 PM

There's often a good crowd fishing the cut on the ocean side in the evenings. Worth a go if the bugs aren't too bad.
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