Happy Veteran's Day

Posted By: NYgal

Happy Veteran's Day - 11/11/05 12:34 PM

Thank you.
Posted By: crockhunter

Re: Happy Veteran's Day - 11/11/05 12:38 PM

I agree......and a belated happy birthday to all you Marines!
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Happy Veteran's Day - 11/11/05 12:48 PM

Happy Veteran's Day to all of the men and women who are and who have served our country...
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Happy Veteran's Day - 11/11/05 01:36 PM

230 years ! SEMPER FI !

Re: Happy Veteran's Day - 11/11/05 03:49 PM

thanks to all of those who have helped to keep our country free & safe cool
Posted By: klcman

Re: Happy Veteran's Day - 11/11/05 04:45 PM

yup happy Vet's Day

(and I get a 3 day weekend yahhooooooooooooo)
Posted By: MALIBU

Re: Happy Veteran's Day - 11/11/05 04:55 PM

This was in the Sunday Houston Chronicle:
Dear Abby: I was a soldier serving in Iraq. Last April, I was in a vehicular accident while part of a military convoy and was medevaced to the nearest medical treatment facility. I didn't mind sharing the trauma room with the Marine who had arrived there before me. He had been shot three times in the face. While I was in the room with this brave Marine, the trauma crew fought valiantly to save his life. He flat-lined seven times in just the short period after I got there. Finally, the doctor told them it was over, and they covered him up. I never knew his name. I lay on my litter while they started to work on my arm, which had been pinned under the truck during my accident and crushed, crying silently for the life that had been lost. I am writing this to you to let that Marine's parents and friends know how hard the doctors and crew fought to save his life. Besides the medical crew, I am the only one who knows. He wasn't just a face or a name on a memorial to them. He was a life, and many people tried hard to keep him alive. If he had
been my child, I would want to know.


And I want to Thank You Veterans for serving and protecting. I appreciate you.
Have a Great Veterans Day!
Posted By: Hon

Re: Happy Veteran's Day - 11/11/05 05:06 PM

2005 is the Year of the Veteran here in Canada. Today, Remembrance Day, we honour the people who have given us the way of life we often take for granted. Thank you.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Happy Veteran's Day - 11/11/05 05:15 PM

God bless all the vets... lets never forget ...we all love peace ,but it is not free.......
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Happy Veteran's Day - 11/11/05 10:04 PM

...or easy!!!!
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Happy Veteran's Day - 11/12/05 02:09 AM

A little bit for those of us who came back with memories and stories. A lot for those who didn't come back. I salute all of you and your families.
Posted By: marge

Re: Happy Veteran's Day - 11/12/05 04:08 AM

God Bless all the Veterans!
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