A carry-on question...

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A carry-on question... - 01/09/06 03:01 PM

Ok. On another vein, but similar to the last one I posted. We are bringing our snorkle equipment with us when we come down. Does anyone know if we will have a problem bringing a mesh bag with our fins, masks, and snorkles on the plane as a carry on? If we can I have no worries about checking any bags, if we can't I am going to have to check something. I did a trial pack this past weekend, and there is just no way I can get our snorkle equipment, clothes, beach towels, and personal items in 2 carry-on bags. The snorkle equipment, towels and bathing suits take up a whole carry-on all by themselves! Any advice is welcome!
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/09/06 03:45 PM

Rent your fins smile
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/09/06 04:19 PM

2 bathing suits each and 2 towels each, I don't think that is overdoing it at all. One to dry one to wear. As far as the fins go...I am not going to rent fins for my whole stay. I plan on snorkling on my own as well as taking the trips, so bringing my own just seems the logical answer to me. Plus I like mine!
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/09/06 04:41 PM

OK on two swim suits - but why dring towels at all. Where ever you are staying will have towels. I agree about the fins - I always take my own. Since there are two of you there can be four carry on bags. I can't imagine needed more.
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/09/06 04:42 PM

BTW - you don't need to start a new post - you can just add to your original one like everyone else who comments. Just a thought
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/09/06 05:23 PM

Scuba Ldy
Thanks for this post. I started a different post because it was a different topic than the first...I guess I could have kept it on the first one. As far as the carry-on's go...we can have 4 bags, but to the best of my knowledge they can't be 4 big bags. I thought it was one "luggage" type item and a personal bag. Am I wrong? And for a 10 day trip what is your suggestion as far as clothes go? I was thinking 5 t's, 5 tanks, pair of shorts, pair of pants, flip-flops, a couple "nicer" outfits for going out to eat (keep in mind when I say nicer I don't me real nice, but better than jean shorts and a t'shirt. Of course underware, a couple socks and suits. Is that too much?
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/09/06 05:44 PM

You are correct about the 2 bags - 1 luggage piece & 1 personal - I took an extremely large purse, hubby took a regular size backpack - the airlines have become very strict about weight limits so watch out w/ the luggage type bag. For 10 days, try 3 T's, 2 tanks - you'll be in your suit most of the time and probably pick up a couple of t's on the island to take home + they launder easily.
Definitely skip the towels, Banana Beach has beach towels and you can get clean ones as often as you want - I imagine most other places are the same. You're gonna love it!! smile
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/09/06 05:54 PM

lawcucui thanks for the response. Do you really think I can get away with only 5 shirts total? I have never packed that lite in my life! I am not a skinny mini either, so I am always leary about buying while away. I have contacted my resort to see if they provide towels, so if they do I will definitly skip the towels. The backback is a good idea too, I will definitly use that idea. Thanks again!
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/09/06 06:46 PM

I found myself wearing the same couple of fav tops daily just because the heat made me want to be in what was most comfortable for me - we also did laundry while there - it's true, you can get by w/ lots less than you think - we packed considerably less on our second trip! wink
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/09/06 08:17 PM

My resort said that they provide towels, so that is good. They also said they provided masks, snorkles, and fins as well. I guess if I am having that big of a problem I can jut leafve the fins at home, but I bought them for this trip and realy like them. Thanks againg for the help from everyone!
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/09/06 08:18 PM

Jaybug, If needed, things can wash in the sink if you have to. I used to pack what I thought I'd wear, and ended up bringing most of it back unworn. So, now, for a week, I pack lots of underwear (humidity, you know), three or four shorts, same in t's or tanks, and two or three swimsuits. Flipflops are accepted anywhere on the island, so no need for several pairs of shoes. If I run low on clean clothes, I wash stuff out in the sink. I still can manage to bring home something unworn. Used to be a big suitcase, now a little one, with room to spare! Good luck!
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/09/06 08:24 PM

Thanks sun & sand. I too always pack too much, and never end up wearing half of what I bring. Having never been there, and only sort of knowing what to expect I just don't want to be unprepared.
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/10/06 02:26 AM

carry on your mask, my best friend's mask was well protected and packed and shattered in the checked bag.
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/11/06 06:12 PM

One of the wonderful things about San Pedro, unlike so many other tourist destinations, nobody cares what you wear. You can wear the same thing every day and no one will even notice. For women, especially we grandé sized ones, a couple of light weight cotton shifts that can be worn over a swim suit will serve most every occasion.
If you select plain khaki, black or brown shorts they will go with any top. T shirts are too heavy and too hot – light weight tank tops are the best. Again – just plan to buy a few here.
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/11/06 06:31 PM

I had the same thing happen to my brand new mask. It was wrapped and protected, yet when I opened my bag suitcase in SP it was shattered into hundreds of small pieces. I second carrying your mask and on and renting the fins when you get there.
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/11/06 06:34 PM

I've brought along my mesh bag (backpack)carry-on with all my and mobunny's snorkle gear the last four times. No problem. Also, if you have nice fins bring 'em. The rental stuff isn't that great, plus bad fitting fins suck. Check with the place your staying at to see if you need to bring beach towels. Most places provide them.
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/11/06 09:24 PM

Thank you everyone! IRM in particular becuase you actually answered my most important question. I am going to go ahead and carry on our fins in our mesh bag, and hope for the best. If the airlines are going to be jerks they are going to be jerks. My hubby was SO sad to hear he may not be able to wear his new flippers. You are right when you say fit matters, and when I put on my new pair they didn't even feel like they were on...awesome. I did contact my resort and they do provide towels, so that is nice!
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Re: A carry-on question... - 01/11/06 09:29 PM

Also a thanks to Scuba Ldy. Nice to know there are going to be things for me to be able to buy there and bring home with me!
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