Posted By: Otteralum

Cheers! - 01/13/06 08:56 PM

The town where I went to college, and 5 minutes form where I live now finally relented. Salud!
Posted By: Kristykins

Re: Cheers! - 01/13/06 09:34 PM

oh my.

I didn't even realize there were places in the country where you can't drink

Posted By: Otteralum

Re: Cheers! - 01/13/06 09:34 PM

Yes indeed -- whole counties in the South are still dry.
Posted By: Kristykins

Re: Cheers! - 01/13/06 09:37 PM

How awful.

I wouldn't survive long in a place like that.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Cheers! - 01/14/06 12:21 AM

there are actually hundreds of places that are dry.....

Lynchburg, TN the home of Jack daniels, was at my last visit, dry.

Lots of towns around here as well, just like in OH where Otter lives
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Cheers! - 01/14/06 12:32 AM

yep dry towns take some getting used to! Very frustrating trip to Tennessee couple of years ago where we found couldn't buy wine in the grocery store - went to the state-run liquor store bought wine only to find we had to return to the grocery store to buy a corkscrew because the liquor store can only sell liquor - nothing else. ALMOST made drinking not worth it wink
Still crack up at my last trip to South Carolina - no one's rules are stranger that theirs - if you can find a bar that serves something besides beer and wine it all comes out of those little tiny airplane bottles - no "straight pour" allowed.
Posted By: reaper

Re: Cheers! - 01/14/06 12:43 AM

Otteralum...That guy paid $150 for a BUDWEISER!!! What a IDIOT!!!!!
Posted By: Otteralum

Re: Cheers! - 01/14/06 12:45 AM

yeah but he'd been waiting for 131 years!!!!
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Cheers! - 01/14/06 12:51 AM

ocean city, new jersey... not a single drop to save your life. eek
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Cheers! - 01/14/06 02:25 AM convenience store beer either in NJ - whole state!
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