paying real estate taxes

Posted By: boricua

paying real estate taxes - 01/20/06 01:01 AM

can some one advise as to what address I would use to pay last years real estates taxes. confused
Posted By: belizegial

Re: paying real estate taxes - 01/20/06 01:53 AM

boricua, where is your property located?
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: paying real estate taxes - 01/20/06 03:03 PM

property taxes are paid in advance here. So you should be around 2 years late.

If you property is on Ambergris Caye contact the town council at <[email protected]>

If it is covered by the lands dept in Belmopan pm me and I'll help you out.
Posted By: klcman

Re: paying real estate taxes - 01/21/06 12:10 AM

Amanda -

What is the situation there regarding unpaid property & tax liens? Or are they non-existent?
Posted By: boricua

Re: paying real estate taxes - 01/21/06 05:21 PM

thank you for your replies,I did find it odd that my taxes were due in 2004,since I did not own it at that time.However I did receive an address from san pedro council after requesting it there also.So,does that mean I should send the amount for year 2006 also in advance?
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: paying real estate taxes - 01/22/06 01:23 AM

you better get professional advice.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: paying real estate taxes - 01/22/06 04:02 PM

This year your property taxes will be due on the 1st of April, 2006. The bill will be for the year 2006-2007. There will also be arrears on the bill if you did not pay past taxes.

The town council is not always up-to-date in their files so if you know you have paid a past amount that is not shown on your bill don't freak out, simply send a copy of the receipt and submit payment for the amount you know you owe.

As the town council is a little slow on changing the new ownership of properties bills are often in the previous owners name for years after the fact unless the new owner makes a big point of having the records changed.

Normally if you bought a property the title isn't changed into the new owners name unless proof of property taxes paid up-to-date is provided. However, as a new owner it is your responsibility to ensure the taxes are paid up to date prior to you paying the old owner off, otherwise you might well end up with back taxes owed on the property.

Of course the system is subject to human error.

Typically you can have a few years of arrears under your belt before the town council sues you for payment. If you don't pay they will eventually have the right to auction off your land to pay the tax bill.
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