Posted By: heidianne

RUM - 03/23/06 02:38 AM

okay i cannot find any kind of rum that tastes like one barrel. i finally broke down tonight and bought myers, not even close. one barrel is soooooooo sweet, i can drink it with just soda water. i work at a restaurant and we have something called mount gay eclipse from barbados, anyone tried it? helppp!!!! i guess i will just have to go back to buy some more cool
Posted By: clover

Re: RUM - 03/23/06 02:44 AM

Centanario Anejo or Flor de Cana...if you can get it.
Posted By: RobertE

Re: RUM - 03/23/06 02:51 AM

I concur on Flor de Cana - a close second but not one barrel.

For another treat try a "Dark and Stormy" (national drink of Bermuda) Gosling's Black Seal Rum and Ginger Beer (not beer but a ginger rich ginger ale - more snappy). A crisp refreshing easy to make drink that does not ooze of that syrupy sweet taste of most rum drinks. Add a lime twist too. Muy Bueno
Posted By: Dan Carey

Re: RUM - 03/23/06 02:54 AM

&nbsp heidianne,
have you tried ordering the rum on the internet? The folks at Robert Burns Wines sell One Barrel at the link below.

&nbsp &nbsp Dan
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