Posted By: Marty

whoops - 06/07/06 08:06 PM

sorry i tantrumed on the board about byc. very unprofessional of me. just got up dadgummit i shouldn't react early.
Posted By: bywarren

Re: whoops - 06/07/06 08:17 PM

Wrong analagy Marty. The way a business treats it's suppliers and those it owes money to is indicative of the way it will probably treat it's customers. I think you have more of a responsibility to those using this board to help them make decisions on what businesses to patronise to get this information out than to protect a business acting like the BYC is acting. It is their unprofessionlizm that brings this on. Not yours.
Posted By: bywarren

Re: whoops - 06/07/06 09:00 PM

Where we disagree Marty, is when you provide a public forum for people to get information about Belize and businesses there, I think it is the responsibility of that forum to provide all accurate information. Not just information that is positive for the businesses but all accurate information. A business must be judged by all of itís actions and policies, not just those that it chooses for the customer to know.
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